Air domination match

In RB, even the Rank I bombers can bomb bases, if you like to. I have been on base bombing runs from BR 1.3 onwards… admittedly, I don’t think I ever tried with a 1.0 Bomber…

I feel your pain. I really do not understand why Gaijin doesn’t either, allow you to exclude the game modes you don’t want to play or provide ground targets and bases in all modes.

I hear the argument being matchmaking but my time is finite, I cannot commit hours upon hour trying to get into matches that suit a playstyle, a plane I am trying to spade or an objective I am trying to achieve. It is a waste of time for the matchmaker to put me in a match I am just going to quit straight out of. And what is more infuriating is that you end up getting put back in the same game mode, back to back even when you shift nation.

Very annoying.


Second you change your lineup you’ll get groundstrike maps haha! it’s fkn annoying that’s true!
I had this happen 3 times in a row.
I take out my groundpound focused lineups get domination, i switch to a fighter lineup get groundstrike.
lucky I play 4 nations so I just return to hangar but it is incredibly frustrating. We should be able to pick mission modes.


I think if your squad battle rating is 1.3 (also 1.7?) you get a very high percentage of air domination. You need to go down to 1.0 or climb to (1.7?) or 2.0 to get out of this trap.


True dude,I was playing new bombers/attackers that i just researched, but there’s no way to avoid the goddamn air domination mode…in this mode the bombers are useless.
Very very very annoying.It seems gaijin really hate bomber players lol

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If anyone had the same problem,you can check this link below,it might help you.Change low BR air arcade match making, it's BROKEN - #21 by Dodo_Dud

This has become so irritating. This started for me in the last week of December after I hadn’t played for a few weeks. Now about 4/5 matches are air domination. Yes, I counted.

I’m REALLY sick of it.

Same for me, I have a Destroy Base wager mission… I tried 6 nations and had a Domination every time… So I quitted immediately and switched nation, but it happened 8 times in a row to finally have a mission with bases (tried between BR 3.3 and BR 5.0). Extremely irritating.

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I have a special task which requires me to take down 15 bases. I’m already at 11/15. But the amount of air domination battles I have to come across to get 1 ground strike is ridiculous. The worse is that this is one of the communities biggest problems and Gaijin does not give a fuck about it. I wished it would be fixed so that it would be at least 50/50 if not even lower. I rather would it seen being removed from the game since it requires to much to have a sensible team which is often asking a lot for in war thunder these days. With ground strike I can at least steer the game to a win.

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Same here. It’s been awhile since I played air. I used to have all nations spaded up to 6.7. Today I lined up the G8N1 to get a new modification they added some time ago and 8 out of 10 games have been domination. Haven’t got it yet, and as soon as I do I’ll go back to ground as given state of air AB I have absolutely 0 interest to spade the new lines/modifications they added in Italian, French, Sweden trees and the whole Israelian tree. Ground is currently way more fun.

Same problem. But Gaijins said it is “Not a bug”. Lol.

If you set a line up of planes over 3.3 - 3.7, I think you will see a lot less Air Domination matches. I normally play 4.3 - 5.3 and never get them. I have an attacker/strike aircraft line up at 3.3 and I will catch Air Domination matches every now & then. Making room with that line up for the BP IL-8, which is 3.7 BR, and I do not get them either, not yet anyway. But I also think it is wise to make your line ups as balanced in BR as you can, but also, 1 - 2 bombers, 1 - 2 attackers and the rest fighters, something along those lines. This way, no matter what type of map/mode the game gives you, you’re still going to be able to go out and play the match and get some decent scoring. Doing tasks can be tedious, but it is also good to break things up a bit too. That “all work & no play” thing. All I really do anymore are the BP Daily/Special tasks, so I understand where you are coming from, just have to make the best of it. It is also good to remember that the way map rotation works, if you play the same line up, BR, nation, mode game after game . . . good chance you can see the same map several times in a row, more so at certain times of day when there are fewer players online. Lots to consider, many variables . . . just have to make the best of it and do as well as you can … . all things equal out in the long run.
Good Luck

If you set a line up of planes over 3.3 - 3.7

This is wholly incorrect.

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Just by my experience, I never get any Air Dom matches playing 4.3 or higher, none at all

Can you link a replay showing a 4.3 lineup in Airdom? Thank you.

I think he might be confounding domination with air domination.

I think he might be confounding domination with air domination.


Can you link a replay showing a 4.3 lineup in Airdom? Thank you.

Sure - note that you can’t search by BR but here are two examples from today.

This one: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On
And this one: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Are both BR 6.7, Air Domination matches. New lineup for me, so very bad performance on my part, but whatevs.

If you specifically want 4.3 I can look through yesterday’s, but I think the point is made - that Air Dom above BR 3.3 exists.

The first one is a domination game on Korsun, the second one a domination game on Port Morespy.

Domination games are not air domination games, and also not limited in the BR you’ll get them.

This thread (like the other you’re on) is about air domination games, the ones where you cap in the center of the map in the air and that have no ground targets. Domination games you cap on the ground (or ai will eventually cap one or several airstrips) and have usually quite a few ground targets, which on most maps need to be taken out.

Ok! I stand corrected. In many respects I’m still quite new to this game.

“Air Domination” is what everyone was referring to these matches as, but I see now the difference. I will pay attention to the BR the next time I get purely an Air Domination match with NO airfield. I could swear I’ve seen them at ~4 but don’t care to go digging through my history to find one.

Thanks for setting me straight.


As a player returning to the game after a long period of inactivity i really wonder if Gaijin have taken a backward step.
When i first started playing this game (When it was just Aircraft) the air Domination maps were a rarity as were the capture point maps, there was a decent variety of maps where you had ground targets, bases that were there to be hit. Coming back and trying to build up my Italian line i am constantly being hit with Air Dom, Air Dom , and more Air Dom, I recently had a run of 6 in a row, It gets boring very quickly and isnt a good advertisement for new folk joining the game in my opinion.
This game used to keep me at my PC for hours on end until real life and other things took priority. I thought the game would have improved during my hiatus but sadly that does not seem to have happened indeed it has actually gone downhill.
Gaijin really needs to listen to its player base as they are the people who pay their wages.
Air Domination maps are BORING and crew lock wont stop me or other just baling out at the start of the match.
Get rid of Air Domination !!!