POLL: Does the game mode for Air RB need a re-work?

The poll below focuses on the upper tiers of Air RB (6 - 8).

What improvements would you like to see to the Air RB game mode in War Thunder?

  • Air RB should be split into 2 separate modes: Air RB Team Deathmatch (smaller teams, smaller maps, no respawns) and Air RB Enduring Confrontation (larger teams, larger maps, with respawns)
  • Air RB should remain 1 mode with no respawns but should have team sizes reduced… (10 vs 10, 8 vs 8…)
  • Air RB should remain 1 mode with no respawns and 16 vs 16.

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There’s a lack of an option that just has events expanded to include Realistic Enduring Confrontation.
The “split” option implies a new mode for the random battle feature rather than utilizing the resources we have already.


Should just add a “leave Air RB alone but add an RB EC gamemode”


There’s a lot of variations of what could be listed in this poll. I didn’t want to make the poll too long. Feel free to comment below if you have a variation or a different idea.

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Well the poll is useless without that option, as you’ll have incorrect results.
You’ll be forcing people to wish for something that’ll never happen vs forcing them to vote for status quo.

Poll should be 3 questions

Prefered ARB team size for top tier :

  • 20 vs 20
  • 16 vs 16
  • 12 vs 12
  • 8 vs 8
  • 4 vs 4

ARB Map sizes:

  • Big Increase
  • Small increase
  • Leave same
  • Small Decrease
  • Big Decrease

Would you like to see a seperate RB EC gamemode:

  • Yes with ARB changes as well
  • Yes but leave ARB as it currently is
  • No

Would give cleaner data


This topic has been discussed within other threads on this forum. We had some other polls on the old forum discussing this topic.

My general feeling is that the player base for Air RB is almost perfectly split.

Half want a tactical mode that caters to fighters. A quick match with room to do some BVR and get into an occasional dogfight. This group would prefer base bombers not be on their team and the entire team be focused on air-to-air engagements. AI targets would just serve to bleed the enemy of tickets if they decided to remain near their airfield under AAA cover.

The other half want a strategic mode that caters to a mix of gameplay styles. A longer match with larger maps, objectives, bases to bomb, ground targets, naval targets, carriers, convoys, AI aircraft, respawning etc.

For lower tiers, this isn’t as big of an issue. Air RB is pretty spread out and you have time to do some ground pounding if you like. Air AB is a bit more confined but gives you respawning and some maps that require some strategy.

For the upper tiers, Air AB is largely dead. Sim EC isn’t bad but the sim cockpit only view doesn’t suit many War Thunder players very well since I feel that style is better served by other games in this genre. The cockpit only view just isn’t for me.

So for Air RB, why not split the mode and give each type of player what they want?

I bring this topic up fairly often due to frustration with the Air RB game mode. I have been playing War Thunder aviation for 10 years and have every aircraft in the game researched. After much time in Air RB, I decided to give Ground RB a try. Although Im aweful at Ground RB, the mode is extremely well thought out. Sure it has some issues but the fundamental game mode is very good, which is why it is the most popular game mode in War Thunder.

This left me extremely frustrated with the state of Air RB. Compared to Ground RB, Air RB feels like it is still stuck in Beta. The dated mechanics of Air RB are really exposed at the upper tiers.

At these tiers matches currently last 3 to 8 minutes, involve franticly spamming the look around key, involve getting ear assaulted by your RWR and involve very little strategy. The mode seems to cater to grinders only, with fun taking a back seat.

Fun in Air RB is a tough thing to find. Judging player satisfaction by the game chat certainly isn’t an objective form of measurement but it gives a small glimpse into the state-of-mind of the player base during a match. In game chats, in general are interesting places… and sure, Ground RB or low tier Air AB or Naval has some trolls and some smack-talkers but the Air RB chat is on another level. It varies between hyper-depressing behavior to hyper-disturbing behavior. I believe this has something to do with the repetitive, boring nature of Air RB.

The sad part for me is that Air RB in War Thunder has so much potential. All of the general mechanics are there. I feel that if some extra TLC was given to Air RB, we could easily be playing War Thunder aviation for the next 10 years.


Thats 3 questions with 13 answer options. I don’t believe it allows for that much. In general for polls, you want to stick between 2-5 options for answers, otherwise the data is far to spread out. There’s a comment section for more detailed conversation.

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Having the events expanded to include Realistic Enduring Confrontation is basically what i am saying. Thats what Sim EC is and people consider Sim EC to be “a mode”. Whether its included under the events tab or under the game modes tab doesn’t really matter. You’re just nit-picking semantics here.

Let’s be honest here anyways, Gaijins UI for game modes could use some work so whether its in the Events Tab or not really doesnt matter much for the sake of this poll.


The other option that Gaijin could do is to create an Air RB PVE Coop mode.

The benefit of this is that you could do historical matches in PVE and passive players would flock to this mode. It would also be a good training ground for newer pilots.

The downside of a mode like this is that if it’s anything like Heli PVE, Gaijin will have an intern spend 35 minutes developing the mode, leaving us with some extraordinarily boring gameplay.

Like everything else in War Thunder, it would just depend how much effort was put into developing the mode. Im not sure how i feel about a Air RB PVE mode. I’d prefer Enduring Confrontation but if done correctly, PVE might not be bad.

Might be boring though…


Air RB feels like too much is going on
We have big maps but it always ends up being a furball anyway
We have 16v16 in jets that can fire up to 6 IRCCM missiles that you need to keep track of constantly

It feels like air RB is just whoever has a better 360 degree SA wins which after the update just feels like too much
Oh and the occasional 1v1 that gets third partied because of it just being a furball


Your poll options are trash

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Would you like me to list out 13 options like the other guy so nobody responds?

