Wish list for 2024 (Non-Vehicle wishes)

I think that Gaijin did a great job working on most feedback of the backlash starting/mid of 2023. I highly appreciate what you did and hope that everyone understands the importance of making games for the community while not implementing EVERY feedback (since some strictly contradict each other). But specifically the economy changes made WT a lot more enjoyable in the last months for me.

So I wanted to highlight my personal wish-list for 2024 for War Thunder in the hopes that most points find a majority in feedback and eventually will be implemented:

  1. BR-Decompression: I think that this is still the unaddressed priority one feedback point. Specifically the traverse between WW2 and modern era vehicles requires attention as it isn’t fun to play against AIM9B or higher while flying a jet which doesn’t have warnings and/or flairs. I recommend to either lower BR range for matches to 0.7 or extending the trees to ~15 (up from 11.7/12.3 respectively).
  2. Bottom tier: It seems to me that in average, you get about 50% of all matches absolute bottom tier, 30% close to bottom (bottom+0.3), 15% close to top (bottom + 0.7) and only 5% top tier. It correlates to some info Gaijin shared some time ago that only 4 players of each team are going top-tier. I think this rule makes the match-maker unnecessarily complex and is a big fun-nuker for the players.
  3. Scouting bug: In more than 50% of all cases, I have issues with scouting. Either nothing happens, or scouting is blocked without any notification (not scouting the enemy of course). It is a known issue and Gaijin shared some update that they want to address this. Please handle it with priority!
  4. Invisible players: I have it pretty regularly that players aren’t displayed on my client. Not sure how much bad connection plays a role here, but even well-known streamers have videos on players popping in and out in open field. Not fun to be destroyed repeatedly by players who will become visible only in the kill-cam!
  5. Stock vehicles: I find it pretty depressing how some vehicles lack proper equipment while being stock. This is HEAT rounds for tanks (good for large, open maps, but bad for maps with a lot of walls and fences!) and no armament except static guns for planes. I request at least for planes to have some bombs/rockets to start with to be able to collect more experience in stock battles with damaging bases/AI ground forces.
  6. Ground forces plane spawn: I request to have a closer spawn point for slow planes. Obvious case are propeller planes in BR 7+ matches where there is only a single spawn point 15km away from the map while there are also planes going close to mach 1. I suggest to have at least 2 spawn points and selection is done automatically using the top speed of your plane.
  7. New game mode: Attack/Defend convoy/location. This refers to one team owning the defendable item from start and there is only a single one.
  8. Map cycle: I often experience that map cycle is mainly depending on time. For instance, at 10PM there are some maps/game modes which are popping up more than 50% of all matches while others don’t appear at that time. Then, at 11 or 12PM, it suddenly switches to another map/game mode preference. Please make sure that maps/game modes are randomized all times and not “averaged” over 24 h.
  9. Start of daily timer: I find it very annoying that my daily timer starts at 7PM, sometimes it seems to have it on 6PM. I request that dailies always start at ~10AM in regard to your local time zone (including daylight saving changes).
  10. Daily vs. map cycle: It seems to me that currently, the map cycle works AGAINST daily quests on purpose. For example: If you have a daily for base capture streak, I either get game modes with only one capture point or defend base missions. When changing the daily either by sitting it through (with 20% of matches enabling the daily in the first place) or purchasing a new one with SL, you suddenly get maps/game modes which favor your previous daily…
  11. Map size: While I think that map sizes got better, I still recommend to have map size being more attached to BR of the match. Don’t put maps in ground battles with a 150m scale in BR 8+ matches!

Bonus requests:

  1. I want to be able to apply multiplier (SL/Exp) AFTER the match. I suggest to have it in the match wrap up window and only if you stayed in the match until it finishes.
  2. Being able to convert generic Exp using SL.

Please discuss!


gaijin needs to fix the missiles i rly hate how they dip down when launched. Also buff VT1 or smth german top tier AA is trash. The stingers suck at locking onto things too.

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regenerative steering and anti-ERA tips would be cool.

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Get the community back together. I have heard that the WT community had a reputation for being very cohesive. It doesn’t feel like that at the moment.

FSR would be nice, but in general any aliasing overhaul would be greatly appreciated.

Removal of the function that lowers texture settings if the game detects a driver stall.

Would also be lovely if asset culling cluld be slightly less aggressive

Because gaijin goes by way of randomisation of game process in order to make highskilled and lowskilled players equal. Which, btw, totally supported by western community.

Dynamic Vehicle Modifications in game

Such as the BT series taking their tracks off.

