Worth grinding in sim?

You get your speed back in the dive. This also works with a fully loaded F-84, which needs ages to accelerate. So Im pretty sure the 105G can also do it.
Approaching a base at 2000m is a free kill for every interceptor.

But this is becoming to off topic.

I think the 105G is a great multirole plane.

I switch between mouse and keyboard/joystick.

Top tier is Mouse and Keyboard, because I dont have as much buttons on the flightstick haha.

And joystick for WW2 props.

Yeah, but thats the problem, isn’t it? Why should I not be 100% rewarded for doing good? I might aswell be punished for not being mediocre.

Yes and no. Id like some bonus reward for doing really well. The other day I cleaned up 4 kills in the FG1 in the space of about 5 minutes. But part of SB is play style / mindset. I disengaged and RTBed. Those 4 kills then paid out over the course of the next 20 or so minutes.

But you were not rewarded for getting x amounts of kills like in the other gamemodes. SIM is being neglected as per usual. :(

I would love to see an economy overhaul for SB, so trying not to play devils advocate here… but…

You are… and maybe rewarded more, but only if you survive which is the only issue with SB. If you die, you arent rewarded.

I persoanally actually kinda like activity time. Dont get me wrong, it needs updating, but I like the base concept of activity time. Just needs better transparency and Id change it to 5 min payouts instead of 15 min payouts. Maybe add some small immediate rewards for certain actions.

(I am planning a moderated suggestion for Sim Economy, but I need to flush it out further first)

Yeah, I like the activity based rewards, well… I like the idea of it, the way its implemented now is just gatekeeping players from progressing.

Id say less gatekeeping players from prgressing and more of as a lazy way to stop people from exploiting SB, imagine the rocket spam on AFs before activity time was a thing. Before my time, but heard it was an insane way to farm the game, botters were a really big problem.

Yeah, punishing the active playerbase instead of doing anything to fix the problem, is kinda the way Gaijin works. :P

Unfortunately, it is

The biggest problem is that AA is way too overpowered. They turn instantly, lock and fire instantly and sometimes fire even without locking. It’s basically a 3km killzone so you need to mess around with many things that just don’t exist in other game modes, same with convoys – all this effort for no better reward.

With CCRP, do you know if you are able to set a custom amount of bombs you want to drop with rippling or can you only drop 4, 8 and series?

Yea, I used it a lot once I unlocked it. Mostly I used it for CAS (almost always on Afghanistan as it happened and as I recall). But it’s versatile so bases can also be viable targets, although they have tougher defences. It can also act as a bomber destroyer.

It’s one of those aircraft you can use every day of the rotation. Any fighter will outclass it in air-to-air combat, but 9.0/9.3 G.91s and Hunters are probably no more dangerous than the lighter, more agile fighters like the F8F Panthers found at 8.3 (or even 7.7 Vampires found in 8.3 games). Many aircraft, even at 9.0, lack IR missiles and few have anything better than the AIM-9B the 105 gets. The exceptions are the VTOL Harrier and Yak-38, both of which get better missiles, but both sit at 9.3, so usually won’t be present.

Custom? I don’t think so, only pre-determined.

With premium plane and premium acount, yes.

If not, your fcked

At the moment, it’s only the presets we have
2, 4, 8, 16, S

Or you can get 6 or all via bomb series

But I do have a suggestion for up better control

I just don’t get why they didn’t put a option for 6 cause that’s how many you need to destroy a base 8.0+

Ok cool.

Usually yeah, Mk13s it’s 5, but a lot of nations use Mk83s which is 6. It does feel like a intentional inconvenience…I often just lob 8 and call it a day

Back in the Dark Ages, in games like WarBirds, you could use a console command to set the number of bombs to be dropped in a series, along with another console command to set the time interval between each bomb in the series. Thus:

.series 5
.delay 250

Would drop a stick of 5 bombs at 1/4 sec (250 ms) intervals. But it seems this kind of advanced alien technology is now lost to us.

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Is this game worth grinding at all in any mode?

Imo the answer is no, it will not get any better at top tier. It is just more cosmetics and everything is about radar lock, max G and launch range, no skills. And jets are much easier to control, not very challenging.

Ww2 era is actually the best in my opinion in every mode and you will find hardcore players there in sim.

Last weekend I was in an interesting session against germany, mostly bf109s over dover straight. The level of skills was insane, real tactics and maneuvers. I lost a lot of planes and silver lions but it doesnt matter, that was amazing.

I play simplified mouse-joy btw. It took a while to set up and config. If you need help…