Add FSR 2.2.1+ (or FSR 3.0) support into the game engine

This is a carry over from a two year old forum poll/post by @gamerinoo that has 99% votes for yes. It has still yet to be implemented even after all this time.

I think this feature is still needed in the game, and would help the entire player base, so I will do the effort of re-typing, editing, and explaining that post in my own way.

FSR 2.0+ is an open-source upscaling technology developed by AMD.
It it non proprietary (unlike Nvida DLSS), meaning that all people, regardless of the hardware they have, can use it to see meaningful performance gains with minimal to no loss in image quality.

Here is a Explenation of FSR 2.0+ in details by AMD themselves

In short, here’s how FSR 2.0+ works:
If you enable FSR 2.0+ in the settings, it will render the game at a lower resolution than the one you’re playing at. For example, if you’re playing at 1080p (1920x1080) it will render the game at 720p (1280x720) therefore increasing your framerate in game. To prevent quality loss by the lower resolution, FSR 2.0+ will use data from multiple past frames, jitter of the past images, and motion vectors (the technology already built into the game to allow DLSS (nvidia only) to work) to reconstruct the image to a higher quality, close to the original resolution.

FSR 2+ doesn’t require proprietary hardware to enable it. In fact, it also is supported on all modern consoles (Including: PS4/PS5/XBOX ONE/XBOX SERIES S/XBOX SERIES X), it just needs to be enabled. FSR 2+ also works on integrated gpu’s (of both AMD and Intel), unlike DLSS, which requires modern, full size GPUs of the RTX generations.

Here’s a few example of FSR 2+ in action in a game that already implemented the feature (the game is deathloop and the screenshots taken by @gamerinoo)

Here’s for example a 720p image on the left, and the same 720p image on the right but reconstructed by FSR 2.0. As you can see the image is much clearer and sharper, and all of this while being bearly harder to render.

Here’s how a 1080p image on the left compares to the same image at 720p reconstruced by FSR 2.0 on the right . keep in mind that the 1080p image that you see here was harder to render for the pc and therefore the fps was lower for on the 1080p image.

So the image quality is similar to 1080p when the game is rendered at 720p and improved by fsr2.0.

1080p image on the left compared to the same image at 540p reconstructed by fsr 2.0 on the right. At this point we can see that the reconstructed image is worse than the original image, but the performance gains a huge (almost 100% more fps) making it useful for people that struggle running the game but still want good visual clarity.

War thunder has been evolving its engine and increasing texture sizes and effect density over the last few years, and it is straining some of their players computers. They are also pushing VR a little harder recently, and VR already itself requites 2x more horse power to run the game. This feature would make the game more enjoyable for a lot of players. It will also enable the devs to push the graphics and not worry about the console market as much, thanks to the performance headroom FSR could offer.

Here are the key take aways:

  1. FSR 2+ open source code is freely available to any game developer, and AMD will even send free game engine technicians to help developers implement it (if you request it and your game is big enough).
  2. FSR can give ALL PLAYERS, no-matter the hardware, free performance at almost no image quality loss.
  3. The back end technology is has been in war thunder for over 4 years now, adding FSR2+ to the game would take minimal effort. Some develops have openly stated they got it implemented into their games in under 3 days.
  4. It works on consoles and handhelds (like the steamdeck) too, so the game can keep being pushed technology wise, since they can offset performance loss form new features with FRS performance gains.
  5. It helps EVERYONE. It is a non-proprietary tech that works on hardware that goes back 10+ years.

Would you want Gaijin to put FSR 2+ in War Thunder?

Note: The pictures in this post are old, from the FSR version 2.0.1 days. The current version is FSR 3 (based on 2.2.2 with frame generation technology and other stuff added now), which has fixed several issues like motion blur artificing, low light jitter, and giving even more performance in some situations. Expect the in game implementation to be EVEN BETTER by a noticeable degree.

[Would you like to see FSR 2 technology added to the game?]
  • Yes
  • No (please explain why)

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Just as an add on point from the old forum too

For over two years now, modders have had a way to get it working in war thunder. If modders two years ago can do it, hopefully soon the development team can officially added it since this has been a long requested feature.

It is clear that will only help the game and it’s community better enjoy the game.

Here is an example of the fsr 2.1 mod (replacing dlss) by a Russian community member I found.

Side note:
I found out that Gaijin had been banning people who use this mod, so I won’t say where it is from or how to get it, but there is one out there.

It is sad to see gaijin take this response to a mod that only gives more people a better way to play the game.


