Air domination match

I think he might be confounding domination with air domination.

I think he might be confounding domination with air domination.


Can you link a replay showing a 4.3 lineup in Airdom? Thank you.

Sure - note that you can’t search by BR but here are two examples from today.

This one: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On
And this one: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Are both BR 6.7, Air Domination matches. New lineup for me, so very bad performance on my part, but whatevs.

If you specifically want 4.3 I can look through yesterday’s, but I think the point is made - that Air Dom above BR 3.3 exists.

The first one is a domination game on Korsun, the second one a domination game on Port Morespy.

Domination games are not air domination games, and also not limited in the BR you’ll get them.

This thread (like the other you’re on) is about air domination games, the ones where you cap in the center of the map in the air and that have no ground targets. Domination games you cap on the ground (or ai will eventually cap one or several airstrips) and have usually quite a few ground targets, which on most maps need to be taken out.

Ok! I stand corrected. In many respects I’m still quite new to this game.

“Air Domination” is what everyone was referring to these matches as, but I see now the difference. I will pay attention to the BR the next time I get purely an Air Domination match with NO airfield. I could swear I’ve seen them at ~4 but don’t care to go digging through my history to find one.

Thanks for setting me straight.


As a player returning to the game after a long period of inactivity i really wonder if Gaijin have taken a backward step.
When i first started playing this game (When it was just Aircraft) the air Domination maps were a rarity as were the capture point maps, there was a decent variety of maps where you had ground targets, bases that were there to be hit. Coming back and trying to build up my Italian line i am constantly being hit with Air Dom, Air Dom , and more Air Dom, I recently had a run of 6 in a row, It gets boring very quickly and isnt a good advertisement for new folk joining the game in my opinion.
This game used to keep me at my PC for hours on end until real life and other things took priority. I thought the game would have improved during my hiatus but sadly that does not seem to have happened indeed it has actually gone downhill.
Gaijin really needs to listen to its player base as they are the people who pay their wages.
Air Domination maps are BORING and crew lock wont stop me or other just baling out at the start of the match.
Get rid of Air Domination !!!

Simply Increase your BR to 4.0 or even 3.3 and they won’t be seen again.

Read my post, i cant increase my BR if im just starting to build the line, i started with Reserves in just the same way newcomers will have to.

I realize that. Increase your BR asap if you want to never see them again.

Alternatively, don’t quit Doms, don’t create bomber havy lineups. The games reeducation program will put you in Doms if you do this. Have a balanced lineup and play the matches, don’t quit. Or you get more of the same.

I have 1 bomber, 1 strike aircraft and 3 fighters, how more balanced can you be?
I will continue to quit and take the crew lock rather than play this boring crap called Air Domination.
It was never an issue back in the beginning 12 years or so ago, what has changed so much that Gaijin have resorted to this type of rotation? Back in the day you rarely seen much of Air Dom maps never mind umpteen Air Dom maps in a row.

Actually, it isn’t just the crew lock. The game remembers that you quit and will give you Dom again.

If you want to grind fighters, Dom is just fine. If you want to avoid Doms altogether and grind quickly, realistic air is the way to go. Dom maps end at BR 3.0 iirc.

I guess it is the desire to introduce the game as a PvP game, not as PvE. But you only get Airdoms in a row, if you keep quitting them.

There is not really a true map rotation as in if you quit the match you will join a new one on a random map. The way it seems to work now is that at a certain time there is a certain map in “rotation” so if you quit early or even if the match is very short when you try to join a new match is very likely that you will get the same map(and same version). Yeah, I also don’t remember this happening some years ago but this is how it is now. Same happens in Ground Battles.
There’s also something that seems to be related with your lineup, when I want to play a bomber I get Air Domination or Domination maps more often, so I bring both bombers and fighters and just play whatever the maps favour.

The conversation I just had in the battle:

Poor fellow. This situation is really not healthy, especially for new players.

He tried to play his 1.7 bomber, so he is at the beginning of this BR range. How many players are there, who will have to force themselves to play hundreds of Air Domination battles, if they don’t like them? Even from Gaijin’s perspective, this is not a good situation. They should want to show new players that the game is fun, but they do the opposite.

I just checked with a 1.7 lineup. after 2 airdoms I got groundstrike ruhr

I suspect the game takes into consideration “Total battle rating” (look for the highest at the scoreboard):

I’ve played hundreds of battles in this BR area in recent weeks. Around 1.7-2.3 from what I checked I only get Air Dominations.

When you use 1.7 plane, and your Total battle rating is 1.3, you can stil get Ground Strike (in 1.0-1.3 battles). But if you use proper 1.7 lineup, the only way to get a Ground Strike is 1.7-2.7 battle. At least that’s the theory. I didn’t pay too much attention to it.
I just uptier all my low BR bombers to 2.7 total battle rating, when I want to play bombers. BR 2.7 is fine for sure, this is my favorite BR for bombers.

I was playing solid 1.7 italy.

Then maybe it’s working differently than I thought and my theory is incorrect.

It doesn’t really matter, but the problem is real. A few days ago I had 19 Air Domination battles in a row. I even wrote this to my friend, but unfortunately didn’t make a screenshot.

I play rank 1 premium planes recently (getting the Mark of Distinction for all my premium planes), and even I have enough of these Air Domination battles.
When I use 1.0-1.3 planes it’s fine. But when I use 1.7 planes I see Air Dominations pretty much all the time and it’s very annoying.

I just tried again and got another airdom. only played two bombers (in airdom) and was first in my team. All kills and assists. Kinda funny…