Why is the Stormer HVM so bad?

I really don’t understand why this vehicle has been modelled like this. Even if the missile was this bad in real life it would make no sense from a gameplay perspective to have it like this. The missile isn’t even modelled correctly. After the rocket booster finishes the three projectiles release and fly in formation to the target. They do not continue spinning around burning all their kinetic energy. The minimum range for the weapon is also ludicrous. You can find videos on youtube of Starstreaks taking out modern helicopters from close range, they don’t require 3km to be able to get on target. They are also far more capable of hitting a moving target than currently in game.


Any thoughts?..

There are 3rd cameras in the game, Starstreaks does not have VT fuses, that’s all.

English please.

Doesn’t matter that is doesn’t have VT fuses…did you not read a single thing I said? We have seen videos of it working much better in real life, and there is no evidence anywhere that it had a 3km minimum range.

@Smin1080p Is this another thing that GJN have just made up (and intentionally made awful) because the evidence is “classified” (because it’s British)?

We all know they would never give Russia an SPAA this bad.

The cherry on top is that the only improvement is designated as a tank destroyer, just to really let us know what GJN thinks of us Westerners.



The tank is based on all available information and reported sources that have been submitted via reports.

If you have some material you would like to submit if you suspect something is incorrect, feel free to make a report here with your info: Gaijin.net // Issues

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they do spin stabilize during flight to the target.

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Yeah, funny how the threshold for evidence is different depending on the nation.

When the three projectiles are still connected to the rocket motor they spin to stabilise the whole projectile. After they’ve detached they do not. What physics phenomena could stabilise three unconnected pieces of metal spinning through the air? The fact they get stuff like this wrong gives me no faith in how the actual complicated physics are implemented.


The threshold is the same for all nations. It simply depends on the quality of your source:

I know you’re a company man and have to parrot the company line. But we have video sources of the starstreak working in real life, but those are too “political” to be used as a source, conveniently. The fact that it’s been broken for years, and one of the technical moderators can’t even tell what is wrong after watching a video on it, doesn’t bode well.


So far no sources have been submitted here for anyone to do anything with. So I’m not sure what your general aim or objective with your original question was if not to properly resolve any issues you believe are happening.

As I mentioned, you are more than welcome to submit valid sources on the issue reporting site: Gaijin.net // Issues

Sadly nothing can be done with baseless statements.


Watch the video post launch in the FLIR camera, they are spinning exactly like in game, hell the game implementation is more stable looking.


If I submitted video sources they would be removed “for being about recent political events” or other “baseless” trite. The UK doesn’t advertise jumped up specifications for most of their military hardware, like some other countries, so what exactly are you expecting for a source?

Even better question - what sources, if any, did GJN use for implementing the Starstreak?

They are not spinning around in formation. They are adjusting to the laser beam (something they don’t bother doing in game). IRL the three penetrators stay about 1.5m from each other (spinning individually like darts) and they are capable of rapidly adjusting their flight, which I guess looks like spiralling to the dev who implemented this mess.

This video shows the behaviour of the darts which looks exactly the same as the FLIR cam footage you linked.


Then sadly there is nothing really I can do here further to assist if there is no credible information you wish to share to pass on to make any meaningful changes from.

Vehicles in game are created with all publicly available information that can be located on them. As I said, you are more than welcome to submit a report if you believe something is correct. But I or anyone else cant do anything with unsourced claims.

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Thanks, I will see what I can find. I do think the performance is currently off, and I’m not just whining for the sake of it or to give you grief. I apologise if it comes across that way.

While I agree there is a lot wrong with the stormer and it’s starstreaks as someone who is a stormer enjoyer the minimum range in game is currently about 1.4km not 3km like you have said above.

There were multiple 20+ and 30+ pages threads on the old forums with everything that was wrong with the stormer (which coincidentally is almost everything). Even with the countless reports summitted, GE did nothing about fixing it, despite of proper documentation and everything. So yeah, double standards.



Hitting a moving target within 3km is almost impossible. This missile is designed to hit a 9g manoeuvring target at 7km. Currently it can’t hit something that isn’t flying straight.

Shocking. I refuse to believe a stellar organisation like Gaijin would do such a thing. Please set him straight @smin1080p


You think inertia would keep three unconnected projectiles spinning in formation?

Watch the video @gunjob posted. You can clearly see it’s just the projectiles oscillating around to the laser beam, and after a certain amount of time they are no longer rotating around a central axis and just maintaining separation. Go frame by frame if you want to see it more clearly.