They have to, it’s a restricted modification.

I’m aware. But I still think it’s sad they maintain that stance when it gives no advantage gameplay wise.

It’s only being used to (and can only be used this way) enhance the game in the same way as a similar already implemented feature (dlss), but now without hardware restrictions, so everyone can use it, puting it (the game) into a better, more playable state for anyone who needs it.

This is why it should be added officially.

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Still have no idea why the old forums thread didn’t get carried over, but glad to see this thread has revieved :) thanks for making it again! I wouldn’t have done it myself.


Glad to see your alive.

Ya, I didn’t quite copy the old post 1:1, but I took your core and some of your comparison pictures, and rewrote and modified it to something more in my writing style.

Keeping our forum post alive in the hopes gaijin will actually listen and implement this.

ps: you should explain why you want it too :)
I’m sure you can add something I missed.


I very much hope for an FSR launch. The newly announced FSR 3.0 would certainly be a dream for many people. FSR 2.0 would of course also already be a win.

Postscript: At the first start there is an Nvidia intro. Maybe the contract states that no “competitor” software can be implemented?


We have been applying to Gaijin to add FSR technology for several years, but they have never responded to us, which is a very disappointing thing


Honestly seems like a very obvious quality of life change they should consider. Would allow them to push the console version to even better visuals.

Id also suggest maybe revisiting current AA solutions in game and perhaps consider something like DLAA or equivalent solutions. Anti-aliasing is hard to get right and using existing good solutions is a great start.

FSR does seem like a no-brainer given it does seemingly use the same inputs as DLSS. And if FSR can be implemented they can likely use the same inputs for XeSS

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Its sad that they are not adding technology that helps everyone.
They seem to be biased and add only Nvidia technology.

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Frankly, I think so too, and don’t understand why they have not added fsr over the years.
You would think they would, especially since a chunk of the game player base is now console players, and FSR is supported by all current gen consoles (odically).

Its even more strange since some of their other games DO SUPORT FRS, but only war thunder does not.???

Out of the three (DLSS, FSR and XeSS), i think FSR is still the best choice since its the most stable on all hardware. XeSS is technically better, but its “fallback” method when not using the intel hardware stresses the system more than FSR does for the same effect. its not as “efficent” as FSR on a wide range of hardware.

I just want them to add officinal FSR 2.0/3.0 support. Its so odd that unpaid modders have had it done for over 2 years, but the multi million dollar company Gaigin cant get it done.


Idk if id compare the two in that way as there is actually more to be done when you are doing it on a game engine level rather than slapping it on top.

It is certainly something they should get given the apperant benefits for the consoles more than anything else.

Aren’t they Nvidia partners? Would explain the favoritism

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With the launch of FRS 3.0 happening today, I don’t know if they created another suggestion topic specifically about FSR 3 or just merged it with this current topic, but whatever, here’s the link for all the details about the technology:

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FSR implementation isn’t that hard.They can just copy paste the code from amd’s website.Since they have decades of experience it shouldn’t be hard for them.Also FSR works fine with most engines,I’m sure dagor engine wouldn’t face any issues as well.

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It isnt just copy pasting code. In the case of modding it into a game it can actually be on that level, but in the case of doing it on the game engine level there is besides anything validation work to be done that this works as expected. Not to mention there likely being tweaks you want to do to get optimal results.

Is it easy and a low hanging fruit? Yes, but it is more work than what is implied when you say modders have done it

Still it should not be a issue for them as they are professional game devs.They certainly have enough knowledge to implement it.They have implemented way more complex things into their game engine throughout the years.

I know they partnered with them temporarily to get Physx into the game, but then it murdered so many peoples performance they removed it and went with a unity based system as far as i know.

Point being, no they are not lifetime partnered with them, which is why they partner with all kinds of other companies for promotions of products and services (specifically in the asian market)

Could be that Gaijin got help from Nvidia with their current implementation of DLSS and that sort of stopped any competitor tech development temporarily (not malicously in any way, it apperently isnt that uncommon that you drop current work to implement tech for those who have offered to work with you)

Doesn’t stop them from doing it offcourse, but with their own engine and reworking their DLSS inputs to do FSR they might not do it without sufficient interest from the community.

Or offcourse without sufficient performance pressure from the consoles to need it.

I need FSR 3.0, since the new weather effects were added in the last update + many other graphical effects that I can’t disable in settings my pc went from 40-60 fps to 20-25 I’ll have to play in minimum because I can’t afford an RTX, I think WT Mobile in my phone looks much better than that that.

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