Air domination match

I have been playing air AB for the past 5 hours and 90% of the time i get an air domination match which makes any and all strike/bomber aircraft objectively useless. I started to play multiple countries with bombers at a time, so i could leave a lost cause and get into a real match faster and without waiting for the crew cooldown. Even with this “work-around” i cant find anything but this retarded gamemode back to back to back. If anyone from gaijin can hear me, you can fix the matchmaking on my account now so i can support your shitty game


I hear you, believe me. I do.
I also like to play bombers, but “domination” or “airfield domination” are just pointless for anything but fighters.

What helped me?

I discovered Air RB for me. Bombers have it hard in RB, there are times when you get into the match, fly for 5 minutes, to be shot down 10 seconds before you reach drop point. But then, that can happen to you in AB as well, can’t it?
So, nothing lost, and that was for me the entry to Air RB.

And I have not looked back.
Ever since, Air AB to me feels like bumper cars.

Chat me up if you want assistance with bombers in RB :)

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It’s the map rotation cycle combined with the BR range you are playing. Once you get to a certain BR “range” you won’t see near as many, if any Air Domination matches. And yes I hear what you’re saying, I often do a BP Daily task requiring me to kill ground targets with an attacker/strike aircraft, which can go really fast on Frontline maps or some of the Ground Strike maps, but . . . I do get Air Domination at times since I run a Russian IL-2 line up for this often and only take 1 fighter with that, so . . not a very good set up for Air Domination. Key thing to making good line ups in AB is to have a “balance” of aircraft that can work on most any map. 1 - 2 bombers max, a strike aircraft, the rest fighters seems to work for me. I do however have a good many ALL fighter line ups that I use for the BP tasks(that’s basically all I do anymore, BP stuff) and that generally goes pretty good depending on the tasks I have going. Getting some points/score can help work crew skills(they are 3x in AB, a very nice perk) and you can still earn SL’s & some RP even tho not as much as another map might offer, but it is still infinitely better than returning to the hangar and getting a crew lock and zippo on the scoreboard. Just have to remember, that the Air Domination map(s) will rotate out sooner or later and you won’t see them as much. Maybe you can use a bit higher BR line up(if you have that) when you see the Air Dom maps popping up a lot(I never see any at 4.3) and check back now and then until the coast is clear . . . lol. There are ways around it that are less frustrating than what you seem to be getting . . . . Hope that helps.

I appreciate your help and ill try bombing in rb since the experience is similar, just have to get used to the bomb computer.

I see, i was playing low tier bombers a few days ago and got nothing but ground strike. Ill just go grind some higher tiers since you mentioned there is more variety. Anyways thank you for providing me with some more game knowledge and tactics to “tailor” my experience

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In RB, even the Rank I bombers can bomb bases, if you like to. I have been on base bombing runs from BR 1.3 onwards… admittedly, I don’t think I ever tried with a 1.0 Bomber…

I feel your pain. I really do not understand why Gaijin doesn’t either, allow you to exclude the game modes you don’t want to play or provide ground targets and bases in all modes.

I hear the argument being matchmaking but my time is finite, I cannot commit hours upon hour trying to get into matches that suit a playstyle, a plane I am trying to spade or an objective I am trying to achieve. It is a waste of time for the matchmaker to put me in a match I am just going to quit straight out of. And what is more infuriating is that you end up getting put back in the same game mode, back to back even when you shift nation.

Very annoying.

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Second you change your lineup you’ll get groundstrike maps haha! it’s fkn annoying that’s true!
I had this happen 3 times in a row.
I take out my groundpound focused lineups get domination, i switch to a fighter lineup get groundstrike.
lucky I play 4 nations so I just return to hangar but it is incredibly frustrating. We should be able to pick mission modes.