16v16 is too much for air rb

Moving the goal posts. You said the poll on the old forums and Reddit.

My old poll regarding this topic had over 200 votes. Another old poll that i was a part of on the old forum had over 500 votes. This goes back 2 or 3 years and i believe the polls are gone. I tried to find them briefly.

The reddit poll might still be up of you want to search. Idk what my stats reflect after the forum switch here but decided to make a new poll since the others were old.

But my immersion and realism



What do you mean by realistic? Real life isn’t like warthunder’s air rb

Realism is first and foremost about physics.
Second is weapon system authenticity.
Third is not exceeding maximum allowable density, which is easy since video games cannot actually exceed this due to computational limits.
3a: 1v1s, and to an extent 5v5s are unrealistic to the extent that it’s a movie trope due to high cost to film high numbers.

I do not demean nor insult anyone who seeks the experience they’ve seen in film. It is a valid desire.
My desire however is to get as close to the chaos as possible to know my limits.

WTF are you talking about bro🤣


I think he tried to use chatgpt


Answering your question while you & Borkel insult everyone that likes realism for some reason…

Sometimes we only get 7v7

I wish i got 7v7


Never insulted anyone.Just take a look at your reply bro.It doesn’t make any sense.
1v1,2v2… isn’t realistic because in a real battle you can never predict how many enemies you are going to face.But specific team size is necessary for gameplay.
16v16 is completely illogical for the current map size.

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The current map sizes are 128x128km outside City, and maybe Rocky Pillars, but Rocky Pillars is at least 80km.
All well beyond radar missile range until Meteor, AIM-120D, etc.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a future Dagor 7 comes with stable 256x256km support, however 128x128 is fine for what we have now & the foreseeable future. After all, we’re well over 1.7BRs away from any range improvements to the radar missiles we have.
And if we get to 256x256 then we’d probably need 20v20 & staggered airfields for all such maps at that point.

16v16 team would be enough.

But the objectives are too centered which makes them useless

As a Korean War era jet main, the implementation of the 16v16 was the second biggest mistake after the implementation of supersonic jets and AAMs because it means more dumb players on my team or enemy team and it makes hard to carry them even more with x2 or x3 squadmates.


And you probably also face situations of 1v8 after the furball has completely destroyed one of the teams in the first minutes of the game.


That’s a big issue for flameless jets.You can dodge one or two missile by your maneuvers but dodging 4 or more missile at the same time is almost impossible for flareless jets(same for the jets that have low amount of flares)

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It do be a shame most maps dont do the EC layout of objectives.


This isn’t the battle of Britain or Project Wingman. Modern fighters are extremely expensive and would be fielded across an enormous airspace by comparison to what we fly around in in War Thunder. 16v16 funnelling everyone towards one big furball is in no way realistic.

Custom battles can manage 32v32 just fine, but there’s a reason Gaijin doesn’t push that in random battles.


I wonder if this is the right place to complain if we want the developers to notice. Maybe we should post something in the suggestions forum.