Cannons doing too much damge

me and a few others have come to the same conclusion, without even looking at his stats.


I think we should be aiming at a fun compromise.
There’s something extremely satisfying with realistic impact of shells, with a series of explosions followed by fire/wing falling off.
These are my favourite kills, where I see multiple impacts before coup de grace.

Now, I did some maths. And even with nerfs to power and with added resilience to aircraft tails, I’m proposing Shvak would still have better time to kill than MG151/20 right now. Which means even with Shvak nerfed to 66% of current MG151/20 level and tails being 50% tougher it would still be superior.
I see no reason to make MG151/20 even harder hitting because then what? Everyone dies to a single shot? How ridiculous would that be? And how unsatisfying to just spam and score kill after kill.

I’d rather see.different traits to different guns. MG151/20 ROF brought back to historical 750. Incendiary and SAPI shells fixes so they work like they should (armor piercing and fragmentation).
Because if HE worked like it does in game, no one would ever bother with M-geschoss, just take that FI-T, remove the incendiary, increase explosive content to 5g and here we go - 720m/s, good ballistics due to weight and tracer, better impact on engines and big bombers and same damage.

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We can agree to differ here - I prefer realism :)

You set the conditions that “forced” you to rearm and refuel during the course of the game.

Trying to shoot player that is circling their base AA for an advantage is not Airfield Camping in the context of Air RB.

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The lethality of AA and it’s proximity to the battle area is what makes it so exploitable.

Why use the performance of your plane to change the potential outcome of a situation when you can just dive for 30 seconds and be invulnerable for the rest of the match? I can just climb over my defense and only engage people when I have overwhelming energy and positional advantage because they went to do “PVE activities”. Hence why I also have 90 percent win rate in the FOCKE-WULF DORA NINE.

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Might be better to have this convo in Airfield AAA Discussion Thread - Air Realistic Battles

As one of Jet mains, NR-23/N-37D and some other cannons in jet tier still need to get buffed because their damage is still inconsistent even Realshatter was “fixed”.

NR-23 was on the list of cannons that were buffed. Also has the N-37D been moved to real shatter system.

I know but still need buffs.
It is less consistent than the MiG guns before RealShatter was implemented for them.

Have you tried different ammo belts? Could be that a different belt is now more consistant/better sicne Realshatter

Not atm.
AP is better than FI-T now?

Seems like that cannon explosive rounds were severly nerfed.

I took out the I-225 and got some hits on planes that didn’t instantly disintegrate them to my surpise.
At first I thought I was only hitting them with AP.

From test-drive I can confirm that IL-2s can take several 20mm hits without instantly losing a wing or tail.

MG 151/20 Mineshells are now dealing the most damage to structure in protection analaysis, while the FI-T (and Mineshell) still use non-realShatter fragmentation model, dealing damage over very wide area compared to 20mm rounds with realShatter.

Maybe the structure of planes was also buffed because IL-2 23mm API doesn’t instantly turn a spar black with a single hit. Before you could shoot off the tail of a plane with just 23mm AP in some instances.


Being investigated, likely a bug

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Likely intended.

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It is a bug and should be fixed soon.

Well… Soon™

How is that a bug, if the damage makes the most sense since the very inception of this game?

The only thing that’s truely broken right now is German shells (M-geschoss and 13mm HEIT) not fusing on aircraft skin of most nations - it worked like that vs Soviets for years, bbut apparently someone accidentaly gave multiple fghters same skin thickness value, value previously reserved for aircraft Gaijin wanted to be surprisingly tough, like the bane of my existence, Yak-3 (that thing could takena huge beating without sustaining major damage since M-geschoss could pass through large part of the plane without exploding or dealing any damage).

This is very good realistic damage yes?

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Ok, this is too weak indeed. But twin engined planes, like B18B, were ridiculously hard to kill for quite a long time too.

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Well, he was on fire after half of the shots.

For some reason players always want to shoot a plane to pieces so that it just falls out of the sky or is cut in half.

Of course it’s not realistic, nor was it before when 5 hits would take the wing off a two engined bomber.

It’s a long way before guns will have realistic performance.

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