Why can't I get a kill for ramming all of the sudden?

So as you can see, I damaged the guy, set him on fire, 5s later I managed to ram him and “he crashed”?
How is that fair?
I wanted to kill him before the tickets bleed out.
It turned out I gave him a free kill and gained nothing in return.
Why? WHy is all of the sudden HEAVY damage I inflicted before I rammed him ignored?
Ramming has always been a fun way to get a kill vs a bomber that managed to tank a few rounds too many.
Nowadays it’s just pointless, the rewards are gone, and so is fun.




Ang gets hero of the sky

Karma for what? Spamming F8? :)

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Noticed that BS as well. + If you ram another fighter in head-on, neither of you will get kills (unlike in older versions of WT)


I rammed that bomber from above and back very deliberately, and all I got was a middle finger from Gaijoob.

IMO “preventing head-ons” this way makes no sense, since it barely ever changes anything, but it greatly increases annoying situations like the one I experienced.


The issue now is why when I am rammed do I no longer get a kill when the other player died as well? It used to be that if another player hit you and they crashed you at least got something.When did it change?


Oh, i was just using more common example (for me at least). It is really annoying, when burning and falling apart enemy ram you and…crash. 0 reward, go f yourself.


The game has now for a longer time massive problems with kill allocation and plane collisions and subsequent kill allocation.

It looks like that the ramming victim gets rewarded with a kill if the rammer created serious damage before either with guns or by the impact itself. In contrast the rammer gets usually nothing than a crash.

You see this often in replays of headon crashes - usually the guy which produced the lower amount of damage will get the kill. In rare occasions nobody gets a kill - not even an assist for others who critted one of them.

The ramming was used by a hell of prop players for intentional but unpunishable team kills as this “auto-ban” system for teamkills can be circumvented with ramming attacks on friendlies.

So they rammed a guy whilst taking off and destroved rudder and horizontal stabilizers with their prob blades forcing the victim to crash - and the rammer itself tried to glide back to the runway. In case the rammer crashed too, the ramming victim gets marked as teamkiller and has to pay his own repair cost and the teamkilling fee. All in the old forum…


I know about the teamkilling aspect. The hilarious thing is, Gaijin ignores 99,9% od reports, apparently only reports done via swrver replay screen (the one with a list of players with exclamation mark in a circle button ) are reviewed when it comes to teamkilling (the in-game reporting gets into “don’t care” basket). But seriously, I think this may be a myth and reality os, no teamkilling reports are reviewed at all and the reporting is here just so players feel better that they can “do something about it”.

Anyway, yeah it’s mind boggling that I didn’t get a kill yet bomber did, even though he was heavily damaged and on fire and I only had some minor damage from the gunners. Oh well. And since it works like that for quite some time, it seems like Gaijin deliberately setup the game so teamkilling rammer goes unpunished, and his innocent, helpless victim gets double whammy. It sounds almost sadistic, which fits nicely into the world knowledge I have unwillingly obtained since 2022.

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I agree with you in general - and i simply do not understand why gaijin can’t solve basic stuff relevant for aerial warfare.

I mean everybody has sent enemies down by damaging them so that they are dying due to overspeeding or flatspinning several km downwards - and was rewarded sometimes with nothing else besides the score for hits and crits. Even in case you crit someone but you have to run as you see a lot of his friends incoming - more than often the critted enemy switches to ground pounding and dies minutes later - without rewarding your previous actions, they simply “crash”.

And sometimes you have only one pass, score a 25 points hit and 5-10 minutes later you get rewarded with a kill out of nowhere. Or you crit an enemy and af aaa finishes the guy giving you sometimes an assist and sometimes nothing. Or some planes explode when they hit these stupid tents made out of Adamantium on the forward airfield and others just lose a wing.

Even if you might admit that this ramming/collision stuff might not be that easy to solve from a technical perspective it is simply extremely disappointing as those issues were addressed ages ago via bug reports and nothing happens.

It looks therefore extremely strange that they introduce a kill bonus without solving the already known issues. Or think about stuff like “severe damage mechanics”.

Following the PvE player discussions with their base respawning issues it looks like that team killing to prevent others from bombing a base saw an increase. So it is totally incomprehensible why they haven’t deleted “team killing” from the in-match reporting screen with their recent update. Just a small pop-up “team kills have to be reported via server replay” would have been helpful. The GMs openly admitt that only server replay reporting makes sense - so creating this dead mail box is just a placebo.

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I love the PE8 but ramming a bomber that could potentially kill 5 or 6 team mates at once sounds like good team play anyway you look at it.A sacrifice some might say.
In the old way you might have scored but if you died and the bomber survived they got an aircraft kill.It worked ,t was fine so why mess with it? Just another example of new updates taking one step forward and one step back.

I remember thta it took them around 9 yearsnto kinda “fix” the “you crit the guy, he crashes 45s later, you get nothing”. And they had to fix it several times, because it still did not work. Nowadays it happens very rarely. But god damn, it.was.one hell of an issue and the fact it persisted until 2020 or 2021 was ridiculous.
But assists are still broken - I shoot P-38, he loses half a tail, engine etc. Etc. And then he gets shot by teammates and I get absolutely nothing. Still less infuriating than - someone scores a “crit” that makes some irrelevant small part of plane kinda orange, 5 minutes later I shoot the guy to pieces, half a plane black, lost wingtip no engine, on fire, guy bails out and I get an assist (happened to me several times both ways, sometimes I got kills I absolutely did not deserve).

But it’s nothing new, frustrating players is devs’ MO.


It was Air RB. Dude wanted to hide in AF AAA, I shot him while being well inside AF AAA range. Dude got set on fire and heavily damaged, but he would have survived due to ticket bleed. It was just me being bloodthirsty - which is basically my default state in Air RB :D

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Assists is baffling on GRB as well.

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Even the enemy sometimes gets credited for a kill, just happened to me where I shot him and he didn’t shoot me yet he got the kill but I did not

Ramming should not be rewarded you’re not intentionally destroying your plane like that IRL unless you’re insane.

The better question is why maneuver kills aren’t rewarded. If the plane J’s out the kill goes to the closest enemy, why is crashing not the same?

This is a game.
Ramming a bomber is a legit way to destroy it and end the match.
It should be rewarded just like any other type of kill.

Yes and tactics such as ramming shouldn’t be encouraged.

Then do that, don’t expect rewards from it.

I have been rammed a lot and the kill credit 100% of the time goes to the enemy. I get nothing even if I were to pilot snipe them the moment before the collision.