Does lineup affect game mode for Air AB (Prop Planes) - Would like to have more Air Domination (PvP) matches

I have noticed that I am getting very few , if any Air Domination game modes lately. My preference is to play PvP and not PvE, so do not like the ground strikes where a game can be won by bombing out the bases, or killing enough ground targets without shooting down another player.

My question is if this has been an active change to the game and/or if the game mode can be affected by your plane lineup.
I exclusively play Air with props ( no jets or CAS) .

I searched the forums, but only found the opposite of what I am looking for, folks that are complaining about too many Air Domination, where I would like to have more and wanted to ask if there is any way to accomplish that.


Wanna trade? I get like 75% air domination and I’m soooo sick of it. If I had any idea how to change that I would - very interested if there is some magic formula here.

Air domination maps are limited to BR 3.3 max, if you take a higher BR lineup you won’t see any at all.

So noted, yes I have been playing higher BRs…
Thanks for the assistance.

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Air domination maps are limited to BR 3.3 max, if you take a higher BR lineup you won’t see any at all.

This is completely incorrect.

Could you point me to an air domination map that goes higher than 3.3 for your lineup? Keep in mind that in air AB BR 3.7 - 3.3 - 3.0 will get you a 3.3 lineup.

Map BR

As was pointed out in the other thread, I was mistaken - I took “air domination” to refer to any map where ground targets were not primary, and you were supposed to capture an airfield -or- the little magic A in the sky. I don’t really fly bombers so the distinction was not readily apparent to me - Apologies!

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No problem, but on some domination maps it’s actually essential to take out the ground targets or lose, once you got ai tanks on an airstrip they will cap, and you won’t be able to recap as long as they’re on.

Also fighter-bombers work great, I used to play a lot of bombers, but nowadays I tend to go more with attackers or fighter-bombers, gives you more options for whatever map you get.