Where have the critical hits gone?

Yesterday, while doing one of the battle pass tasks, I was unable to make critical hits on player or bot planes. I played with the Italian tech tree because I want to grind out the newly added planes. Even though I set few enemy aircraft on fire, it was counted as a regular hit. At best I did severe damage or kill but that doesn’t count towards the daily task.
Later, I played a few battles with a friend, but he claimed that his Spitfire did critical damage. Is this a problem with some nations then?
He are my screenshots

So, in the end of the day I made only 3 critical hits :(

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If I understood it correctly, most crits have been turned into “severe damage” to reduce the impact of killstealing.

Does “severe damage” count as a critical hit though? That could greatly affect BP challenges in the near future, and make them unreasonably difficult if they do not count. It also probably unfairly effects daily tasks if that is so. But, that said, I am not sure because I have not had those tasks/challenges since mechanic implementation.

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No, it doesn’t. It reserves a kill for you, but you get no critical hit or assist.
If you want to farm crits in the future, I suggest doing so in tanks or ships.

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That is ridiculous and foolish. They should count as Criticals (not assists).

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I ate them all, that’s where they went. Sorry next time I’ll save you some

No but real talk here the new Severe Damage mechanic definitely needs to be adjusted. Glad I’m not the only one who gets maybe 5-6 crits in a 2 hour session when I used to get them all the time.


The topic is almost 3 weeks old in the forum and 4 weeks in the game:

A fire in itself was never a critical hit - the only common thing with actual crits is that fires are mentioned in the battle log.

This is flat wrong in 2 ways:

  1. There is no turn of crits into severe damage. The only reliable way to get critical hits (and subsequently assists) is by attacking bombers, attacking fighters produces either instant kills without a critical hit, or just a hit.
  2. Severe damage has zero to do with kill stealing, it was intended to solve the noob problem “I was killed by a dead plane”
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Critical hits in Air RB / broken & hard to get

I forgot about that topic :)

A fire in itself was never a critical hit - the only common thing with actual crits is that fires are mentioned in the battle log.

Ok, I wasn’t sure about it.

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I’ve watched important bits fall off the plane I’m shooting and…

This is why I cringe when ever I see someone say “There outta be”, or when Gaijin says, “We added/fixed sum’fin.”
Because it inevitably breaks the game somewhere else.

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I do agree.

The main issue is that less “crits” have severe impacts on overall economy, on everything related to mission score, on BP and daily & special tasks and even on such small things like certain wagers. As i linked the Air RB thread regarding crits above it might be worth to read it.

For most of the fellow players discussing this it is unclear is this was intended by gaijin as part of their rework of of the income structure, a result of the currently existing bugs of “severe damage” or just a typical gaijin issue; meaning unintended as things are overcomplicated (a change of A leads to an unexpected result at point D or E…).

The side effects of missing crits are not only income related - they are actually increasing the possibilities / opportunities for kill stealing; you will find details here:

Regarding the combined effects of severe damage as a whole i recommend the second part of this post (the first part described a bug):

Or even much simpler here - extracted the main part:

In addition i’d like to add a kind of summary of the severe damage mechanic which i posted in another thread:

Highlights of the new mechanic and what some of you missed / ignored:

  • In parallel to the test phase gaijin changed their mechanics to get critical hits - they became much rarer than before the 15th of February
  • As a result tasks requiring crits became much harder to complete
  • Same as with kill assists as they require usually a crit
  • Current you score either an instant kill or you score a hit before you score a severe damage
  • In order to get a “clean & instant kill” - so without the chance for others for a kill steal - you need to kill the pilot or shoot the tail off.
  • You get 80% of the rewards of a clean kill for a severe damage. The fun fact is that the requirements for a severe damage are more or less identical to those for a clean kill (with 100% reward) in the old world.
  • In other words it get more complicated and a clean kill in the past can now be stolen.
  • Regarding kill steals: If you score a severe damage and somebody else finishes the plane, the mechanic counts your damage as a kill - but just in this match. In your overall plane statistics you won’t find this kill.
  • That is the reason why you see so many clubbers diving on planes without wings as they can score a kill relevant for their stats.
  • On the other hand we have (like in the OP) fully functional aircraft declared as severe damaged and written off after tickets or time ran out. This loss is counted in your stats and is imho a scam and just implemented to produce repair cost.
  • Other players like @_Poul tested gajin’s claim that those kills based on severe damage (so not finishing or a “real” kill) will count for tasks or camos. Currently this is not working.
  • On top of that the match score got lower, at least on average as you get less crits, less assists and less points for instant kills. So any score driven event gets slightly harder

The only thing what is positive is that the severe damage reward generates way more SL than a kill assist. But as outlined above this is imho not enough to compensate the negative effect - at the end of the day you lose score & SL/RP.

No, but your way of describing it omits that before the change, every instakill also had a critical hit component to the score (this is still the case for ground vehicles) that was removed as part of setting up the severe damage mechanics. This removes significant score as well as delaying task completion (because kills no longer have a “built in” crit).

Exactly. The mechanic itself is great but it really need adjusting. They need to count as crits.


I assumed that everybody is aware of this obvious fact as it discussed for weeks now - you find very detailed analysis.

The main problem is that almost all threads were spammed with opinions, not facts, so it is not easy to read them. A short view on an Air RB match afew days ago:

Wasn’t obvious to OP, clearly…

The simple answer to the question “where have they gone,” was the one I gave back on day 1. You don’t get a crit on an instakill in air any more, they took it away as part of instituting “severe damage.” See? Simple.

Was it intentional? Yes. Will they roll it back? No. Will they adjust task values because those tasks are harder now? Maybe someday. Next thread.

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If you get a crit task, just change it for 1000SL

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That is not a solution!!

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Its a work around, untill something is changed. You got any better ideas, maybe write an essay on it 😜

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The rework of severe damage has the same reason as the rework of scouting, nerfing the daily tasks.

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That was never the case in AirRB.