A desperately needed rework of the customization system. What we’ve got right now is not enough.

Dm53 would ignore Kontakt 5 and reduce the effectivness of relikt

Yep, it would make shows in driver hatch / lfp and side a lot more consistent on russian / china style tanks.

get rid of a certain mod with two Z’s in his name that is literally sabotaging the game by unjustly removing suggestions backed with actual data and research

i don’t care who’s nephew he is. top tier is in a very rough place atm and literally one person is keeping devs in the dark to keep his nation in the top seat (good job, you’re patriotic but be patriotic at home instead of ruining everyone else’s time)

  1. Better large map designs for Air RB/Sim (9.3 and up). Please stop taking large maps and setting them up like 2018 still. Maps with all the bases lined up and both teams flying straight at each other is just trash with Jets.

  2. Stop showing where the enemy airfield is. Design maps that have 4-6 spots where the AF can go, but make it spawn randomly at one of the spots at match load.

  3. Night Battles in Air RB. It has been YEARS since I’ve had one. I don’t play ground. But there was a time when they were a thing in Air RB. We now have Night Vision, Radars, and other tech that makes this a much more enjoyable playing experience now.

  4. Bring back the ability to port console accounts to PC. It has been over 2 years now. Do you not want our money?

  5. A fully Combined Arms mode (Air, Ground, Navel, Heli). Ok this is a tough ask.

  6. Single player jet maps. There are historical, and dynamic single player modes for props and low tier jets. It’s time to add a few for mid-top tier jets. This will help some of the new players that join and buy a rank 7 jet practice.

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  • BR decompression across all modes
  • Redesign aiming mechanic for naval to make it more friendly for the newcomers (also: let me aim my rockets)
  • Move the spawn locations in bluewater naval with 1 simple principle in mind: No direct spawn-to-spawn line of sight.
  • Work on the maps so that they would actually have depth simulated. Allow deploying moored mines only where water is shallow enough for them to anchor. Add bottom mines, and allow player to choose which kind of mine he/she would like to deploy.
  • In-battle toggable Torpedo Mode for the torpedoes that had them
  • Surface-search radars for the ships that had them
  • Work on the effectiveness of the torpedo bulges
  • Add deployable torpedo nets for the ships that had them (with all the numerous limitations that they had)
  • Add a simulation of the bow wave with all the effects it does to the mines and torpedoes. Add torpedo ricocheting. Also, while at it, make (anti-mine) paravanes work.
  • Improve the simulation of flooding, including the way it’s displayed in game, how ships are divided and also: add controls for the counter-flooding. In general it might be good to have a whole separate pop-up screen for the naval damage control - maybe give us control over the specific Damage Control Teams and let us direct them towards specific objectives? Either way - the current flooding mechanic is just too simplistic to be of a significant benefit for the overall gameplay, even if I am a fan of it in the principle.
  • Make APFSDS rounds with anti-ERA tips actually work the way it’s intended to work
  • Fix the aircraft spam in Ground AB
  • Address the black holes in air mode
  • Address the CAS spam in GRB
  • Introduce non-spherical Radar Cross-Section for all modes (Airplanes, Ground Vehicles and Naval vessels should have a significant difference in the radar signature depending on the heading - e.g. looking at a fighter from the top should be far easier to spot than side-on)
  • Make it possible and feasible to obtain previous event vehicles (making it a 1:1000 chance in a lootbox doesn’t count, lmao)
  • And finally, most importantly: Complete the economy roadmap, please. (still waiting for Research bonuses for new nations for players with top-tier vehicles of another nation)
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reliable and constant detection of aircraft for non-radar spaa.

Adding another request:
Be able to simply change weapon loadout of planes while landed without J out or similar (if there is a way, please let me know!)

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Everything you said+

  1. Datalink for missiles that have it

  2. Modeled autoloaders

  3. Fix ATGM dipping

  4. Ability to lock ATGM launchers in place

  5. Full in depth armor/weakspot fixes

  6. Model Western PDUs on tanks so we can be silent running

  7. Rework engine sounds for things like the abrams

  8. Massive full gameplay/objective overhaul with real game modes and real gameplay. Not just a sandbox cqc fest

To only name what came to my head in 10s

Use this thread

And what exactly should that thread make it more official.
Also I wanted to split apart from wishing vehicles.

There’s no need to make separate threads on similar topic. One wishlisting thread will properly organise the wish lists. Organised wish list can help others to make suggestions on those wish lists. Rest depends on you.

T51 needs to be lowered to 1.7. This slow-moving, unarmed boat without armor has no chance of surviving more than 5 minutes at 2.3.