Responding to the Severe Damage feedback & release time

Cause it (at least the changes to crits) are not.

A lot of times last night, I’d kill a plane in one pass, but it wasn’t an insta-kill, so I got the severe damage points and then the extra 20% kill points a half second later.

If they’d kept crits the way they were before, you could potentially get the severe award, then the crit award, and the death award, all in the same pass, but separated out, when you were doing something similar, which likely would have seemed extremely confusing. So yeah, crits on instakill were almost certainly removed deliberately, which is the biggest part of the score reduction here.

I actually don’t mind the new mechanic otherwise, I just wish that a score reduction hadn’t been part of it, without some kind of offset, for that to not increase the relative difficulty of air events (and the air contribution to ground and naval score as well).

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Like i said earlier its broken but you said its working as intended

Oh, so you tried to say that kill-related tasks are not progressing as they should? Sorry, I didn’t understand your previous post then:

I thought you complained about seeing different kill results on the scoreboard and on the post-battle screen, because you never mentioned tasks in your message.

According to Gaijin, severe damage should be enough to progress your tasks, but this is not the case. So it’s indeed broken.

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What do you expect with 3 different results. To many cooks. I got planes flying around with mid section wig part all blacked out, all sorts of funny things going on

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So, overall, I like the mechanic so far in terms of certain cases where I likely would have gotten a kill but some jerk YOLO rushes up behind me take it, especially when trying to unlock some of the camo’s that have proved a bit harder in planes I just don’t do well in for some reason (Ki-45’s) or that are seriously in the wrong BR, at least in AB (F-84F, F-111, F-105). But it also needs some refining when it comes to wing damage. It’s one thing when my plane loses half a wing, especially the US ones, where it’s a pain, but yeah, I can still fly it back or even fight. When my plane has lost an entire wing in which there is no way to really control it - it should just be shot down and full credit awarded from the go. On the same note - I feel like the after battle stuff needs to be organized better, maybe don’t divide the rewards for your own kills with 20% in one section and the other 80% in another.

Also - slightly related, I feel like it’s since this was implemented if the A-10 even loses one of rear stabilizers or takes significant damage to it, it becomes unflyable and starts to nose dive where as pretty much any other plane I play can straight lose one and be fine, just not as great at turning. I mean I’m not an expert on the A-10, but especially in Arcade mode a Biplane I admit I ignored cause I thought something else was more of a threat managing to get a small burst that turned my right stabilizer black (still attached) before someone hit him with a sparrow doesn’t really seem like it should be fatal to an A-10. It also oddly always seems to be the right stabilizer.


If i try to connect this:

with this statement:

I’d like to inform you that it might be worth to think about an in-game message - informing the severely damaged player that he got severely damaged.


I just came out of Air RB match (replay) on the infamous City map in which i got kicked out of the match at 8:28 (ticket defeat thx to poor map design leading to very fast auto ticket bleed and enemy PvE players) due to a severe damage i haven’t even noticed.

What happened?

  • I critted a B-26 at 6:23. The player scored at 6:29 a hit on my horizontal stabilizer - making both stabilizers black.
  • But i didn’t even noticed that i got severely damaged - i had zero problem to kill him with my second approach at 7:05.
  • Seeing my tickets melting i tried to get rid off my 800kg bomb before the game ended.
  • Whilst dropping the match ended and i got declared as crashed, assigning the kill to the B-26.

So i got declared dead in a fully functional plane thx to a single hit by a gunner on my horizontal stabilizer.

No offense, but this can’t be right.

I have zero problems losing by tickets or getting shot down - but according to your own definition (“…and destruction of all horizontal stabilizers (or the remainder of the horizontal stab)…”) i was not severely damaged.

So in addition to my proposal of a new in-game message “You got severely damaged” i kindly ask you to review your parameters for severe damage or how they are implemented. It makes for me no sense if the stabilizer is black and i am unable to notice performance deterioration.


  • What i am supposed to do to avoid being kicked with a working plane?
  • Check the scoreboard if the enemy i attacked earlier has after my attack a +1 on his kill list? And then?
  • Run to base to repair before the game is over in order to avoid a plane loss?
  • Or avoiding engagements in general if the timer or remaining tickets runs out soon and you are too far away from your base?

A short reply would be highly appreciated; thx in advance!


