VIDAR must be increased in BR

VIDAR is just too op for it’s current BR (8.0), it gets thermals, laser range finder and a nuke HE round that can kill anything (no matter how heavily armour the tank is, including aircraft).
I’m sick tired of losing 100% of the games against those things.

It should be 9.7 at least minimum, not any lower than that.


It doesnt even have stab. Like the moment it moves it cant shoot. 8.3 max, cause even now its at BR where most have stabs so they can shoot it on the move. There isnt any other arty ig that high like VIDAR, most are 6.3 max. The HE shell is unreliable against heavy tanks such as IS-4 or IS-6 and for T-54/55s you have to aim for commander hatch as shot into turret doesnt overpressure. Basically just have to aim for hatches to do some damage to tanks.


Of you shoot the lower turret on t54/55, the HE will penetrate the top of the hull and overpressure the tank, pretty easy kill


Even under the tracks will result in a kill, the only tank i would legit say it might pose a problem it would be the maus but it can still be one shot by shooting it at the commander view port (which is small but not a problem with a range finder).

All the french vehicles at 8.3 don’t get stabs either. They are slower and only amx10 has similar tech levels (while being huge and horrible acceleration)

The HE will disable many tanks you can’t kill, and your reload is so fast you can follow up 155mm shots faster than most 100mms. Most of the VIDAR is dead space and OHKs are incredibly infrequent.

The AuF1 is 7.0 and is both slow and lacks lrf and thermals. It also has much worse ammo stowage since the entire left side of the turret is floor to ceiling charges. The combination of speed and lethality easily puts this on par with 8.3 light tanks.


SK105 doesn’t have stab either and is very similar in equipment (3rd gen thermals, lrf and fast reload) and sits at 8.7.


It sits there cause of the APFSDS it have. Otherwise more similar tank to it is DF105 at 7.7, and it have 400 mm HEAT and doesnt need to land shot at hatch to get a kill.

DF105 is 8.0 and doesn’t have thermals neither laser range finder nor apfsds, also it’s reload is 5.0 not 4.0 seconds.
If it had those it would easily be 8.7
Sure the 400mm will likely pen but it won’t be killing one shot most of the time while the VIDAR will one shot ALL THE TIME, unless you have bad aim or some sort of skill to not being able to kill with it.



Due to the lack of stabilizer it shouldn’t be 8.7

8.3 is fine

That is what pay to win means, kids wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t op


Yeah, who would wanna pay to lose right? it could go to 9.0 if it has STAB, but definitely not 9.7 even with STAB.

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9.0 is already different from 8.0, you still have to remember this is one of the few tanks with thermal who can face 7.0 and laser rangefinder for a shell who oneshot most of the time

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The VIDAR, along with many large caliber HE-slingers, may be a iittle bit difficult to balance. It can kill anything it faces, but it can also be killed by anything it faces.
It’s by no means a bad vehicle at its BR, but it has some drawbacks.

  1. It’s literally a house on tracks. Good luck staying hidden in your large box.
  2. It’s quite wobbly, making firing on the move a no-go.
  3. The gun handling is dissatisfactory, primarily the gun depression limits your ability to utilise hills. The turret rotation speed is also abysmal.
  4. The reload is around 12s (I’m not entirely sure) after the first two rounds, limiting your versatility.

I just wanted to point out these limiting factors of the VIDAR, as some people seem to overlook them and instantly assume that the vehicle is OP because it has great firepower and accessories. That being said, I think the VIDAR is pretty much balanced at 8.0, however it could probably be 8.3 without issues.

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it should be 8.7, it could still 1hit everything it faces it should not be allowed to face 7.7 at all


You under estimate how powerful having thermal sights+LRF are when none of your opponents have it


Well since it uses a large caliber cannon with HE it could kill basically everything if used correctly, just like the 6.0 SPGs and many of the large caliber cannons with HE. The VIDAR has worse gun handling than the 6.0 M109Gs at 8.0. Also, the gun is low velocity and is not accurate. Load up a test drive with it and see how many shots on average it takes to kill the T-64A. Yes, it uses an HE shell that can kill a multitude of enemies, but it in no way is this HE shell consistent. If you don’t hit your shots correctly you will do absolutely nothing. If you have played the self propelled guns much, you’d be painfully aware of the horrid drawbacks of the gun handling that they have.

@busky78 Would you think that the 2S3M should be a higher BR? Take a few seconds to think about the differences between the 2S3M and the VIDAR and you can see that they are almost exactly the same except for size, reload speed, LRF, and thermals. There is a 1.7 BR difference for a better reload, a laser rangefinder, and thermals. The laser rangefinder and thermals aren’t even that massive of an advantage because at the ranges where they are massively useful the gun’s accuracy dips to a point where accurate weak point shots are impossible. Plus the optics have virtually no zoom. Thermals and a LRF are pretty nice, but a higher level of zoom will usually allow for better target acquisition and aiming accuracy. I took it to test drive, the most ideal situation you can test a vehicle in, and fired at the T-62A with perfect ranging on the turret cheek next to the gun and the round went over the vehicle.

I’m not saying that the VIDAR isn’t a strong contender at 8.0, I’m saying that it shouldn’t go any higher than that because the few strengths it does have does a decent job at balancing out the massive drawbacks. One key thing about this whole thing you guys aren’t considering is player skill. Using the SPGs takes a different sort of player than normal tanks to play successfully. The VIDAR is a bit easier because ranging is done for you, but the gun handling is an absolute chore to deal with.


Heres my first shot against the t-64. I’ve tested 10 more and never missed against it

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Never missed the vehicle or didn’t fail to kill it? I know that you didn’t make 11 first shot kills on it because I spent about 15 minutes firing over and over at the T-64A before I made my post and it will shoot low and hit the UFP of the T-64 around half the time. It isn’t at all consistent at range against all targets. Did you also happen to observe the rounds time in flight before impact? Quite the flight time compared to the ammunition types floating around at 8.0.

Saw someone being effective at sands of Sinai, guy sat back at a corner then toss the HE at stationary targets/camper at 2km, most of the time he fire off the shot while staying nearly complete hidden behind cover, I guess it’s a combination of using binocular as range finder then gunner sight to make slight adjustment because the gunner sight is way too low and obstructed by the hills, yet he was able to hit targets while not expose his vehicle hitbox for the enemy to hit, only work for long range maps though, he lives a long time until he gets strafe by CAS lol

I had a similar fight in my VIDAR against an MBT on Pradesh, and the gun’s accuracy made it almost impossible to land a hit at that range. Granted I don’t have well trained Swedish ground crews, but the accuracy is poor at best above 1km.

Honestly, the situation you described is the most ideal situation for an SPG to be in. actually conducting semi-indirect fire. I’m sure the player that was doing that had a much better crew than I do, but I’m pretty confident he wasn’t getting weak spot shots at that range but was just lobbing the shells and hoping for a solid hit.

The normal situations that you face in the VIDAR the odds are almost always stacked against you, especially with how most of the map layouts are. I’m not saying it isn’t workable in those situations, but it does take a keen aptitude to anticipate enemy actions because you cannot be the aggressor most of the time in short range engagements.

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