Add option to remove CAS from Air RB (poll)

Xp50 is an interceptor, majority of American planes are high altitude. USA srarted high altitude bombing, while Russia stayed at low altitude on there western front. It was not untill germany (bf109’s) started to combat USA that russia started going high (yak series and l225). That is a history lesson for you.

Cute but this is videogame

Sorry dude, they can - typical are ticket defeats <4 minutes on maps like Tunisia. Game is over before 80% of the lobby can fire a single shot. The trick is also to kill enemy ai planes very fast. Basically this map is broken and even if you have a fighter with ic spawn - strike aircraft have forward airspawn. So if even if you dive and try to defend your ai units, you are often too late

Same like on Poland, 2 strike fighters can wipe out all pillboxes in 2 passes, if one or 2 bombers above kill 1 or 2 bases - game is lost.


Based on real planes, whats the point in selling planes that dont fit the game, its like selling soup in a restaurant and giving you a fork. Since they reduced the battle timer American prop planes have been made redundant. The fact battles are happening at low altitude is making many planes usless.

This could amount to fraud. I wonder if i could take Gaijin to a small claims court for selling usless merchandise. Not that i would want to

This whole thread is really a waste of time. Gaijin is just not going to do something like this.

The best we can ask for is for Gaijin to tailor the game mode to be more hardcore PVP, like reducing team sizes back to 12 vs 12 or 10 vs 10 or maybe 8 vs 8 for some small maps.

However, the more passive players will still need a mode where they can grind CAS aircraft and Gaijin sure as shit is not going to relegate them to just grinding in Ground.

This would require Gaijin to create another gamemode. Either a PVE Air RB or an Air RB EC.

Removing CAS aircraft from an entire gamemode is not gunna happen.

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Models are real airplanes, gameplay is not based on realistic scenarios. Real air battles went for hours or even days and contained hundreds of airplanes.

If you want that, play Air Simulator (except hunders of airplanes).

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Not all play CAS in Air modes to mod for ground…Anyone playing Britain at the moment only has CAS at top tier.

Britian 1 or more fighters in every tier

Ah, yes, because tornado F3 is top tier. Good luck Vs Mig29s and F16s

Airplanes are to scale, why not battles, war is differnt time scale. Battle for britian was 3 days, ww2 was like 9 years

You could argue that about any plane at any BR. But to be fair jets have there own issues

There is air sim if you want to be as close to reality as possible in WT.

Lets get 1 thing stright, i want better quality matchies is ARB, and so do many others


Even CAS guys want matchies in ARB :D

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they can go get there own and call it CRB, it will probable be better and more exciting than ARB

Just roll back to old 3x bases and 1 airfield system.

Problem is solved.


True B-29 killer was R2Y2 when they had bomber spawn bro

What was more challenging? Take off from af in a prop with ~ 1.500 hp and to get get to 6.5 km just in time or to spray them down with a jet with air spawn and a shitload of 30mm ammo with a “one-hit-kill” shell. Your choice bro…

i always liked CAS planes, but im not grinding tanks to play them in ground rb, so i have nowhere to play my mig-27/su-25/IL-28 … …, how about we instead reshape the game mode so cas aircraft have severe impact on the outcome of the match?

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I have a video of 7-8 cas being more of a soultion then usless