Worth grinding in sim?

I was wondering if it is worth grinding in sim with the saab 105g. i mainly play ground since im not a big fan of air realistic. But i also want to get for example the viggens and the gripen.

It is worth grinding air sim if they ever fix the economy. If you can avoid dogfighting and simply bomb targets you can really make a lot of RP and experience. But at the current top tier sim it costs 14.5K SL to spawn in a 12.0-12.7 plane. And for each air to air kill you get about 3k sl. SO if you manage to get an air kill and die once your already 10k SL in the hole. Bombing missions are the only profitable way to play air sim unless you are just amazing at dogfighting or BVR combat. I wish they would fix this.

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Sim Economy is based upon activity time not action rewards.

if you kill a player, bomb a base, etc etc, you gain activity time. That amount you can see in the stat card of the aircraft. Then every 15 minutes you stay alive, you gain the full reward. Killing players actually rewards more activity time than bombing, but comes with higher risks. So staying alive will net the most rewards.

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Air Simulator battles do come with a learning curve, but does have the best “CAS” gameplay out of all the air modes. You can quite easily spend most of the time just bombing bases or going after other ground targets and any air to air combat is more often 1v1.

Just watch out for the AI SPAA, especially on the convoys. They are absolutely deadly

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Exactly what I was trying to say thank you. It has just been an issue with how many players enjoy staying right outside the airfield range now and will just sparrow snipe you right off the runway or use an r27er. I love playing sim and bombing as well as achieving the objectives but the higher in BR you go the easier it is to get killed right off spawn or even like 5 minutes of flight time in your own ZONE. but in general I love playing. It has a learning curve but the only way to learn is DO.

Oh thank you then gonna have too look into it then but since i have the 105g i guess it wont be as bad since you really only meet early missiles

Yeaha, steep learning curve. Though, I dont know if Ive found that entirely to be case, does happen, but not always.

yeah! if you can stay low to the ground and avoid early radar and everything it can be extremely rewarding. I love using supersonic jets like the Kfir Canard and the tornados for bombing runs. I usually get about 11.5 tons off per game or even more.

Yea since the 105g is a pretty good cas aircraft in ground. I can only imagine how it is in air sim like you guys described it

very true. You just really have to be pick and choose with the games you get into. It used to be great but I just have been more recently in games where people love just killing off spawn. In general not all sim games are bad but Just recently the lobbies I have played have been awful. Gaijin says they fixed the base killing but they definitely have not.

Map choice has a lot to do with that as well. Tunisia and Stalingrad? (I think I cant remember off the top of my head) are really small. Spawn killing is really ocmmon

yah it should be a great pick especially because it has bomb ccip which means the cockpit sight will be very useful. when switching to bomb load.

Thats what im sayin one of the reasons its so good in ground

yah. I guess I just have to figure out what time most sim players are on. I am USA Mst time zone and I usually am on very late in the night so there isn’t very many options besides maps that are very open and easy to get a long range kill from. I just recently ordered head tracking too! so I’m gonna love being able to dogfight more efficiently.

Yeah, keeping your head on a swivel helps a lot

keep in mind that bases take a lot of damage in sim. Im pretty sure for 10.3 its almost 4.5 thousand pounds worth of bombs or maybe even 5 thousand pounds worth Im not exactly sure what the science is here but I can only kill 1.5 bases with 6 100lbs bombs in the kfir canard. I would love to know the exact base bomb load science but I still havent figured out the correct amount.

do you happen to know the exact bomb load amount for actually killing a base? is it somewhere between 4.5-5000lbs per base?

There you go

It does vary from bomb to bomb because of the explosive mass of each bomb

I play britian only these days so…


the special 1000lb bomb (I cant recall its name off the top of my head) that the Buc S2 has takes 4 bombs
The Mk13 (1000 lb) takes 5 bombs
The Mk83 (1000 lb) takes 6 bombs

ok so its not actually based on weight of the bomb as listed more on the explosive mass. I guess my estimation was spot on for the planes I play. For the Kfir Canard its about 4.5k bombs per base which in my case is 1.5 bases worth of payload. Thankyou for the information. Ill save this link so I can explore further. I was always wondering what this Chart thing was but now Looking at the visual representation makes sense.