Remove Sun City

its the absolute worst map in the game, all 4 spawns can be easily sniped in from several angles if the opposing team manages to move up to the positions and the rest of the map is shooting alleys mixed with horrible to traverse terrain.
who ever is responsible for that map shouldnt be designing maps for a tank based game.

it could have been fun if the city would have been only a part of the general map, with a desert/rural area on the western part but we ended up with only the city part that barely even has backalleys(have you been to a real city before?)…and the worst part is, gaijin has already done it better in comparison to some degree with american desert(even though thats has a lot of problems in and of itself).

at this rate, i demand(yes demand!) a free ban for all players so i, with my premium account, can ban Sun City and one of the other plethora of bad maps.

as that other thread suggested gaijin, hire some proper professional map creators, the communty mappers for war thunder do a better job then you devs do and the new flandern map proves that, because thats just another map designed to looking “good” as focus instead of PLAYING good.


Fire arc, Anal sea, Maginot line, Flanders, Vietnam, Japan, White Rock Fortress if we count that, Fields of Poland, Campania are some examples of worse ground maps

Free ban should happen, with premium maybe getting 3 bans, I think that would be better :)

while i do agree that all of those are terrible and awful, for me personally sun city is still the worst of them all because its exclusively a CQC map with shooting alleys.

not a single person i know from my squadron plays sun city, they have it all banned.

either way, thats why i linked that other thread that is urging gaijin to either hire so professionals or have some of the really good map creators from the community create maps for the game, because even that would be way better then what we have now.

I think that instead of making 3-4 new maps on average every major, they should add maybe 1 map, or overhaul another once per year, using up that entire year to make it, the community doesn’t want more diversity, we want better diversity. Quality over Quantity


The only maps here that are terrible is Japan. The issues That most people have had is due to the inability to use cover and placement properly.


IMHO*: There are no bad maps, only players who may have a steeper learning curve than others.

*Your mileage may very.

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ah yes, the old “skill issue” reply for general critic about bad game design.
well played, silver, well played.

gaijins map designs are some of the worst for what this game is, a vehicle based combat game.

and i have been mainly a tanker since the closed beta test for ground RB, with quite a few matches played.


I’d be removing the banning of maps, the matchmaking system is TERRIBLE because of the ban system, I can play 4-5 times on one map where it’s this horrible sievierks-13 and other maps don’t appear.


Why the hate for Maginot Line ?

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Add Night City

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Thank you ;-)

If we were to get a free ban, I’d use it on Sweden. Sun City is fine imo

Whaaaaat ?? This one was one of the best I ever saw. Way better than that iberian castle thing.


They got rid of Norway as well. I loved that map.

One of my #1 favorite maps in the game. There’s enough lanes and streets to make it interesting and not have just one known path, but not so many excessive angles that you need to spend your entire games extremely tediously using the “C” key every 5 goddamn seconds.

I do agree it has annoying clutter, places you get caught, but you can just remove some of the clutter, make the stairs 3-D modeled as ramps, etc. No need to nuke a map for that.

That’s just a software bug. There’s no logical reason that any number of map bans or dislikes would ever make a map more likely to show up 17 times in a row. Unless it was like literally the ONLY map left that everyone had unbanned, which is clearly not the case, since I still play a huge variety of maps at any BR over the course of days. Just not over the course of 1 hour.

It could explain a small overall pool, but that small pool would still be randomly selected from, not go in huge streak-y runs

I made a diagram explaining this here: Map rotation is completely destroyed - #32 by A_Cute_Chihuahua

Carpathians is so much worse for the spawn killing from multiple angles. You can sit miles away and do it.

honestly, this i admit this is a much bigger problem then any of the map design.

i just dont understand why gaijin isnt adding a few simple lines of coding that tell the matchmaker that player-X just played on map-Y so the next match they get can not be on map-Y again.
must be like 3 lines of code at best but here we are where you can get 6 or even 7 matches in a row on the same map.

You could actually suggest that…

That could solve a lot of issues, aside from those who quit to requeue because they got maps they don’t like.

i and many others suggested that years ago on the old forum in different threads, i’ve seen some extensively worked out solutions to fix the map rotation but gaijin ignored those just as much as it did all the proposed ideas on fixing maps in general.
implementing a restriction of a map in rotation for a player when the same map was played by that player in the match before was suggested several times at lenght.

the map thread the old forum had was a miserable place to look into, with many great suggestions and little to no interaction from gaijin, other then “keep critic constructive”.

and yes, i’m frustrated to the point i dont even bother with making big thoughtout suggestions anymore because why put in the energy if it gets completely ignored by gaijin anyway.