Change low BR air arcade match making, it's BROKEN

No, because in AB you have to be flexible.

So that you adjust to the realities of AB. You have a choice of vehicle. Be able to use it.

They didn’t change it. It has always been like that. Forum is full with people complaining that there are not enough doms. You need to be able to respond to the job given. So bring some bombers, some fighters and some attackers. Or cry and quit.

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Ok, I’m not crying, so try not to be rude. However, the line up I’m using when I’m getting so many air domination matches is 3 bombers and 2 fighters. So, using what you’ve said as a guideline, I shouldn’t be getting so many air domination matches. Except I am. Hence my complaint about it being more than it used to be.

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It’s a bug on some planes. I pointed it out long time ago in chat. Strange that isn’t still fixed.
And you don’t get 9/10 airdom, you get 10 out of 10, 100 out of 100, 1000 out of 1000.
You probably took a plane that isn’t affected by that bug. From what I’ve tested, IIRC some rank 1-2 attackers, dive bombers or so were the only affected.

So you mean, you can get airdom whenever you wish? Just have which planes in your lineup?

Bomber majority. Try 1 bomber, 4 fighters for a change. See what happens.

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Change one plane at a time and see what happens. You might find your lucky lineup then.

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So basically this has been a problem for a long time but certain requirements have to be met in order for it to even take place? That’s a little confusing… But ok.

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When I found it I mentioned it in the general hangar/lobby chat and some user (seen him quite frequently there) at first didn’t believe me, thought it was just the usual WT map rotation being crap. I then tested it with the same plane over 20 times, then he joined in testing and between 2 of us got hundreds of tests all Air Dom lol. But all around same BR like 1.0 - 1.7 or so. Attackers (for sure), dive bombers (can’t remember for sure), heavy bombers (mostly him).
It doesn’t matter the lineup, if the plane has the air dom bug and the BR of the rest in lineup is its BR (or lower), you’ll get air dom.

When you got something else than air dom my two cents is that you took out of the lineup the plane affected and replaced it with something else that isn’t affected or such. Or added a plane of higher BR and thus matchmaker got out of the bug.

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Well my issue, as I said in the original post, is that I am getting air domination about 9 out of 10 times.
The line up that I’m using when this happens is for Swedish Planes and contains the following: T2, S17BS, B17B, J11 and Fokker D.XXI-3. Now since Sweden is still relatively new to the game, I don’t know if it is part of this bug or not…

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Did you sacrifice a virgin during the last full moon? Because other than exploiting map rotation and bomber overdose, I have found no option to force doms.

Bringing too many bombers or quitting and returning will imho likely nail you to dom.

Now if you only knew one example of such plane or had a link to the discussion?

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A few:
F 222.2
Breda 88
B6N1 mod 11
Hampden mk 1
Su-2 MV-5
Do 17 Z-7
Catalina (I think both of them)

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B17B and S17BS don’t show the bug.
J11 and Fokker seem to do
I don’t know about T2 as I don’t have it.

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Damn it, I knew I forgot something…

Seriously though, I have no idea what is causing this to happen, but I really dislike it. I just want to be able to bomb things when I have bombers in my line up, I never realized that was expecting too much.

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Have you tried to use only one bomber and fighters along?

No, I have not tried that. Though I have changed my line up. It is now J11, Fokker D.XXI-3, B17A, J20 and B18A. I have played 2 battles so far with this line up and only one was air domination.

If the game checks for bomber majority, you fail.

How? That’s 2 bombers and 3 fighters… Do you not know how to count or something?
Also, it seems to have worked, that one air domination match is the only air domination match I’ve played with this line up in 10 battles.

Glad I could help you in the end.

It’s because J20 and B18A are higher BR than the planes affected by the bug. No other reason.

Thanks a lot.You provided some helpful clues.