Why don’t you just respond in the comments with what you’d like to see since you’re so opinionated…

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I want enduring confrontation so I can more easily farm KD from hordes of bomber players spawning at predicable locations.

You want to address 3 things;

  • Game mode design (EC and TDM)
  • Team size
  • Or keep as is

So what real options do you actually provide to anyone voting? Just choose between Crap, Crap, and Crap? It looks to me like you just want to get most votes into the EC bucket, which is probably true.

  1. Most people like the 16v16, except when you get to BR 11.0+ where its just too much chaos. Imo the number of players should decrease from T5 upwards in some incremental steps. But there are bigger issues to address here, like f.e. the continuous 6v6 games at around BR 6.0 due to the 288 spam which just ruins the whole BR bracket
  2. Most people like smaller maps for props / early jets, medium size maps from 8.7 to 10.7, and larger maps for 11.0+, why isn’t there any separation in your options. I don’t think any Air to Air player really likes the EC size maps due to the dispersal of bases/ground because this induces a lot of “flying around to find last enemy” type of gameplay which is boring
  3. Where is the option to keep current ARB but with some changes? I don’t like EC one bit, it’s such a poor game mode. The only people who like it are the ground strike junkies who want to grind out their attackers for GRB without being jumped by fighters 5 minutes in the match
  4. I also wouldn’t like a TDM mode, there has to be an option in game to drain tickets like the current ARB. You can already do “TDM” type of gameplay in the current ARB, no need for any separate mode
  5. I don’t like adding more modes in the game that already has so many to segregate the playerbase. It’s not good design. There are custom battles for people who want something different
  6. I see no options around current map type (Operation, Front Line, etc) and if that needs some rework like, you know, not running into enemy already 30 seconds after take off into a furball by loading Front Line Mozdok at 5.7-6.7 or some junk design like that

Edit: and respawn system in ARB is dumb, it will just turn into Arcade. People take a bomber, dive base, J out, spawn in something else, etc etc etc etc. People just wanna max their grind. Go play AB if you want respawns.

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As I said before the poll…This thread is really for the upper tiers. Tiers 6 to 8. The current game modes suit the lower tiers better.

Why didn’t i give more options?

Because there’s probably 20 to 30 different combinations of mechanics/game modes for Air RB that i could list out and nobody wants to read through that essay.

I tried this on the last forum site and barely anybody answered until i shortened the list up significantly.

As i stated in my previous comments, polls should be short and 2 to 5 questions.

(I was also having trouble adding more than 4 on this forum so Im not sure if it was some bug or your only allowed 4 max. Not sure.)

I do agree with player decreases being incremental as you go up in BR or tier.

When i say TDM, i pretty much mean the mode we have. I was just looking for a name for it. I agree that you should have a way to decrease enemy tickets although i dont like auto ticket bleed.

I really dont think the lower BR’s need much change so thats why i referred to the upper BR’s…

Your issues with respawns can just be countered by game mechanics. See Ground RB. If someone J’s out deliberately, give them a timer for a respawn or add a spawn point system like GRB.

I understand the hesitation of adding another game mode but with the upper tiers of aviation, Air Arcade really falls off a cliff. The mode is just not suited to the upper tiers because of the tiny maps and the infinite ammo/fuel. So the reality of top tier jets is that you basically lose the viability of one of the game modes that should suit it.

If there were to be a separate Air RB EC mode, i really don’t think it should just be a copy-paste of Sim EC. I think the game mode should be more similarly structured the way Ground RB is structured. Create a spawn point system where ur first spawn is free and your subsequent spawn cost varies dependent on match BR vs vehicle BR. Maybe a plane 1.0+ less than the match BR is a free or really cheap respawn or maybe you get a reserve drone that spawns in close to the front line as a free spawn or something that provides some thought and strategy to respawning rather than just infinite respawns in whatever vehicle you want.

A separate Air RB EC mode would also help clean the strike aircraft/ bombers out of normal Air RB which would make the mode better for those that wanted quick technical air to air engagements.


For the record, not all SB players play it because they are farming or spading for GRB. I’m one such player Whilst SB does allow me to properly mud move. I actually hate the ground modes and I have everything researched in the air tree already. I play it because its the superior gamemode for immersion and being able to actually play jets properly. Tornado Gr1 is trash in ARB, but great fun in ASB. I like performing CAS, but GRB is an unbalanced mess and the tanks suck. Whilst CAS is a little meh in SB, its certainly more fun that it is in GRB.

Even when I want to engage in Air PvP. my only top tier option at the moment is the Tornado F3. Not a jet built for ARB and whilst it still sucks in SB. At least it can be deployed to its strength in SB.

So whilst I respect that YOU may not like SB. Doesnt mean everyone is just there for grinding or farming. Whilst a few are, I’d say a majority want to be there.


Where did I ever say anything against SB? I’m referring to RBEC, as is the OP.

You refered to EC, the only EC gamemode we have in game (that pertains to air) is ASB. Therefore the assumption is that you are referring to ASB EC.

That being said. We have already seen them limit Naval EC to the weekends becauae of concerns that NRB would never get played if it was permament addition. I think RB EC would do the same to ARB. ARB would be abdandoned at top tier with a well implemented RBEC


Its a good point. I wonder if this would happen with air. Air has many more players than naval so that probably works in favor of the two air rb modes being able to exist simultaneously.

Ofcourse your statement includes RBEC being well implemented…

This is War Thunder we’re talking about here so if we’re lucky, Gaijin will give the unpaid intern half a day and a case of Energy Drinks to create the mode from scratch. The mode would likely start off in rough shape at best and maybe overtime would be well implemented.

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