The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

And vizender’s post too, even though its on topic. Why? Is it because of the documents provided? or are the janitors going on a power trip?

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flagged for speaking facts


I check the bug reports fairly regularly and there’s definitely some oddities when it comes to his lets say (recognition) to bug reports involving nations they prefer over nations they’d prefer to keep in a nerf’d state.


But there would be more ppl if it was actually better I suppose


Yeah. The only reason France never took off was because most of its vehicles were either bad or good, but too expensive repair cost wise. If they made the Leclercs appealing, there would definitely be more people playing France

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Here it is again, the reason Gaijin keeps on nerfing France !

They will probably add the UAE Leclerc as a premium lol. We shall wait and see and enjoy the fall of the French win rate lol.

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I’m sorry, but France military gear literally doesn’t sell in any competitive market (Western market). High costs combined with certain flaws in the designs make their products unattractive in relation to what the USA (F-35 vs. Rafale / Eurocopter Tiger vs. AH-64) or Germany (Leclercs vs. Leopard 2 / Caesar vs. Panzerhaubitze 2000) have to offer.

The Rafale is by far the most successful french export in quite a while and it is what is essentially carrying the french market share on the international arms trade.

As much as i want Leclerc buff and how many years has passed and nothing change well me right now for France is

really i gave up on France not long after i got Leclerc XXI and play it for couple times tank has lot of potential such a waste thanks to Gaijin incompetent.


Oh please … first your comment is pretty off topic but anyway.

Second don’t talk about ““unrealiability”” or ““design flaws”” to justify the lower attractivity of french military equipment.

As far as I know it’s the F-35 that was not able able to fly under rain condition for quite some time ???And already have multiple malfuctuions histroy and some crashes to my knowledge

For the fact, the rafale never ever crashed because of malfuctuion or unrealiability, like never.
The FAMAS was known for it’s unmatched reliability but again lost attractivness because of the cost of production.

So please be honest, we all know how predatory is the international arms trade and the US is the king to put pressure on foreign states to buy their products over anything else.

France makes some of the best weapons in the world, it’s just can’t fight the US on the “”“buisness”“”" side of things.

Just look at what happened with the australian subs, and it was only the visible part of the isberg…

P.S: Are you realy stating that the Pz2000 is a better design than the CAESAR , don’t make me laught. Go ask the Ukrainians


You CANNOT expect me to BELIEVE this is realistic.


What about it?

Way thicker and no gaps between blocks, yet only 4 times effective? Its just funky

I mean, it is “4 times more effective” but the difference between 5mm and 20mm is nothing. Even though the AZUR ERA is clearly dozens of times thicker and heavier.

Not to mention that Kontakt-1 ERA is one of the first mass produced ERAs and is decades older than the AZUR ERA.

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This is a issue with all Western ERA NERA armour
They heavily underperform
I don’t know for what is on the Leclerc but the Challenger 2 TES add on armour is miss named as ERA when its a NERA ERA sandwich that should provide protection from 30mm apfds and Tandem charge warheads of 1200ce


Yep, so many instances of poor implementation

Your thought, not reality. F-35 is more of an industrial aircraft rather than a fighter. The F-35 is a hangar queen, is not yet fully operational and still has many critical flaws remaining. Just look at DoD and GAO reports, not LM’s advertising (the so-called “revolutionary” simulator which reduce the flight hours made me laugh).

Pz2000 (17 M) is 3 times more expensive than Caesar (5 M) for the same effect (both guns are 52 caliber long). It has reliability issues and mediocre off-road performance since it uses a Leopard 1 chassis. Also, ukrainian forces are already expressing their preference for Caesar but this is understandable since 2S22 Bohdana is inspired by it.

Arms sales is more about political reasons rather than performance or value for money, 75 000 US soldier on your soil will be a good reason to buy US. In europe they mostly compete against each over and they favor their own national manufacturers first. in fact, south korean equipements are becoming more popular recently.

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Maybe off topic but I’d still say that (for Ukraine) AHS Krab is a much better choice than PzH2k

Should I throw in the Swedish Archer in the mix

Seams the me the Ceaser is a towed gun fixed to a truck so still needs time to set up meanwhile the pzh 2000 more fits the classic self-propelled gun
Stop aim fire and move away

I just realized there is no classification differences between a dedicated vehicle
Pzh m10 su152 stuh 42

And just mounting guns to flatbeds with minimal effort

Flakbus chiha-longgun milk trucks VFW and it’s British equivalent Ceaser the Russian 206 gun Carrier and the Mortar equivalent

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