Win rate in Ground Realistic Battles

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FRENCH Bias is the best joke I heard in a while. I’ll tell you the true story: only few people play this nation and they are very good, they make the stats look like that then Gaijin nerf France so only the best of those players keep playing it. The stats goes higher etc…

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Just try to play France if only played other nations such as USSR or Germany you won’t last a single minute in every game…

I dont believe this tabie is accurate for the smaller nations due to them just being slot filler.

Would like to see a chart of which nations ODL the most


USA is the only nation that has top tier premium MBT and it shows.

Germany and Sweden have the best tanks in game, and half of the time they also meet USA premium or CAS teams which skews statistics a lot.


Guys…there are a few info tables coming up lately…there was another in other topic with the uptier rates at all BRs.

The info is interesting, even if not official and actually provides basis for discussion. For instance…the red boxes at high tier USA are an anomaly, and would merit discussion to identify the source. There is a good possibility proposed above.

But if everyone looks at the tables and decide to ignore whatever is not in accordance to what they already thought then it becomes useless and pointless…

If players keep saying “All is broken” even in the face of information showing otherwise, we will never identify and help fix what is in fact broken…

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Maybe we should ask gaijin for access to said information

From the example above (with players info) i can easily guess that most players would simply not believe it :)

But yes…i would like to have official info (or at least a log) on the match BRs i play (for instance) and so on…
I actually believe that official info would help eliminate many errors…i assume it would not be possible to say things like “i am fully uptiered 90% of the mathes”.

I can honestly say for 6.0 britian out of 100 matchies. It was 70% uptier and 20% full uptier. I do believe these data charts to be pretty reliable and independent

You have to be realistic, the game ends at Br 6.7, from then on the game is garbage in which the game decides whether you kill or die, that’s why the win rate no longer matters much.


“Russian bias is when 1 buggy tank” That vid was painful, they shot at the same spot several times and wondered why nothing kept happening.

The only bias in this game is bias towards whatever makes gaijin money.

It also isn’t bias when it only affects top tier vehicles.

Nothing abnormal,… to me:

USA / Russian average tankist - “i’m in best tank in the world”

→ minor nation average players:
“My tanks is wrongly modeled so i should use everything i can to beat them up: learning weakspot/angles/aiming at long range without the Laser rangefinder ect.”

And here’s the results

Minor Nation on top

Then comes the BR Balance update →
all US/Russian vehicules goes down in BR, or don’t go up when having good results.

All minor nations vehicules goes up or stay at same BR when having bad results.


This^^ sounds ok, plausible and in line with the numbers i see myself.
What i believe to be counter productive is wild exaggeration… which leads to dismissal of said exaggeration:)

Saying russian bias exists in the entire game (and implying that every smart person sees it) is an obvious exaggeration (not backed by numeric data) not to mention pretentious, and in fact may cloud the discussions about Russian vehicles that are indeed overpowered…like eventually the BVM.

I personally believe that a smaller (0.7?) spread could work and should be tested…but it is hard to be taken seriously if a lot of players cry out loud that the game is unplayable, every game is an uptier and every vehicle is overpowered, when anyone “reasonable” that sees the games and numbers knows it isnt…

(I may be wrong in lots of things…but then prove it…or at least discuss it…just saying “because i say so” is not proof and actually makes it easier to dismiss the argument)

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Damn straight and when those clowns doing bad, they keep buff them despite don’t even need it.
Leclerc best example that doesn’t get reload down to five sec, but Abrams do.


I believe there is a simple fix that will fix the uptier issue and the ODL issue

Purchased premiums get the whole none premium rank with
Remove uptier from match maker, more balanced matchies
Gaijin to give nations that can not field a complete line up more units, 1 light tank, 1 medium tank, 1 heavy or tank destroyer, 1 spaa, 1 aircraft all with in 0.3 BR, even if it means inporting
Min 5 in a line up and max 3 spawns per match, rank 1 maybe excluded, this will keep matchies fast

Or Magic-2 which is still subpar to reality ^^"

Guys…you can’t call “misleading” the stats you dont like and then call “proof” those you do like.

That’s not what is happening, that’s just what you make out of it. Statistics are meaningless without context, something Gaijin likes to leave out whenever they talk about numbers.

odd to choose them in order to validate your points and then disregard them when they dont fit the opinion. This is not politics :)

Again that is your conclusion, the reality is that there is a significant difference between comparing the most and the least popular nations, there is no 1 to 1 comparison between this.


Of course Gaijin refuses to acknowledge this as well, can’t wait for the A6M5 to get uptiered again next time or any vehicle played by 5 players be treated equally to one played by 50.000, surely that’s fine.

but i also have seen “Jumbo” and “King Tiger” bias…as well as “Zis5” bias…just saying that i see no particular RUSSIAN bias in the game AS A WHOLE.

They tend to rotate in and out, I don’t remember when the KT had that ‘bias’ but I doubt it lasted almost 3 years straight, and currently the Tiger ll sits at 39% and 46% winrates.

BVM hasn’t been below 60% since 2021 until now.

Not what I expected in many ways. No evidence of Russian bias and underinvested ,smaller nations doing well.

What is the fact that small nations are doing well (looking at China and Japan) and USA doing badly at top tier related to do you suppose? Clichés indicate intelligence and cheating, but can we do any better in working out why the USA perform so badly at top tier?

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Smaller nations have almost no impact on the winrates, they just switch sides constantly and win or suffer depending on who they are matched with.

Minor nations can just play a few games with USA and lose and then a few games with Sweden at top tier and win to get an average 50% despite not being able to do anything.


yeah (we must feed the russian propaganda machine)