Is it just me who thinks Gaijin should remove the new spawn mark, and simply move the spawns further back?

Basically this would allow for the enemy team to fight back if they all die, instead of immediate spawn camping, and in theory maybe push back.

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Wouldn’t it make it harder to get back into the battle if you spawn further away? It would be easier to camp the enemy team that is further back since they would have to come back a specific route.


How would this help? Putting more map between your spawn and the objectives makes it harder for you to get reinforcements to the power positions. It also increases the area where enemies who break through the lines can set up to pick off people coming from spawn.

Some of the worst maps for spawncamping are those with large distances between spawn and the points for this very reason (Fulda, large Ardennes, large Maginot, Italy, etc). It’s incredibly easy for someone in a fast vehicle to take a wide line and start picking off people on their slow commute into the battle which should be safe.

Not to mention how tedious it is to roll out on these maps in slow tanks. And you want to make that worse. No thanks.

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Problem is that attention span of some people is so low that they wouldnt spawn slow tanks on such maps…

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Moving the spawn points back even further?? . . . uh yeah . . . no! They have done this several times on a good many of the maps I play at 4.3 in AB Air, and I can only assume that it was done to try to combat spawn camping. Which did nothing, because, even with the spawn points farther back making it take longer for spawn campers to get there, it also added time until anyone would die. So respawning did not occur as fast, spanw campers still there when players respawn . … you get the idea . . . a wash. All it did was make it take much longer overall to return to battle, which just cuts the players scoring abilities and leaves them spending more time in “dead air” just waiting to get to the action. Two things they could do , besides moving spawn points back to where they were is: no map, in any mode should have less than two spawn points . . . single spawn maps are prolly the easiest to spawn camp, so they do. Secondly, remove the spawn markers for enemies . . just take them out completely. Only show the blue/friendly spawns on the mini maps. Those two things would cut back, without completely eliminating it, the spawn camping in both air & ground combats scenarios.
Personally, I would also like to see some variety, make additional “sets” of cap/spawn points for every map, 3 or 4 of these “sets” per map would add variety & removing the red spawn markers would add the actual need to do “recon” . . .a huge part of actual combat that we simply do not have. Anyway, just some thoughts I have had about this ongoing issue.
If you are pushing the enemy back to their spawn in ground combat, that is not spawn camping, that is winning the game. If you are speeding to their spawn, avoiding all objectives along the way to simply get easy kills, that is spawn camping. In Air combat, if you are in the enemy’s spawn . . . yeah that camping. It is exploiting a long flawed spawn system just to get easy kills. It’s not the end of the world but it annoying and unsportsmanlike to a large degree. Enhancing the spawn system should only make the game better, moving spawn points back, just makes it worse and gimps all players scoring abilities.

It’s just bad map design, this is a joke.

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To be fair, that map was much better but people complained that there was cover that allowed people to flank so Gaijin removed the cover and now it is a mad dash to the center for cover.

Gaijin just needs to communicate for once and not just pick random comments from here and there and pretend it’s fact. Create a new thread about a map, ask people what they think and what should be improved and how to do it, instead of ‘‘Well we saw someone, somewhere at some point say this thing and we took it as gospel and went with it’’.

Look at Fire Arc, Campania and now this as well, completely missing the point and just doing what they think is wrong rather than what is actually wrong. Fire Arc is a worse map than the one it was supposed to fix and Campania a slight improvement at best.

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I agree that more transparency would be great. I hope they follow through with more regular feedback surveys and showing of stats that they use for decision making.

My response, related to this topic, in another thread:

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