Will anything be done about plane dominance in a tank game?

I consider Pantsir as an example as to how SPAA’s should be in this game, but for some reason NATO SPAA’s are getting nerfed.

Air-To-Ground kills should be rarity, and take a lot of skill, one of those examples where realism is also a more fun gameplay mechanic for ground players.


Since the addition of tanks the ground forces mode was advertised as Combined Arms, meaning that multiple types of vehicles would be playable by players provided they had them in their line-up. If you are looking for solely tank v tank you are completely in the wrong place.

You want to deal with CAS? You can put SPAA and fighter class aircraft in your line-up and get competent with them, all prior mentioned nuances aside. As for those not utilizing anything and complaining regardless? Not worth paying any mind to.


Will anything be done about plane dominance in a tank game?

Yeah, you bringing SPAA or fighter. Nobody cares you are not flying, planes are part of the ground battles since 2014.


I share your pov but imho it is not only the players fault - the game itself offers zero help for new players regarding how to play and how to improve.

  • There are no mandatory tutorials aimed for a proper usage of various vehicle types embedded in the UI. Same for game mechanics, general or specific tactics for modes, maps or gameplay.
  • If you are no friend of mandatory tutorials - add a small GE or SL amount as reward for actually helpful tutorials in the UI in order to avoid these situations that 80% of your or the enemy team acts like headless chicken and got wiped out early game.

The overall quality of the game experience for all players would increase quite fast in the best case, but for sure on a mid-term view with helpful support/training tutorials attached to the UI of the game itself.

Even in case somebody would argue that lots of tutorials are shown in this forum - just compare 70 million users and 400k registered users in the old forum and it is obvious that this forum is not even remotely a help for the overwhelming majority of players.

And if you see the current “Darwin / survival of the fittest” approach as suitable and fine for a war game - fine, i agree to that.

But the sheer masses of untrained rookie players across all BRs simply prevent exiting gameplay in most cases - killing 3 rookies is no challenge, same as farming ground targets out of the defense range of your enemies - but meeting equally skilled or trained players fighting for a win where your actions are influencing or decide the outcome is actually more fun than seeing that 30-50% of your game results are determined by random events like uptiers/downtiers, average skill level and used vehicles, maps etc…

Regarding the OP - I think the question was addressed several times, and having a more or less parallel discussion to TO/ODL(parts of it)/CAS is not suited to see any progress - discussing this issue within the player base will have zero impact on gaijin - without creating a demand of a large player base there is simply no need for gaijin to react on anything.


Yeah, no one get close in a game mode about capping small circles, requiring you to cluster in one spot for periods of time.


It’s no more or less fair than fire and forget missiles from planes or choppers you never saw.

This is probably the least useful response possible because “just don’t play the game until the bomber goes away” is in fact not a solution.

It might not be, but spawing SPAA or a plane is.

I’ve always liked the idea of AI SPAA around the map, not just at airfields and helicopter pads.

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thats how it was when ground first started people complained which i never agreed with and it was removed.

Prehaps instead AI attackers for SPAA to shoot at?

Unfortunately you as a player can’t control the actions of team mates. The amount of times I’ve spawned a Sturer Emil or Dicker Max, found a nice spot on a hill to use the superior depression, only to have one or more idiot team mates park next to me making for a great target for either CAS or arty, is off the charts. Yes, I go to move and then it happens again.

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Because Gaijin have developed the game, and their vision of the game is for combined arms.

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There have been many threads like this and tgese discussions will probably continue as long as the game is alive.

No, Gaijin has no intention to add a Tanks only RB mode, combined arms is a part of War Thunder’s core gameplay and part of what differentiated it from it’s contemporaries back in the day. No amount of threads demanding such a mode will change the developer’s vision.

My only input is when do we also get boats in Ground rb? Maybe that will make naval trees more relevant.


Indeed! Breslau comes to mind. But Gaijin would probably have to make some completedly new maps for this. Still, sending an artillery barrage towards an enemy Ground Cap would be epic.

Then why is there an “Air only” mode?


Then remove air mode.


Because to enable the grind, there also needs to be a mode where aircraft can be played unrestricted.

If they removed the Air only mode, they would have to make aircraft available as first spawn in the combined modes.


I hate to break it to you, but tank games started without any CAS. It was added later, just like artillery. There is one thing with “some” CAS and there is CAS Thunder that it is now.


Yeah, I’m obviously referring to coastal vessels, I think Larger vessels would be goofy and hellish to implement.

Maybe some new maps so that there could be battles with land air and sea using the current naval arcade maps with some modification for ground vehicles would be fun, I’m not sure about the frequency of these new all vehicle types maps showing up, or the balance around players bringing a boat when a map doesn’t allow them.