Why KI-200, Me 163 B-0, Yak-23, Venom's BR is still located on 8.7BR?

I’d like to ask the Gaijin battle rating coordination department. why are their BR is still 8.7?
7.0-9.7 BR has undergone numerous changes over the past 3 years, Only 3 years ago, there were no fighter jets using high-performance(low BR only) AAM like the R-60 and AIM-9J between 8.7 and 9.7

There were also no JET that used radar missiles (ex-R3R). Most of the fighting was dog fighting, or using things like AIM-9B and R3S that were also shameful to call missiles. Their BR might have been 8.7 right at the time. It’s because it’s very maneuver, it’s well armed

But what about now It’s already rated as weak at 8.7~9.7 BR, like the Mig-15bis, the G.91, the F-86F-25,
and It’s better than these guys Swift, Scimeter, and Sea Vixen on the same BR

+0.3BR there is F4D, F-11, Mig-17/Lim-5p, and CL-13A

+0.6 BR there is the F-104s, Ayite(A-4M), Su-7s, and Mig-19s, yak-38s
(???: where is CL-13B ???: ssshhh there is no CL-13B in this game)

+1.0 BR there is MIG-21S, AV-8, Hunter F.6/F.58

What can they do against fighters like this? Getting hit by AIM-9G over long distances and screaming? Ripped by R3R or M61 on head-on?

these ‘jet zeros’ are already the weakest at 8.7BR, there’s nothing but trying to do dog fighting to more then 8.7 BR fighters and getting hit by a missile and hitting the keyboard in pure madness

some body will say ‘if their BR is getting low, the fighter with a lower BR fighter will be get slaughter’

oh hell no F2H goes down to 7.3 and they crushing low BR props and jet with Su-11, F-84G , F-89s

Are they weaker than ‘KI-200, Me 163B-0, Yak-23, Venom’ in terms of performance? No, if they want, they can easly slip out KI-200 and Me163 at speed

They should get down from 8.7 to 8.0 to 8.3. There are already F-86A and MIG-15 get lower BR for similar reasons, what’s the problem

If they go down from 8.7 to 8.0, 8.3 BR, do you guys think they will be going to be crazy meme turn fighters and they will just disrupting the ‘ecosystem of early jet’ and crushing low BR jets?

These are early jets, but I think it’s unfair for BR to go up and meet supersonic fighters just because they’re so maneuverable

In 8.7 to 9.7BR, it is difficult to keep their mobility alive(wing over load, low speed, fuel issue) and if they join the dog fighting, they will easily be targeted by missiles

I respect your thoughts, but I think their BR get up too much
Think about it. It’s not different from CW-21, A6M2 being located in the same BR in 6.0 with F2G, Ta152H

Thank you for listening to my discussion


Just the usual Gaijin and their statistics leading to absurd situations.


For a similar reason to CL-13B MK.6, these jet zeroes are located in a ridiculous BR even to the present day because of its past record 3~4 years ago

because in their current BR they are really bad, which means no one plays them, which means the only people who play them are REALLY GOOD. So the stats remain artificially inflated.

its the single biggest flaw in gaijins method of BR balancing. It happens in reverse too, when some really strong vehicles are played a lot by a lot of bad players and thus have lower BRs than they should


Us old players keep joking that paper stats don’t tell you anything about a vehicle performance and its true.

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Gaijin has recently adjusted the battle rating of tanks between 5.7 and 9.0 BR above ground. At this time, I expected that the BR of these Jet Zeros would also go down, but it didn’t

Funny how Israel’s A-4H, flying at 3510kgf thrust by stock and shooting 30mm DEFAs, It is the same BR as F-86A and MIG-15

Cant speak for most of the vehicles as i dont own 2 of them and havent played the Yak-23 in a while, but the Ki-200 is a very nice plane to fly at its BR.

Because its got very nice acceleration, good top speed and extremely good turn performance and energy retention.

Missiles is something to think about, but generally the Aim-9J is most of the worries there, and is for the most part not too much of an issue.

Now that i think about it ive seen so few i havent tested how the thermal response speed is on the rocket engine

People figured this out 10 years ago, we’re still waiting for Gaijin to catch on, but like most things in this game, they haven’t changed in 10 years either, so many features and mechanics have just never been touched and Gaijin has always done the bare minimum to keep things going, just wasting the potential of the game.



The fact this thing ended up facing A-10s and Su-25s slinging missiles at you whilst you barely get fuel and ammo is completely insane tho, it’s literally from WW2.

Probably related to the fact that its energy is gone after 2-3 turns and basically anything at that point dumpsters it.

I take flying the F-86A over the A-4 any day of the week

BR compression has been a thing and continues to be so, but its been quite a while since they were in range of eachother BR wise.

Tbh id still take the Ki-200 over flying the 9.0 hunters which can face those planes. (At 9.0 that is)

The insane turnrate is really potent

Well, you might think it’s not that difficult thanks to the excellent performance of the KI-200’s 30mm machine gun, but the Yak-23, Venom, and Me 163B-0 are a different story.

The days when an airplane could be torn apart by a mere swipe from a 20mm shell are a distant past.

The Yak-23’s NR-23 cannon has only 90 rounds of ammunition per cannon and its terrible positioning makes it very difficult to hit rapidly maneuvering planes.

In the case of Venom, the situation is relatively better. It has 150 rounds of ammunition per machine gun, and the muzzle velocity is very fast at about 833m/sec. The trajectory is also very straight and stable.

In the case of the 163 B-0, the 20mm MG151/20 cannon felt worse than the 20mm colt MK12 cannon in 8.7~9.7 due to its unique terrible trajectory, slow warhead speed, and weak damage and low ammunition load.

163 B’s 30mm potato launcher is much better than the 20mm, which can shatter enemy fighters with one hit.

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I get that 20mm is nolonger what it used to be a little while ago. But the cannon was my least favorite aspect about the Ki-200, and i would take twice the ammo and fire rate any day of the week with that vehicle.

Hooh, just say thank you for not using trash cannons (20mm MG151/20) or grenade launchers(30mm MK108.) Every time i play the Me 163 series, i always wonder why Germany didn’t make a decent 30mm cannon like the Ho-155 like Japan did.

Seeing how i can take additional 20mm on the Me-163. Heck yeah id take that. Honestly the more i look at the 163B-0 the more im considering maybe to spend the time to get it.

All I can do is agree. BR compression is an unfixable nightmare now. I don’t like to call something bad without suggesting anything, but I genuinely don’t know how they can fix it. Proper decompression of 8.0-10.0 will require them to push the current top tiers to like 13.0 just so there’s enough BR’s to space everything out in my estimation.

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It would be nice to add a 20mm MG213 upgrade like the bmp-1p upgrade. Firing minengeschoss ammunition at a speed of 1500 rounds per minute at 1100 m/sec covers all the shortcomings of the 163 B-0

someone will say
???:hmm It’s not historical armament

there is no historical evidence gun pod of Me 163 b-0 also existed.
(I’ve seen a blueprint showing an attempt to install it.)

and WT already have non-historical armament like East German MIG-29’s R-27ER and the YAK 141’s IRST seeker, It is a ‘creative armament’ for balance without any problems.

Yeah decompression would help a lot. As far as ive understood we can decompress all the way to 15.0 with minimal issues

Probably related to the fact that its energy is gone after 2-3 turns and basically anything at that point dumpsters it.

A4H isn’t the same as the A4E… it’s lighter and has higher thrust. Also doesn’t break its wings as fast. It’s straight up among the strongest 8.3 in the game and massively overlooked


People keep turn fighting these vehicles and get rekt in the process. Which causes these planes to stay up in BR.