16v16 is too much for air rb

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On the last forum and on reddit a few of us have conducted poles that garnered over a thousand votes and those that voted were about 90% - 98% in favor of splitting the mode in a similar way to what i described.

Nobody will ever be able to understand every single players desires but 1000+ votes showing over 90% in favor of something is pretty revealing.


A poll to split air rb? Can i still vote?

Do you really think that not having BVR is realistic?

War Thunder has BVR, and having BVR is realistic.
And players can choose to not do BVR, because it’s up to the players how they play; Just as it’s up to pilots & militarizes how to respond IRL.
& radar missile much like real life, forced pilots low.
Which is why terrain following is also an important part of War Thunder.
War games aren’t just one style of combat, it’s multi-faceted, and the pilots that know how to deal with more situations are better off.

Now that you’ve clarified that you think not having BVR is realistic, the most sane thing to do will be to ignore all of your opinions


The old ones are likely dead. I just created a new poll.


You literally replied “Yes” to my question and now you’ve edited it out. LoL


And my meaning remains the same.
I forgot to be specific in my answer, my bad.
Now you have the specific answer.

You did a 180° turn with that edit buddy


I apologize that my initial post was not as understandable as it is now.

by what metric?


I’ll quote what I said in another topic


Congrats. You went to the center of the bee hive and asked the hive mind what it thinks and got one answer. Good job.

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Getting a lot more than one answer buddy…

Based off your own stats you got one answer. The hive mind doesn’t like 16v16.

Moving the goal posts. You said the poll on the old forums and Reddit.

My old poll regarding this topic had over 200 votes. Another old poll that i was a part of on the old forum had over 500 votes. This goes back 2 or 3 years and i believe the polls are gone. I tried to find them briefly.

The reddit poll might still be up of you want to search. Idk what my stats reflect after the forum switch here but decided to make a new poll since the others were old.

But my immersion and realism



What do you mean by realistic? Real life isn’t like warthunder’s air rb