War Thunder need profesional maps creators not diorama builders

Thats why Gaijin refuse add the collision model for barrels, becuase if they do that the 90’% of the maps will be unplayables.

Thats one of the my old theories, they have some kind of weird map creator and only one tester, only use rank 1 arcade for test the maps.

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If you look at the map creator tutorial they explain how you can take a satellite photo of the earth and import it into the map editor.

Then the editor uses procedurial generation to fill in the biome.

Slap on some assets and boom done.

They don’t do this for all maps, but they use IRL locations like that for realism. Even though realism often doesn’t create fun game play


I think spawns should have at least basic forms of defenses - like sandbag walls and barricades, if not AI turrets, shooting, not very accurately, at the invaders. They should be starting in something like a base, rather than a plain open field. Ideally, with an option to resupply and repair, rather than just duking out between 3, 2 or just 1 point.
It should be at least somewhat challenging to simply snipe the respawners.
Also, related discussion:

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Why is there out of bound areas inside the walls in Advance to the Rhine (edge of C7)? You can’t physically drive out of the map yet if you back up a little to far there you get the timer. Which normally isn’t a bad issue, unless you get tracked or suffer an immobility hit. Why not just push the wall in, or add some rubble.

Makes no sense.


I just saw the “improved” jungle … one of the very few good maps still left in this game completely ruined. All maps are turned into horrible CQC corridor labyrinths where 30 tanks are forced into a peekaboo slug fest in 50m ranges, no tactics or skill needed and flanking is next to impossible. Gameplay resembles more of an Benny Hill show than realistic tank battle.


It was one of my favorites but V3 (at least in my time of playing), but I have it banned now, for the reasons you stated. Garbage layout.

People on the forums complained to hell and back about the AI tanks(which were coded to do extremely minimal damage btw, unlike tank assault) ,the D point and that other mode

Gaijin in their infinite wisdom instead IMPROVING those aspects decided to just remove them all together and everyone on the forum were saying we were better off for it 🤷‍♂️. Killing any chance of it coming back

They definitely weren’t great at the time, but at least it was an attempt at trying something, anything.
Bringing back AI tanks for a different mode or event, bringing back the D point in a better way, just doing anything but straight forward capture of random circles in random locations in different parts of the world would be nice.


War Thunder’s maps are too small for high tier. You’re not going to get flow of battle when there is no room to maneuver.


Why throw shade at diorama builders? They’d probably do a better job than whoever makes the maps for GJN.


Is just vomitive how Sans of Sinai was completely destroyed, so they dont have enough with add just shit arcade arena trash maps, now they are destroying the few old good maps too.

REVERT the map changes and just hire competent people for everything related with maps!!!

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I don’t think this is true, the rework of European province shows that large maps can work as long as there is sufficient cover and not open wide killing fields like Fire Arc.

This tool already exists. It’s called the War Thunder Content Development Kit (CDK) and players have made maps. None have gotten added to the game, but players have made them.

NO. If players submitted maps and let Gaijin finish them who knows how altered the final product is.
Another thing as War Tinder said players use CDK.

So, instead of getting a new map fairly often, you think it’s great to get one once in a blue moon when Gaijin have one ready?

I wouldn’t care if Gaijin changed stuff in the map ideas, if it meant there could come 3 times as many maps as there is coming now (i think WT maps is one of the worst things about this game, and i honestly don’t think the players can do it worse than Gaijin)

So i don’t understand your fear.

And yes, there is CDK, but it’s rarely used.

And why?

Could it be because there are no benefit whatsoever for using it?

Imagine if Gaijin tried to encourage people to be creative, to invest in the game, to improve the game (and not only spending money on the game)

What is the worst there could happen?

Read and think. Before deciding to put words in my mouth. What I wrote down is what I meant. There is no altercations. It is straight to the point.

could the big “NO” (in caps) mean you didnt agree with me bud?

So before you act all snotty, please think on how you respond, because i can only see what you write.

I’ll take a page out of your book. NO. Does that help buddy. I recommend you first think before you respond since you interpreted my words into something that was so off what I said which I’ll regurgitate, what I wrote down is what I meant. No butts.

whatever dude.

im not going to waste more energy on you.

have fun

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Good to know, good bye.