VIDAR must be increased in BR

i think at that br everything can kill everything personally i use it with my 10.0 lineup but still this doesnt mean this thing should be increased in br. there are many things like this like BAKAN and other spgs with your logic should all of those things br should be increased?

The difference between the VIDAR and the Bkan is pretty drastic.

Where to start:
On pure additions, the VIDAR has over the Bkan
-OE F3 HE round (3kg more explosive mass and better velocity)
-34 more rounds (48 v 14)
-better Armor
-better Rank
-Lower Speed
-Less HP/Ton
-Greater Elevation/Depression
-Full Horizontal traverse
-a .50 cal (huge)

The only thing the Bkan has over the VIDAR is a faster autoloader.

And that’s not even looking at the “silly” things like crew spacing and Ammo Rack placement etc.

We could also put it for abilities it has compared to thin at its BR. For the VIDAR, very little if anything has a LRF+Thermals+Autoloader combo at 8.0. And most certainly they do not have the firepower the VIDAR has. The only thing the Bkan has is an Autoloader, which is good but does not make up for the exposed ammo rack or tight spacing or anything of that sort.

So yeah, we are asking for the VIDAR to be moved up and not the Bkan. Because the Bkan is fine where it’s at. The VIDAR on the other hand is not.

They wouldnt put it at 9.0, sweden has no tanks at that BR. (Like zero, everything is either at 8.7 or 9.3)

It could easily go to 8.7 without much issue, which also happens to be where Sweden has a very strong ground lineup.

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Gaijin also has no problems putting things in BRs without lineups and/or moving them out of lineups for the sake of Balance.

So it could go to 9.0, some people just might not be happy about it.

It’d be okay at 9.0, but I feel like a good balance would be a 8.7. It’s still good but not as blatantly overpowered.
I’m the first to admit, I’m not fantastic in tanks. They’re fun which is why I play em but I am no means a crazy pro. My first game with the VIDAR was a 6 kill game lmao

Issue is that it is a premium, which means they kinda have to give it a lineup otherwise very few people will buy it.

8.7 seems fine for it in RB, but it should go down to 7.7/7.3 or maybe even lower in AB, depending.

How bout Gaijin make HE work properly first before we even have this conversation…

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top tier realistic players: sees a top tier premium vehicle “Boss, I’m tired boss”

just curious, how’s it not working properly?

I got a counter question for you; What makes you think it’s even marginally working?

well, for 9kg of explosives, if that hits the top of your vehicle or the top of a driver’s port or a metal plate in general, it should cause spalling on the other side at the site of impact, should it cause overpressure in the crew-fighting compartment? well idk exactly because i’m no expert, but from what i know playing the m109, if you hit the optics, you’ll usually get an overpressure of the entire crew, i’m guessing that’s accurate because the optics irl were the biggest weakspots of most if not all ww2 or slightly post war tank

but i would like to know how these are actually meant to work, and no, i don’t support HE slingers, in fact i hate them for how easy they are to use and how one of them has been made a premium of all vehicles, very clear intentions on gaijin’s part who they’re trying to attract, but really, i wanna know if this is enough to actually kill cold war era tanks and if in the future, balancing will be based on “realism” or gameplay

Gameplay is more important than realism, so probably gameplay.

i’d like to agree but, seems like gaijin really really wants the opposite, prob to make the grind more tedious and long, like with the atgm nerfs, the “historical accuracy” with top tier rn, adding crew stun, etc, only aims to take away more of what the player can do to change their situation or control it in their favour

this kinda sounding like a gambling game to me ngl (with all the rng and even more to likely come later on)

Exactly this! Even when you hit it in the face with a dart, it doesn’t pen far enough back to hit the ammo. All you do is hit a crew member and do no damage. Apart from being overgunned, it is far too survivable because I don’t think they’ve modelled it appropriately. The ammo also feels like it is in a titanium tub.