Can we stop throwing bones to air abusers in ground realistic?

so im in a charioteer. i see an m41a1. i shoot that m41a1. thats it. i continue my game.

then, i get reveange cassed. by a heavily armed do 355. and im like. im really puzzled. how can a player, that didnt even had 70 points to his score, already gains the ability to spawn in such a heavily armed airplane and revenge cas me?

i already see huge changes happening to arcade mode. airplanes are becoming less and less powerful there. you cant abuse them any more.

when do we stop throwing bones to air abusers in ground realistic? why are htey still allowed to be handed a free pass, and gain access to airplanes, for literally no achievement at all, other than dying? This is the part i have issues with. CAS should be a reward for achievements. Dying first thing in the match, is not one of them.


why, do you continue to let realistic ground suffer by the hands of air abusers, gaijin? they already have their own game mode. our biggest threat should not be airplanes, in a freaking ground mode.

the ability to spawn in an airplane, should not be some free pass for a no skill player to reveange cas.


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and you do not see this as a complaint towards this game mechanic? you just say “oh, another whine thread.”? there is a reason why there are so many complaints about airplanes. because they are simply heavily abused.


Sorry that people are still pissed off about a problem that plagued the game since the introduction of the ground forces.


no. the game mechanic has already been changed in arcade mode. if there are no enemy fighters, only the bomber will spawn in. gaijin already changed this much for arcade. now, these changes needs to be adapted to realistic ground.


If only you could use a plane and destroy enemy CAS…

Lmao, every thread, same skill issues


Atleast read first who I’m replying to…

and my reply will be the same as every time. you want people on the ground to suicide and enter a plane. stop their fun on the ground, just to spawn in an airplane because cas forces them to change their game?

maybe we should force you to do osmething you dont want to do? how about scrubbing toilets all day, hu? is that something you would enjoy?

because with your statement, you are asking ground enjoyers to do just htat.


I dont suicide, I use a tank, I die to tank, I spawn in plane, helping my team.

Lmao what a cope comparison. If you dont like playing with planes, it is not a game for you, simple as. Nobody is forcing you, exit is right there. Go play wot or find something else if you dont find combined arms mode amusing, you are not a main character lol


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Saddest part is that Gaijin is going out of there way to further protect air players by detecting enemy players near the CAS spawn, and they also have AA protection for the airfield they don’t use, yet ground forces still get nothing.


and here’s me looking forward to the CAS buffs coming in the next 2 major updates and the possiblity of stronger CAS in the future :P


They won’t cause, unlike Arcade. Realistic doesn’t restrict you. Everyone has different thoughts on how it should be changed but each solution ends up having its own issues if it is implemented.

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Gaijin has added many new spaa recently. Try shooting down at least 2 enemy planes, it can make a huge difference when your team is incompetent.


Not too mention usually the best anti-air is air itself.


So you’re upset that the Aircraft game added ground forces and decided to keep aircraft in that mode? Even Naval is mixed battles just like ground. Aircraft are how the game got started and it makes sense that the game would continue to implement mixed battles over dedicated ground/naval only modes.

Now that we are past the why, how about talking about the how. Ground RB requires you to take time and research aircraft to use them. Ground AB doesn’t, you just get whatever is on the list for the br and hope you get good weapons/airframe. Ground RB requires actual time and effort to research the plane/modifications along side Ground RB. So those players “abusing air” in ground rb have put in double the effort in order to bring those aircraft into that battle. It isn’t given to them, they earned those aircraft like they earned their ground vehicles.


There are ways to deal with this.

  1. If youre in a position safe from enemy ground forces, check the skies to see if there are any enemy aircraft, what kind of aircraft, and where it’s headed.
  2. Spawn your own airplane to take them out and get a ground kill or 2. If they dont crash on the revenge bomb spawn spaa
  3. This is my favorite, if you are playing with a friend do #2, but do it once you die in a light tank (make sure to scout a lot to reduce sp cost). Bomb enemy vehicles that are blocking caps, or that are giving your friend or friends a hard time. Once you use up your bombs, keep the skies clear and use your birds eye view of the battlefield to give your friends valuable info on where, what, and how many. Just keep on shooting down and providing Intel until you get shot down or run out of ammo