People should stop complaining about CAS

Here are some of the topics condemning the CAS playing. But I think others forget that on grounds battles, the air play a big role on battlefield since WW2, thats fact. The game already made very costly to spawn with air vehicles which has damaged the usefulness of AA vehicles that can’t fight against grounds. That was some years ago and I remember very well how nice was battling against a lot of planes, because you can’t do CAS recklessly without thinking someone would chase you.
My objetive with this post is to let Gaijin knows that aren’t only people complaining about it, but also other voices that loves playing the game mode the way it is.

  • Should gaijin bring back old spawn points prices (cheaper) to spawn with air vehicles
  • Get the prices more expensive
  • Do not change the way it is

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Cas as a feature requires far more fine tuned balancing than just “make it cheaper/more expensive” because its effectiveness depends on its opponents lineups, how many SPAA are spawned, so a blanket change seems unnecessary. One round CAS can get its shit kicked in, and the next you have 4 A-6e trams in orbit deleting the entirety of your team.

So how does one fix CAS, or at least make it less frustrating to fight?

  1. limit number of aircraft that can be spawned at once

  2. Make spawn-point cost make sense (it costs more to spawn a AJ-37 with AAMs than with bombs) and make certain ordinance (ie guided bombs/AGMs) cost more, while dumb bombs and rockets (excluding S-250s) go down in point cost above 9.3-7 ish

Finally, go over each vehicle and decide what it should actually be worth SP wise. I don’t see how an HS-123A1 with bombs costs the same as a tornado with bombs at top tier.


It’s not the price that matters, it’s the quantity.

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CAS was made historically to annihilate Tanks and make them reductant and ineffective. Is that how you want the tanks you choose to play in the game to be?

Helicopters in reality are tank destroyers that do not even reveal themselves to the enemy to receive any return fire. They hide behind cover and fire now.
That does not make a great game, does it? What next? Satellite’s that take out tanks?

Just because we have something or had something does not mean we need it in the game or that it will improve the game.

If we had a NO CAS TO mode in GRB here would be no moaning about CAS. And here we are again with another CAS post and the old solution to it all.


Whats the cas thread streak now? I think its 7 since i joined

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Forgot to put this in my last reply, but it’s important enough for its own comment.

SPAA rewards F*cking Suck
People would be more likely to play SPAA if it gave you a competitive amount of score/RP/SL compared to how it is now.

Increased rewards for using SPAA+in spawn ammo replenish point gives players a reason to spawn SPAA beyond revenge against planes.


That is why TO GRB is so important. Here we have yet another new post underlining that but from a pro CAS viewpoint.

As long as CAS is present to those who find it offensive there will always be calls for it to be nerfed and CAS being nerfed constantly to appease its haters means it will soon become pointless or unenjoyable. You will never reach the point of mutual agreement never. You may well reach the point of mutual disappointment. We have already it seems.

NO CAS GRB option once again the only solution to this.

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Voted for Increase in prices (SP cost)
Realized Do-335 spawn cost varies depending on the Br it fights at. It costed me 882 SP points for 3 bombs and both 20mm and 30mm to use AP rounds. To me that seems fair as it can do work vs tanks. Now there are some planes that can do more work or just the same as Do-335 such as the F4U-4. There are too many AP rounds on each selection except default with 30mm of pen with more ammo. Can still use HVAR rockets and all only costing it a meezly 500ish SP to use. Doesn’t seem fair for 1 to cost more than the other when both can do the same work towards ground and F4U has a better fighting chance vs the Do-335.

Just started the German grind and this is what I noticed lol Even the Japanese R2Y2 cost around 800 just for AP belt and 1 single 800kg while other still cost less and can do more CAS work vs tanks.
EDIT: Suggest on renaming the title about increase in SP cost for CAS loadouts or something


I voted for no change as I see hitting on CAS players as just another annoying kneejerk change. Chage after change. When will it end?

How is it costly? A single cap and an assist or whatever spawns you a CAS plane loaded with bombs.


And after dying in my first plane in this game I had more than enough to spawn in another plane right after

Spawn costs are just a complete mess however, being able to get several bombs for like 60 SP is a joke but getting AP belts is like 160.

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It’s completely fine.

People should stop makeing low effort posts about CAS if there is ongoing thread about it


yes. And still the war in Ukraine shows that they aren’t irrelevant, same with helis, despite all the manpads. Same with everything else land and naval based, despite cruise missiles and ICBM’s existing.

There are no Satellites, that can take out tanks. And with the minimap we have and stuff, we already have the infos via GPS etc.
So remove that for WW2 stuff…

Also you literally descripe the toptier heli gameplay as something that makes tanks not viable, which is wrong. It makes it way harder, but not unviable. Yes, to balance stuff better, we should have more stingers and stuff as ai aa in the area, but otherwise War Thunder is a semirealistic game, which markets realistic encounters. And tank-only isn’t that.

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Cheap drones are making tanks redundant in Gaza and Ukraine so…
You want those in the game as well? or a kid throwing petrol bombs from tall buildings?

Its not, at lower br the balance between CAS and SPAA is okay its still in the favour of CAS but not nearly as much the issue is higher tiers stuff like the A6E it has no counter outside of other planes theres not a single SPAA that can actually kill an A6E in orbit bar maybe a lucky stormer, the 2s6 used to be able to but with the overall ATGM changes also affecting missile SPAA not anymore

CAS shouldnt be an instant win button which it currently is


Perhaps there is some issues that I personally haven’t experienced, however it’s definitely blown way out of proportion on this forum.

Killed a good handful amount with Type 93

I seriously doubt that when the type 93 only has an effective range of 4.5km and a lock range of 5-6km


Its not really blown out of proportion its an issue thats constantly getting worse over time which is why people are talking about it

Time to record a game