Too many Air Domination match in AB and there's no way to play low tier bombers

It’s not just an exception.Check those topic below:Change low BR air arcade match making, it's BROKEN
and: Air domination match
So how to avoid or fix this problem? It seems to have been for a few month ago.In Air Domination there’ll be none of ground targets and bombers/attackers will be useless.There’s really hard to get a spade when players keep going in Air Domination.(No RB modes thanks)

If you check the links a bit more closely, you will find information. Use it perhaps?

Sure ways to trigger dominations are too many bombers in your lineups. Use 1 bomber in a lineup of 5 planes and see what happens then.

Another sure way to stay in domination is to quit the match. It will be handed to you again.

Thanks for your hint,but already tried.Doesnt work so well.I have even tried all the 9 nations of low tier lineups,it seems completely random and have no idea to figure it out.

There will be dominations at very low tier. Air domination is a low tier mode that ends at BR 4.0 or so. I have been flying at 2.3 quite often lately and I had a mix of dom and ground strike, etc. That is the way it goes.

But let me check: Which low tier bombers are you trying to fly?

Some of 'em:
I think the only way out is bring those bombers to the higher BR match,at least 2.0.So they can get into the bigger map.But what’s the point of those vehicle’s original BR?

I have just taken them to battle, BR 1.3 lineup. Got ground strike Korsun.

Replaced Blenheim with Hampden, BR 1.7. Got AirDom Smolensk.
Completed the Airdom, didn’t quit.
Next match got ground strike Korsun.
Match after that Airdom Smolensk again.
Then ground strike Rocky Canyon.
Looks like a pattern.

So in 4 matches, it is 50:50.

You have to realize that this BR is also for naval and ground games.

Apparently, people think an Academy, is a place to complain… WTF.

Maybe in disguise, but there is a subsequent question to it: