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We see a great deal of threads pop up dealing with Airfield AAA.

Now, for feedback to have any effect it’s best these discussions centralised in one spot for which this pinned thread is created.

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My suggestion:
Player proposed map configuration with no airfield AAA to eliminate players tha camp their airfield AAA protection and abuse this mechanic.
This map configuration would highly improve ARB gameplay:
Three airfields are strategically placed to prevent players from ‘‘camping the enemy airfield’’, this tactic is on itself useless because ARB is a teamgame but this three airfield configuration would make it even more useless.

Additionaly there is a leave the battle area ‘‘go to the hangar area’’ near the main airfield to avoid repair cost and passive players, players cant respawn if they use this exit zone:

When all bomb bases are destroyed a second row of bases spawn:

Map only needs the addition of ground targets to strike and some minor adjustments like bomb base hp and ticket balance.
This setting can be used in every map and every tier with a reduction or increase in size.

Download to test (WIP):
noaaamapconfiguration.rar (4.5 KB)


It would be nice if you could avoid the “We” in your posts. You are are standard player like everybody else - and do voluntarily tasks as a tech mod for gaijin. So there is no “We” as you just add private opinions without any relevance for gajins’ position on this topic.


Is just the senior forum moderator first post of the old forum:

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I expressed my consent with this proposal in the old forum and will do this here again. The provided "“exit area” should help fellow heavy bomber / strike aircraft pilots to leave after they somehow managed their first run in order to avoid unnecessary repair cost as from my pov 95% of their second runs end with a violent fighter attack and without additional points.

As told earlier, i do not see any major improvement of game play without af aaa and i do not see any efforts to increase the poor ground RB economy (which forces no pilots to use Air RB as a grinding tool), but if it helps to reduce the pilots flooding Air RB just for the sake of SLs instead for the passion of flying i support any changes.


At the least, It is good things that AF SAMs were nerfed in Jet RB match and we can rush enemy’s AF again. M247 is still annoying because It has VT rounds but, better than before updates.

It is time to bring 20mins fuel Sabres and kill min fuel spammers again.


Now if only prop airfields at the very least got physical projectiles instead of magical health drain.


It’s bad for gameplay.

Babysitting some guy who is trying to save his 5:1 KD for 15 minutes is not fun.

Dealing with players who use it as a get out of jail free card for when they get reversed isn’t fun.

This is a PvP game so having a zone that kills other players for you is just bad game design.

Airfields should not have air defenses, there should be more of them, and it should be on your team mates to cover while you land and rearm.

Alternatively in-air resupply points should be brought back for bombers and attackers, and the option to leave the game via return to base mechanic can be implemented by flying out of bounds on your side of the map.

Thanks for attending my TED talk.


Airfield AA are important. It is the only way we can repair and refuel without get killed by a airfield atacker.


Yes, delete all AA in map and and forbid the enemies to shoot at us - we need easy victory, without pain… Wanna spawn camp at enemy’s airfield, sly dog?


Airfield AAA serve a purpose and sadly are both exploited and abused here’s a better suggestion, when the enemy team is down to their last two actively flying players their airfields AAA turn off so they provide no air cover and a 12,000ft altitude limit is activated for all active players, it would do the same thing as if flying into a map border it just teleports you to the required altitude.
This would prevent players from both camping the airfield AAA for protection and to prevent players from altitude camping.


Can tell someone is relatively new here. Oh the good old days pre AA buff where they were useless and you stood no chance rearming or refueling. Oh how i miss being shot up on the airfield

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I don’t agree with altitude limit, at least at high tiers. Sometimes is usefull go very high altitude to engage enemies from above. I think will be very interesting if inactivity in airfield should be punish, like a ban from game session, after 30 seconds camping.


Instead of making a reasonable suggestion like “When there are only 2 ppl left on a team the AA protects them only for a certain amount of time or something” just go bonkus and suggest something that hurts not only the 1% of ppl exploiting it but also the 99% using their AF normally is definitely a great idea to show how long you thought about this. Maybe take a break before writing a post the next time you try to kill someone on the AF and get punished for it.
Also there are plenty of ways to win even if someone camps his AF btw


Merged with the discussion thread

And what do you guys think of my map proposal in the 2nd message.


I think we need another map layout. Air RB maps design are crap. We need more mission maps to intercept or strike ground targets and good rewards to who make these missions. Like in EC maps, but with more targets and better rewards. And we need a option to select modes for air rb. If we like more EC maps, we should have the possibility to play what we whant.


I guess it would be fine for prop BRs but, Jet BR (early Jet and Korean War era) would do better to bring back the various pre-reworked maps such as old Korea and old Berlin after 2020 or 2021 because It worked really fine except dudes who staying on runway and spam J key if someones try kill him. The problem of J Key Spammers on runway is also now no longer possible to exploit that sneaky abuse.

Here are MP’s custom missions that recreate old Korea maps. If you don’t remember, here you go :)