In addition i’d like to add a kind of summary of the severe damage mechanic which i posted in another thread:

Highlights of the new mechanic and what some of you missed / ignored:

  • In parallel to the test phase gaijin changed their mechanics to get critical hits - they became much rarer than before the 15th of February
  • As a result tasks requiring crits became much harder to complete
  • Same as with kill assists as they require usually a crit
  • Current you score either an instant kill or you score a hit before you score a severe damage
  • In order to get a “clean & instant kill” - so without the chance for others for a kill steal - you need to kill the pilot or shoot the tail off.
  • You get 80% of the rewards of a clean kill for a severe damage. The fun fact is that the requirements for a severe damage are more or less identical to those for a clean kill (with 100% reward) in the old world.
  • In other words it get more complicated and a clean kill in the past can now be stolen.
  • Regarding kill steals: If you score a severe damage and somebody else finishes the plane, the mechanic counts your damage as a kill - but just in this match. In your overall plane statistics you won’t find this kill.
  • That is the reason why you see so many clubbers diving on planes without wings as they can score a kill relevant for their stats.
  • On the other hand we have (like in the OP) fully functional aircraft declared as severe damaged and written off after tickets or time ran out. This loss is counted in your stats and is imho a scam and just implemented to produce repair cost.
  • Other players like @_Poul tested gajin’s claim that those kills based on severe damage (so not finishing or a “real” kill) will count for tasks or camos. Currently this is not working.
  • On top of that the match score got lower, at least on average as you get less crits, less assists and less points for instant kills. So any score driven event gets slightly harder

The only thing what is positive is that the severe damage reward generates way more SL than a kill assist. But as outlined above this is imho not enough to compensate the negative effect - at the end of the day you lose score & SL/RP.


so in consequence they should change the BP-tasks with crits to “get ## number of severe hits”

Make severely damaged planes grey-out - its so stupid to see half your team desperately trying to steal a kill on a plane that somewhat still flying without wing.
Also why im suddenly getting “killed” with properly flying plane just because 1 of my engines is on fire and soon to be extinguished??. Or information that my tail got cut loose (giving enemy a kill) what leads to instant control lose and crash - but the tail is fine its stil there just orange.
Fix your damage models first.


Stop the team killing

2 players going for same enemy 1 gets the severe, the 1 who gets finishing off gets team killed by the other

This new mechanic has created more kill stealing. I understand gaijin has no view on that, but its happening and there is an increase in team kills because of this new mechanic. Fix it or turn team killing off.

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Why did we even need this new mechanic anyway?

Health bars next. Its not realistic, every update WT is turning into a typical video game, simular to WoT


Etiquette has gone out the window since the invasion of anime pillows

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I think that is the flaw of the new Warthunder. Just trying to be all things to all people. I hate anime and to be honest most Japanese games. Its the reason I do X box and not PlayStation anymore. I respect Japanese games like Tekken and Final fantasy but they are not for me and steer clear of them. If Gajin want Warthunder to go down that path to be more attractive to oriental players then count me out. Despite playing on a console WT had a more PC based gaming style which I was attracted to ,it was a nice balance at one point.

I think many pc and console games are different and Japanese and Western games are different. Not saying one is better but they appeal to differing tastes on many occasions. WT needs to settle on what its going to be.

WarThunder was very much in keeping with European WW2 up to a point and that is where I liked it. Then they forced more and more 70s and 80s vehicles into that BR and ruined it. Now its gone all out stupid. Like the game has lost respect for itself.

10 Year veteran here, and I’m loving the Severe Damage mechanic. Well done Gaijan.

What do you like about it?

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Less loss of rewards when being Killstealed.
At least we got 80% of reward, which was about only 40% with the assist system before.


But your losing 20% because another player can finish off when there are no wings left

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Which would have been -60% in previous system,…

So in the end, i keep getting KS’ed, but i’m rewarded fairly for all the job i made for the Killstealer to have it’s kill

Also, if the Killstealer is making the kill after we did Severe damage, the system gives us the last 20% you were talking about.

So, you need to read again about the system,… because you didn’t catch that part of the rewarding system,…

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Planes are now more survivable than before. Have you not noticed parts of your plane turning black from damage and planes still alive longer than before. We are talking close to health bars with out the bar. Do you have to j out more often?

Not related to the point of how REWARDS works,…

REWARDS=/=Damage Models