War Thunder need profesional maps creators not diorama builders

All maps added in the last years have the same issue, very nice and rich in details but they are trash for gameplay. Bascially all maps are small/mediun size urban areas with exposed spawn points and brutal balance problems. Looks like maps are created for another kind of game or the map creators used by Gaijin actually never play the game.
Just hire new and competent map creators becuase with every new map added is another instant crewlock mode.


“Sorry, did you say another Urban map with sightlines into the enemy spawn, but this time Snowy?”-Gaijin


narrow maps with few exits and little chance to flank (and the ones with good flanks in some cases have already cut it), the maps now look more like roman coliseums than recreated maps.
I know you, right? jag?


Ive suggested for Gaijin to mak a tool for players to make maps (either complete or a rough sketch)

Then players could send their suggestion to Gaijin and they could finish it.

those who got selected could even get a little reward.

Im not skilled enough for stuff like that, but even if only 1% of the playerbase is, there would still come a lot of suggestions and potentiel new and awesome maps.

and players knows what players want (most of the time anyways)


The only exception of the situation on the new (and old maps) that you described, are for me the two arctic maps. They’re great fun for ground vehicles. Just the helicopter spawns need to be adjusted, so they’re not behind the ground forces, depending on the mode and layout.

Otherwise it is a complete catastrophy:
Pradesh is a snipe fest from spawn to spawn and if you dare to enter the center of the map, you’re pretty much already dead. There are no infiltration routes that provide cover.
The winter version of Poland is so open that you can snipe pretty much every spawn from 2/3 across the map. The summer version is okay, but also needs improvement around the spawn. Especially the east.
European Provence in the big layout is pretty much the same. Only difference is that the west is completely open. Interesting for WW2 tanks that need skill to land a good shot, but just a slaughter fest as soon as there are APFSDS and LRF are around.
Maginot in its big layout is greatly favouring the southern spawns. If the team claims the ridge in the east, the northen spawns will have a hard time gaining any control of 2/3 of the map.
Red Desert - Do i need to say anything? Snipe fest deluxe. 90% of the map are so open that you can’t move around.
Berlin maybe is somewhat historically accurate, but the southern spawn is very exposed. If the northern team claims the west of the map, the southern team is pretty much spawn locked.

I guess i could carry on about it untill tomorrow.

Yes, Gaijin needs professional help designing the maps, but i wouldn’t let the players do it. The results will probably even worse than they are right now.


Out of all of it, I really wish Gaijin would just add a bunch of huge boulders around the lake on the Poland map, to completely block that area and keep that spawn protected. I guess that’s considered the north /left spawn. I have no idea why they still leave that spawn so open by those little houses and people can’t start the game and cross either way without getting slammed right away. Depending on the particular version I guess and how far back the spawns are placed, but still it’s a wide open area you just can’t cross comfortably.

Often the team on the direct opposite side can make it to the little hills just before the lake and snipe you before you can climb either hill left or right. Or put a little hill there with a bunch of trees just like the opposite diagonal cornered spawn, it’s way back there and well protected with plenty of hill and space to climb up. That one particular spawn right by the lake and houses is just terrible and almost a guaranteed killing especially on certain versions of the map where spawns are moved closer. The enemy makes it to the high hill or the rocks by the lake and at least half your team is dead before even moving. That’s ridiculous and I think the worst of them all. I’m speaking top tier if that matters.

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Talking about ground I suppose because in air the terrain looks awful, except for some areas in the canyon map. It just feels like some sort of low poly environment. Really needs an overhaul. Probably find a way to do some AI generative stuff like they did with HD textures but apply to the terrain. Seeing that most maps in game are based on satellite images they can start again from that using newer technology. Some programmers to setup the system and then 1 dedicated person to overhaul the maps one by one.

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Certainly not the worst idea I’ve heard on here. Nice one.

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a shame they wouldnt even respend to it haha

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All maps must be made in “gradient” form. Why do maps for team battle multiplayer games need to be asymmetric?

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Pradesh is worst map of all time.
Rush to snipe spot
Snipe people coming out of spawn
cannot move anywhere on map because no cover and you just get snipe
so bad


We just need better map. There are even low level maps where you can hit enemies from their spawns and you are near at your (cof cof Poland cof cof).

Gaijin offers the CDK which can be used to make maps.

Am I wrong ?

Creating locations - War Thunder Wiki

You mean you don’t want another map with only 3 predictable paths to take, with one capture zone clearly being superior and controlling the entire map and the ability to shoot directly into the enemy spawn from across the map whilst we also place the sun directly in your face for no reason whatsoever but we do it anyways?


But but Gaijin never added a map like that just…
Golden Quarry
Iberian Castle
Sun City
Ground Zero
American Desert
Aral Sea
Abandoned Town


Frankly, I like long-ranged fights, as it befits what the German heavy tanks are ideal at.
Karelia would be one which I dislike. Though, maybe I could tolerate it at times.
Sweden is… terrible. Urbanized terrain across a whole map. Might be good for low rating/rank vehicles, but for it’s terrible for long range fighting.
Frozen pass is quite awful.
And advance to the Rhine…

The one point where I’d like to express my dislike overall, is the fact that there are very few places where tanks can capture, repair and refill ammo for themselves.
They should really have… resupply points, for AAA and other vehicles to repair and resupply, rather than force them out of spawn and to the very few capture points to refill.


today I was about to open a post dedicated to maps, but I remembered this. between yesterday evening and today, I realized that the maps are repetitive (and there are many maps on WT), always the same, and too small by now, you already know where to go where to camp and where the enemies will be.


I just played Advanced on the Rhine, and I have to say it’s one of the worst made maps, made with feet. after 10 years there are still invisible walls, walls that are pierced by bullets, mounds of earth and trains in the middle of the road that should theoretically serve as shelters but that the bullets pierce as if they didn’t exist. really a nasty thing.

esempio di mappe senza senso

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In the end it doesn’t matter what the maps are like if they refuse to ever implement a mode that isn’t about CQC zone capturing, but Gaijin is creatively bankrupt and 10 years ago we had more depth than we do today, with maps that made sense for the vehicles, we had the D point, we had AI tanks on the battlefield, we’ve had the Break game mode, now we just get Conquest a million times over and the most atrocious mode known to mankind in the form of Battle.