Win rate in Ground Realistic Battles

A month ago (4-7 January) a youtuber K2 Kit Krabiwe has parsed some data from replays of GRB (around 111 000 in total, which according to his data is around a half of all matches played during that time) and created a winrate table, which I have found interesting enough to share.
Note, that it shows not the BR of battles, but the BR of vehicles.



Basically match with this:

Edit: Thanks for share!!!


Huh. Where is that like 80% ussr win rate people keep going on about?



US - ouch
RU - doesn’t look great

As always match composition (who is with who against who?) is a factor which is never available in this data and makes a difference I would have thought.


French bias!


US has the compound issue of
A: being probably the most famous nationsin the world.
B: easy access to one of the most famous tanks in the world “abrams”

Means that the US teams have plently of people new to top tier running around and causing the low win rate.

Russia has a similar issue but much less the case and probably more with people getting them because they get told everyday that russian bias is a thing and premium russian tanks are op.


USSR win rate at BR 8.7 grb is very accurate

4 interesting takes i see in this table

  1. Game nations are IN GENERAL balanced at least up to B10 or so (for sure much more than players claim)
  2. Top tier is a mess in RB, (hopefully will get better with new vehicles)
  3. Russian bias is a myth
  4. One nation seems to have better ratios at many BRs (but not even with three tries i would have guessed it…“pas de tout”)

BTW…no idea if data is accurate…just comments on the table


because of map really not because of vehicles

one of the most handheld Nation? i don’t think so it just shows their true skills when they had to fight something that have the same level of armor they had
The myth you say…


Why would the map make some nations win more than others? I get that some vehicles are better on some maps, but hardly an entire nation…and not only at top tier.

So…thousands of battles at all BR levels with a win rate of around 50%, and this^^ is the conclusion you take…?
I can actually understand the doubt if the vehicles are accurate to their RL counterparts (as tech/history books differ a bit)…but in GAME terms i dont see any bias and the stats dont show it…but ok, guess bias can work both ways.
(The stats above actually show a FRENCH bias…that i admit i never saw, but it is what is in the numbers)

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If you want Russia to become like the United States now, all you need to do is launch a T72 gift package based on 11.3,Just like when they released T72AV

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Fits my perception. Thx for sharing.

Sorry but i forget to mention it for top tier (since i didn’t play low tier for very long time)

It simple most of the map focus on CQC like CoD some nation have the vehicles that specialized on CQC better than other while other don’t have that so no surprise that some have better win rate than other (like T-80BVM and Strv122 that doing very good at CQC)

Stats really not show everything and Russia case you don’t have to look so deep to know that they are most handheld nation in the game (at least top tier far as i know)

Maybe French win-rate are so high because a lot of people don’t bother playing them only very few insane people do


I fully agree, but I’d say that top tier will always be a mess. We’re at the point where top tier is a testing ground for new stuff so consistently that it can never be balanced because they’ll keep throwing new stuff in there.

Cmon!!! The russians tanks and planes overperform in practically every parameter possible, is well know a lot of stuff discover via datamining like fire multiplicators only for russian guns, less possiblity of fire for his planes, hidden armor values (IS-6 for example) , APHE with better perform against angles than modern rounds, russian manuals are valid for buffs but western manuals are rejected because they are proganda and so on.

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It’s not.
The problem is that the majority of people who play russian vehicles are neither experienced nor good. The amount of premiums especially in the russian TT is the very burden it carries.
And to compensate for that lack of experience and skill the russian vehicles are very good…to a point where they feel better than anything else in the game.
The real issue starts when skilled players move on to grind the russian TT and wipe the floor with the enemy team.

A standard rule in any armed conflict is that whoever shoots first usually lives longer.
In order to be the first to shoot you need to see the enemy and oh what a coincidence, the majority of russian vehicles at 10.0+ get 2nd Gen TVD (or the BMP-2M at 9.3) while the NATO equivalents can be happy if they can distinguish a tree from a house through TVD.

Anyways, the key point is that Gaijin does a lot of hand holding for the players that play russian vehicles to compensate for their lack of performance in game.


I still dont agree, and the numbers above also don’t show it. I see this as a myth that some players use just because the devs are from that country…

I play all major nations and a see no Russian bias up to BR8 at least. I do no better in russian vehicles (and i have lots of them) and i have no particular fear of russian vehicles.
T34 and Zis5 were above average for their BR…but so was PzIVF2, Jumbo, Cromwell, Tiger, Panther, KingTiger and lots others…if anything, the nation with more “good” vehicles seems to be Germany…but by a small margin.
If i check my stats in game the best vehicle is actually M10…i played it a lot and it is above average for its BR. As a way of proof…i did well in both the US and French version.

AGAIN…i am not talking about the difference between REAL LIFE and GAME…just GAME BALANCE. I also am a sceptical of real life performance of some vehicles…but admittedly not an expert.


Game nations are IN GENERAL balanced at least up to B10 or so

They are misleading statistics and nations get mixed and matched where they just get carried with the powerful nations whilst being useless themselves, minor nations do not set the winrate by performance but by who they are matched with, you win with Sweden and you lose with Russia.

Russian bias is a myth

Lets pretend that the BVM hasn’t had a winrate of 60-80% since introduction and that this is the first time since then that they actually have a winrate below 58%.

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Guys…you can’t call “misleading” the stats you dont like and then call “proof” those you do like. IN THE SAME POST you claim BVM has a 60-80% win rate…where did that info came from and why isn’t it misleading also? (i have no idea…i had to google “BVM” to see what it is)
I know stats aren’t the all truth…but it is a bit odd to choose them in order to validate your points and then disregard them when they dont fit the opinion. This is not politics :)
BTW…the table above is not verifiable and not official…just discussing it “as it is”.

I have no idea, not even sure where you got that stat…i can believe it…but down here where most players play (below 10.0) there are A LOT of vehicles with above average win rates…and most ARE NOT russian. I can believe in BVM “bias” (no personal experience)…but i also have seen “Jumbo” and “King Tiger” bias…as well as “Zis5” bias…just saying that i see no particular RUSSIAN bias in the game AS A WHOLE.
AGAIN…table above indicates some BRs where Russia has an apparent advantage and many others where it does not…


Russian Bias is infact a reality in this game and no amount of egregious gaslighting, blatant misinformation or outright denial will convince intelligent folks otherwise.