AMX attacker is too OP

Yeah, I forgot about the GR.1A’s survivability. I always disliked its engine, but it somehow can still fly at a decent speed with only one working engine.
But still, the AMX is nothing worth rebalancing. It is like the S Etendard, keeping a low BR for the lineup with a reduced loadout.

Really odd how when a minor nation gets a subsonic attacker with decent capability that fills a similar role to the A-10 or A-6E all of this sudden the US mains come crawling out of the wood work to complain…

If you want to move the AMX up to 10.7, sure give it AS-30Ls, and its mavericks and i will agree with that move. but both A-10s, the A-6E, and even the early su-25s should go to 10.7 as well.

and while we are at it hard lock 10.7s from ever seeing BRs below 10.3 so the flareless jets can have a break from the all aspect missile spam they have been suffering from for over a year…

Oh you don’t like that proposal? then stop complaining every time another nation gets a decent competitive attacker. :)


No loadouts are edited in such a way.
Its loadouts are balanced.

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It has laser guided bombs that only track within 3.7km while A-10A Late has AGM-65D IR Fire and Forget Anti Tank Guided Missiles

Super etendard is faster and gets R550 Magics, is at a lower br and gets more countermeasures

Jaguar A gets far superior flight performance with afterburning engines, the R550 Magic and AS-30L Missiles with 10km of range

GR1A is same as the Jaguar A in the flight performance department but instead of AS30L it gains two extra hardpoints for bombs/rockets

It is a non-afterburning jet with almost no survivability


Never used them

If it was afterburning sure but its non afterburning engine significantly hampers its performance at higher altitudes

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So I haven’t done any research myself but these two posts say that AGM-65s and AS-30Ls are possible.

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As far as I’m aware the Italian Variant in game didn’t use them (at least in Italian service)
Would be nice to have a second variant with those weapons on a separate BR tho

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Albeit I do not doubt the grinding efficiency of the TAF, but the Brazilian A-1M is a great material for 11.0/3 premium when it receives the MAA-1 piranha, AS-30Ls and AGM-65s alongside with traditional paveways. Alternatively as a squadron aircraft.
But as explained before, many of my friends and who I knew all believed that the premium F-104S is already good enough to get what they wanted. Gaijin probably will not find a huge customer base to the said proposal and will be less inclined to introduce a second premium.

It would be a really nice and fun squadron vehicle, one of the best in the game

If anything, gaijin made okay profits from rank 7 squadron aircrafts, I believe they will consider it if the Italian tree playerbase expanded.
This may be an overstatement, but players are not playing Italy not because of its vehicles lacking certain qualities, but because of the community stigma and kept boating on the idea that Italy is bad.
This is going off topic so I will try to make it concise.

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Pft the entire topic is off topic

Squadron AMX would really benefit players that just want a ground attacker and don’t want to grind the TT

Yeah. And were the harrier II +/GR7 proves anything, it is thar subsonics still have a shot at top tier. As long as their FMs are not as bad as the Su25T/BM/39.

I already know your just but hurt your a 10 isn’t the only kid on the block. It loses energy as fast as a jag without the (lacklustre at best) acceleration of the jag. The pod doesn’t get thermals and it only has 400 rounds of Vulcan. Despite my personal opinion of anything with all aspects should be 10.7 or above. It’s fine sat at the same br as the a6e and a10.

Getting killed by something you haven’t seen before → proceeds to post on forum how it’s OP.
Is it how it works?)


Never saw them with a Brazilian AMX, only with Italian units. Asking for those missile (AGM65, AS30L) on the A1M Will be like asking for MAR1 for the Italian One.

They were not used in service but they were tested and showed with them multiple times, so the Italian AMX can get them with 0 problems

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Compared to all of these IIRC it has worst ground pound capabilities while losing to fighters in speed.

I guess AMX International 2nd variant maybe AMX ACOL, could add to rank 8 and would be 12.0 or 12.3 BR

Embraer A-1M could be 12.3 BR in rank 8 and as part of the Rio de la Plata (Argentine-Brazilian-Uruguay) Tech Tree

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Would rather have them on a separate variant so I can use this with the Ariete P

That Is probably the way that the devs chosed.

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