Will anything be done about plane dominance in a tank game?

I don’t play much anymore… I play a few games then quit out in frustration for a few weeks, repeat, then quit out for a longer period… Just finding CAS played in both RB and AB are far too influential in game outcomes. If I want to fly I play the vanilla plane mode. Not a tank game where bombers heavy bombers can waste half the team in a single pass.

The counter arguements of ‘jump into a plane get revenge’ or ‘jUsT gO SpAa’ are pretty pointless. 1: I hardly fly these days and have a tiny low tier hanger (also find aircraft combat boring) 2: Mid Tier SPAAs (except the Flakpanzer) are pretty useless, high risk, and low reward.

My first game in a few weeks, my 76mm Sherman is rocket killed by a FW190, annoyed I spawn in my useless SPAA, a few secs later the spawn in carpet bombed… So much balance and fair game structure:(


Yeah, just wait until 9+ BR and get in team against USA without anybody playing Soviet SPAA’s or even worse, a team against USA and Soviet.

Only then you will truly know what a pain in the ass CAS actually is in this game

I know its been suggested since day one and nothing will ever happen as planes are a protected species but I’d love to see a option to have tank only mode.

Stop BS like this happening all too often:(


3 tanks within 100 meters of each other is the reason all 3 of you are gonna die . . . if you want to avoid CAS, do things that do NOT attract their attn . . . “clustering up” is the #1 way to get bombed, strafed or missiled . . it’s common sense


This isn’t a tank game.


It’s called GROUND AB/RB and there is actually a mode called AIR AB/RB.

One mode predominantly for ground vehicles, the other for airborne vehicles.

However, Ground AB/RB is being used as combined arms and hence the constant request for a Tank Only mode. The game balance in Ground is heavily in favor of air vehicles, whether that is helicopters that easily outrange SPAAs with Stinger missiles and guns or then higher tiers where planes climb aboce the radar and bomb you from low orbit with laser guided weapons while your missile SPAA is as useless as a fridge at the southpole.

Have a look at the recent Dollar Plays video on the Sturmtiger…you can also call that a best of CAS kills.

And on a sidenote, the game has started as a WW2 game centered around planes, no question in that and that was back then all that people got.

These days you have planes, tank and ships.

I know that Naval isn’t the most popular, but try taking a plane against a bluewater ship and see how long you survive, while AI AA in Ground matches can’t even hit you, let alone having Gaijin install at least Gun AA around the spawn areas to protect that from bombing people.

Again, the balance in Ground is completely off.


It was never a tank game it started as plane game and is a plane game



Leave my CAS Eagles alone.

Not really fair when they carpet bomb the spawn area…

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A bomber carpet bombing a spawn area and catching many new spawned vehicles out would have been negated if just one of those had popped an interceptor. Game generally has a tool to stop the matches being one-sided but requires players using tactics rather than the 1 v 1 shooter many try to play the game like (it isn’t one).

I do feel spawn rushing with a big bomb load is rather scummy, but there is a huge list of scummy play that isn’t tied to aircraft.

(Even AirRB has ground vehicles that are a threat, but I doubt anyone would bother spawning in a player controlled ground vehicle as it would be pointless and boring. But air does have ground within it so it should not be a shock every mode has a version of this)


Spaa is the cheapest vehicle type to spawn and very effective. Fighters are much cheaper then cas and very good at killing cas. When they are in a plane they arent capping and often turn a game their team is winning in into a loss because they have less tanks to win the game as well as using all their sp on expensive cas planes.


Because of CAS, some of my lineups are weak. Especially China and italy, just too many light vehicles. I try to play Great Britain more often, and avoid Ratel 90. I go for Challenger and Comet - straight to the battle. My Bosvark has an expert crew so I often damage aircraft or shoot them down. It buys my team some time. Oh and don’t forget the scouting ability which lowers SP for team aircraft. When in doubt, scout :)

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What a cheap excuse.

Just because it started off as something else, doesn’t mean that the newer game mode deserves to be looked as an afterthought. Helicopters are also a new thing, but they’re even more op in ground games then planes.

Most SPAA is already useless unless you’re lucky to have Soviet ones(in modern tier at least) , so they either need to buff all of the NATO Anti-air systems, or just remove CAS from the gamemode to make it bearable to play and actually get tank vs tank gameplay.


What excuse are you even talking about? I merely corrected the OP in his belief that this would be a “tank game” - because it isnt. And it never turned into a tank game either. Since the introduction of tanks it was a game with mixed battles.

It´s beyond me how someone joins a game like War Thunder and then starts questioning the very pillars of its foundation. It like demanding “Remove annoying sniper rifles from the game” in CS:GO.


Alright then, fix the SPAA and then we can have those mixed battles.

Right now, it’s unfair for anybody playing tanks.

They just added drones that are guaranteed 2x CAS kills at high tier without any pre-requisite to work on the air tree. Suffice to say, CAS is here to stay. Though they certainly need to improve SPAA. Not only are some nation woefully lacking, but there is little value to bringing one at the start of the match, or even really later in the match.

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People generally just arent good at using spaa. They sit still in spawn and expect easy kills. Spaa using the guns especially take practice to get use to the guns but doing so make them quite good. I personally suck at german spaa but i hardly play it yet im really good with 40mm boffors which most people hate or skip completely yet they have twice the effective range of 20mm, hit harder and have airburst rounds as well as being effective light tanks if necessary. Imo people just need more experience and practice because spaa can clear the sky if they know what they are doing


Indeed. I remember atleast 2 matches where I machinegunned 3-4 planes per match because nobody bothered with SPAA or spawning air themselves. And I am not talking American 50.cal, I am talking Japanese Machinegun.

So if I can do this with a Japanese Tank vs. 3-4 strafing critters, why can’t you CAS whiners do the same (with a proper SPAA)

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I am not talking about BR where Gun SPAA is still viable. The planes at that BR rarely have a lot of guided ammunition.

The problem comes in later BR where it’s less of your skill and more how nerfed your AA is unless you’re Soviets.

You are kidding, right? There is nothing more OP, scuffed and unfair than high Tier SPAA with lockon, lead indicators and aimbot missiles. If anything they should be nerfed. Or do you consider the Pantsir for example to be a fun and challenging enemy?