45,000 for one stage in the new event?!

45,000 score for each stage in the new call of the dragon event is ludicrous. Players for as long as i can remember have been asking for a reduced grind for all events but gaijin have done the complete opposite increasing the grind by 5,000 score every 2 days.

Gaijin has clearly not listened to the community feedback and obviously just sees the new event calendar as a way to make more money by using FOMO as a tool to force people to buy through events or use the market.

This is the latest blatant disregard of the communities wishes by gaijin.

Now of course complaining without suggesting a fix is pointless so heres what I propose:

40,000 score should be the maximum possible limit for each stage of events. This would only apply to ‘top tier’ rewards like the T-80 in the new event.

30,000 score should be the average anount of score for stages, reserved for event vehicles around ranks 3-6.

Finally, 20,000 score should be reserved for the low tier rewards.

By doing this it would keep a hard but doable grind for the best rewards whilst allowing more people to get the slightly worse rewards due to a lessened grind.

Let me know your thoughts.

Edit 1, another rant because people keep arguing with me in the main thread:

For the average player, who goes for one event vehicle either due to relaxed playing style or time restraints as we have heard from people in this thread, this event has a longer grind.

People have been complaining about 40k a stage events for ages, yes they are better than what was before them, but it is still a bad system. Gaijin have now put this to 45k a stage, a step in the wrong direction.

The grind to get 3 vehicles like in previous events now takes, in terms of days, almost 3 times longer.
The idea of grinding one vehicle at a time is a good idea, if we got 4 vehicles spread out over the year instead of 4 at once in events like summer extreme 2023. However there is now going to be a constant stream of events, alongside things like the battle pass, and pages of history making it harder to achieve all the special items throughout the game.

A way to fix this would be to have 40k as the max amount per stage, reserved for top tier vehicles, 30k for medium tier and 20k for low tier, in my opinion. I would also have these events last 20 days with 10 stages, and they would happen every other month, eg January then March then May etc.

Edit 2, a short addition:
I believe it would be very beneficial for a roadmap of vehicles for the future to be published, perhaps at the start of each cycle (plane, tank, ship). This would allow players to pick and chose which event vehicles they want to go for or miss out, rather than, for example, going for the object 292 then having the next vehicle be something they want even more, making them play 2 events in a row with little break leading to burn out very quick.


i dont have any problem in grind 45K but give more days but this is just stupid, more points in the same 2 days time and now is not enough reach 10 stats for the tradable coup. now need reach 750K points.

             JUST NO.

25,000 score for high tier rewards, 15,000 for low tier rewards. Anything more than 25,000 is unreasonable.

And get rid of the 2-day limit, it’s beyond idiotic.


Wait till you hear that you need to grind 40k points for each of the 19 Days to get the tradable cupon


My personal opinion would would dictate more towards a more compact amount of score.
30,000 for top/max tier
25,000 for mid (3-6?)tier
20,000 for low (1-2) tier
And if you really wanna make a “High cost” event vehicle to gatekeep people out of having fun vehicles for money, why don’t you just make the cost 250k and make it a “Whole event time” score. Effectively making it so only true no-lifers and bots can get it, making it so people have to drop $500-600 gaijin bucks to get a “fun” tank. (i.e obj 279)


Just do what i do, ignore these events, gaijin and their devs are out of their minds.


I’ve got a life and a job like, I do my 20k grind over 2 days. If a 40k comes up I’m just not going to participate.


^ Who can barely manage to keep up with the Pages o’ Hist’ry, “Oh Kay… never mind that then.”

The average WT player has a demographic profile.

Guess that player is usually male, 35+ years old, has an average income of 60k USD/year.

Gaijin doesn’t want you to grind the event vehicle for free, they want you to pay for it with GE…they want their share of your income.

Gaijin always talks about “based on feedback from the players” when I haven’t seen a single(!) survey to the player base to collect their feedback on ANY topic.
Correction…Gaijin asked for what should go on the Roadmap for 2024.


It gives the impression that the aim is to control supply and demand in the marketplace in this way.

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You are trolling, right? The only part that is prolly true is male.


I was generous, I’m older :D

Didnt gaijin already say that required score will reflect the br/rank placement of the prize?

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While I do agree it should be lower, I think 30-35k is probably a safe bet considering what the vehicle is.

Although, if they won’t make it a top tier premium, they could at least give you a talisman with them for your troubles.

Average age is around 20-25, EVE Online being one of the hardest games was at ~35.

60k USD a year is not even close, average Turkey salary is 5k, UK is 45k, Poland 21k, Germany 54k(all in USD). A lot of players have no income. Educated guess - 15k USD max


And those countries make less than half of the game population. Think about salaries in SEA region etc


45k sooooo much. I think new marathon format - less score by 35k score!


5000 points every two days are only possible if you play WT each day for 6h with 70% win rate otherwise good luck to grind the 5000 points every two days. I’m sure the event verhicle would be sold for 600 Gaijin coins like the IS-7.

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UK salary is not 45k lmao, its closer to 30k and even that number is massively bumped due to London. Outside of london/millionaire class a large portion of the UK population live on around 20-28k a year, which when you factor in cost of living isnt good.

I live in the UK, I can tell you my towns average income is likely below £19k a year and thats full time work even.

Median according to statista is 35k GBP which is 45k USD