16v16 is too much for air rb

Somebody give me a valid explanation why 16v16 is introduced in first place, Gaijin claimed upon the release of that change that they gathered information in which players liked increased player count, yet I dont remember seeing any cc’s speak anything about that before it was added. And also it wasnt even introduced in Sky guardians’s dev server, already change was just added to live server without testing it couple days later. I mean i dont really mind 16v16 in prop planes and early jets since maps also got bigger, but at higher BR’s its really annoying and confusing to sweat your brains of to have any sort of awareness of whats happening around you. Reverting to 12v12 would be nice, but I still think 10v10 would be better (At least in top tier).


There is not
It already was chaos before and they have made it worse

Fully agree with 10vs10


16v16 is more realistic than 10v10.

I want BVR encouraged.

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Bring on 32v32 !


I’d take away the realism for playebility and enjoyment any day in a year, and also speaking of realism NATO with USSR vs NATO with East Germany isn’t quite realistic isn’t it.


Unironically would support this if we ever get 256x256 maps.

That’s realistic, realism =/= history.

I really want to push for better maps, missions and overall matches…

I actually want to revitalize the WTPC and actually do it without the need for it to merely be a popularity contest like last time.

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The new PVP map, Rocky Pillars, is a great movement toward better air maps. Plenty of hill cover.


How is a 16v16 of assorted fourth gens furballing in any way realistic


People kept criticizing that the AIr RB matches were too small.

For what Br? For props I can agree, but for top tier not so much.


Early jets vs props is tolerable but jets afterward are a big no. Anyway the complaint for larger air rb battles has been a thing since way back before I wasn’t even in-game which was 6 almost 7 years ago

16 vs 16 for top tier sucks. I have no idea who approved this decision but it was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen Gaijin make in a while.

Most of Air is just a bunch of archaic modes at this point. Play Ground RB, then play Air RB. Its absolutely clear what mode the developers focus on.

Tiers 6 through 8 of air really need a reduction to 10 vs 10 max. The whole mode really needs some attention. It feels like its straight out of a game from the early 2000s.

Ideally, Air RB would be split (at least for tiers 6 to 8). The two modes would include standard Air RB with 10 vs 10 max, no respawns and smaller maps and Air RB EC with respawns, larger maps, longer match times, objectives, multiple airfields, etc…

However i just don’t think Gaijin’s even thinking much about the Air gamemodes anymore. To the developers, aviation just seems like a support tree for Ground. This is evident by the sorry state its been in for nearly a year now, the fact that every event gives us another CAS plane, the missing aircraft throughout the tech tree, the super slow development of new top tier aircraft, and the lack of transparency regarding the future of aviation.

I just dont think Gaijin has much of a desire to actually develop the mode anymore. They just want a mode where people can grind out their plane for use in Ground.

Its truly a sad state of affairs because Aviation has so much potential but at this point im just bored. Bored of no attention being given to the mode, bored of Gaijin stonewalling aviation or making up lame excuses as to why they cant develop it anymore and bored of the grind. After researching every aircraft in the game, i can tell you its rly not worth it. Just enjoy air for what it is in small doses and if u can play Ground. Its a much more well thought out mode.

Air RB is pure trash atm.


Yeah too many people way too chaotic. lower count would probably even make fights more interesting at minimum it won’t be to crowded. they can also adjust the maps by spreading the objectives and ground targets further apart make use of all that space.


Fully agree, top tier feels like you need ADHD to be able to catch on the seven different enemies and 12 missiles flying at you every second. Most aircraft at BR 11.0+ are carrying 6 to 8 relatively modern missiles, in a situation facing 16 enemy fighters you’re looking at potentially 96 to 128 missiles flying around the battlefield. This is compounded by the fact maps in ARB encourage furballs, funneling both teams from runway to a midpoint with all the ground targets and bases.

Best solution IMO would be going back down to 12v12 and giving incentive for players to spread in small pockets of combat across the battlefield instead of immediately furballing, which would also give the chance to ground attackers to carry out their mission without a cloud of fighters immediately on top of their heads. But thats easier said than done


I agree. Starting around 11.0, the mini map is too crowded for 16 people, while the big map is too spacious for 16 people.
I still don’t understand why Gaijin did this

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lolwat? Air is the best its ever been. Air in-fact got a brand new PVP map that’s the best in the game.


How is it more realistic?

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This is a joke


Yes, currently especially in top tier it is just too chaotic that you don’t even feel related to winning or losing in most matches; the team wins the first wave of missile tradeoff wins.

gaijin needs to either roll back to 12 v 12 at least in top tier or add multiple runways on the map that ppl can spawn in to reduce the size of furball