AMX attacker is too OP

Compared to A10 Late, it has higher attack efficiency and speed, and it has a high magnification thermal imaging pod;
Compared to the Super-etendard/Jaguar A, it has a thermal imaging pod and more GBU12, AIM-9L missiles;
Compared to the Jaguar GR1A, it has more guided bombs, AIM-9L.
I think its efficiency is completely worth 10.7, 10.3 is too low for it.


Nuh uh


It is a SUBSONIC attacker with 2 aim-9ls and poor maneuverability. 10.3 is fine


a6 tram get 9 gbu or 4 aim9l at 10.3 “its fine” italy got a strike aircraft with 2 aim9l and 6 gbu at 10.3 “WHAT ITS COMPLETLY BROKEN WTF GAIJIN” trully a magnificent warthunder moment


10.7 IMO
11.0 with AS-30L and AGM-65D/E.
People comparing it to the TRAM are also forgetting the much better flight performance. The TRAM is a bus, the AMX is at least a sedan.

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lol, 5 000 kgf for a 7t aircraft, its worst than you can possibly think, with only 5x 500lb bomb this thing barelly turn.


AMX Ghibli less than 11.0 but not lower 10.3

I guess for AMX ACOL very different BR from AMX Ghibli, would be 12.0 or 12.3 BR in rank 8 because armed AIM-9L & 5th gen IR IRIS-T, equipped Rafael Litening III targeting pod, Lizard 3 & Lizard 4 LGB, GBU-10/GBU-12/GBU-16 Paveway II and GBU-31 & GBU-32 JDAM

Compared to the A-10A late: lack of mavericks
Compared to the Super Etendard: worse flight performance at lower speeds, the Jaguar A has access to AS-30Ls, and even more flares than the AMX
Compared to the Jaguar GR.1A: worse speed, the lack of a lock-on thermal pod, lack of rear-aspect tracking.

Compare an MBT to the ariete and it has good armor, compare it to the ZTZ99A then it reloads fast, compare it to the T-90M then it reverses very effectively, compare it to the challenger 2 then it is decently mobile.

I don’t want to do it the tieba way, but you have not a single match in Italy, at all.


AMX has incorrect AOA/elevator controls & is currently a brick until that’s fixed.
A-10A Late is 10.3 because of its air RB performance primarily. 30mm gun + 4x 9Ls.
11.0 is too high for the jet as equivalent jets are of equal or lower BR.

Jag GR1A is an afterburning supersonic jet which makes it superior to AMX in airframe performance.


Albeit I agree with you, I have lost the enjoyment of playing the GR.1A recently, namely due to the fact that It now wobbles horribly at high speeds. It might be a server issue, but I was not able to get nearly as good as I was this time around last year. Its main advantage of high speed flight performance is a bit questionable now considering it bleeds speed rapidly(its engines composed of two Petains riding bicycles).

Again the aircraft with all-aspect AAM against veteran aircraft of Korea and Vietnam

Jag GR1A is overtiered in my opinion. Two 9Gs and two paveways at 10.3 is weak compared to everything else at that BR.

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You people need to try and fly it first before commenting about AMX performance. It flies pretty much the same as the A-6E Tram aka brick, but A-6E can carry 9 GBU-12. Both share same battle rating.

If you want to compare it to Jaguar GR1A or Super-Etendard both of these have superior flight performance to AMX… Don’t be stupid and propose it 11.0, TRY IT FIRST


Has flares, and its equivalent T-2 & GR1 are 9.7 because of no flares.

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obviously new Italian vehicle and you’re already screaming about the nerf, after the release of broken things from other nations such as T90, 36 different abrams, new leopard anti railguns or other excellent 4 generation fighters, do you really have the courage to complain about the only decent thing that was given to Italy, at the same RB there are SU 25, A10 with mortal armaments, or the tram with half a billion flare with 4 aim 9l. of course you are crazy.


Shh dont tell them we got a tiger that negates short 88 when somewhat angled

Hmmm… no.


Tigris > Tiger 2H

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Short 88
Bruh I was way too confident

It’s on par or worse than its competitors, it’s better in some and worse in other areas depending on what aircraft you’re comparing it too. Overall it’s perfectly balanced at 10.3 because the moment a fighter looks at it your going to die

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