VIDAR must be increased in BR

VIDAR is just too op for it’s current BR (8.0), it gets thermals, laser range finder and a nuke HE round that can kill anything (no matter how heavily armour the tank is, including aircraft).
I’m sick tired of losing 100% of the games against those things.

It should be 9.7 at least minimum, not any lower than that.


It doesnt even have stab. Like the moment it moves it cant shoot. 8.3 max, cause even now its at BR where most have stabs so they can shoot it on the move. There isnt any other arty ig that high like VIDAR, most are 6.3 max. The HE shell is unreliable against heavy tanks such as IS-4 or IS-6 and for T-54/55s you have to aim for commander hatch as shot into turret doesnt overpressure. Basically just have to aim for hatches to do some damage to tanks.

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Of you shoot the lower turret on t54/55, the HE will penetrate the top of the hull and overpressure the tank, pretty easy kill

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Even under the tracks will result in a kill, the only tank i would legit say it might pose a problem it would be the maus but it can still be one shot by shooting it at the commander view port (which is small but not a problem with a range finder).

All the french vehicles at 8.3 don’t get stabs either. They are slower and only amx10 has similar tech levels (while being huge and horrible acceleration)

The HE will disable many tanks you can’t kill, and your reload is so fast you can follow up 155mm shots faster than most 100mms. Most of the VIDAR is dead space and OHKs are incredibly infrequent.

The AuF1 is 7.0 and is both slow and lacks lrf and thermals. It also has much worse ammo stowage since the entire left side of the turret is floor to ceiling charges. The combination of speed and lethality easily puts this on par with 8.3 light tanks.


SK105 doesn’t have stab either and is very similar in equipment (3rd gen thermals, lrf and fast reload) and sits at 8.7.


It sits there cause of the APFSDS it have. Otherwise more similar tank to it is DF105 at 7.7, and it have 400 mm HEAT and doesnt need to land shot at hatch to get a kill.

DF105 is 8.0 and doesn’t have thermals neither laser range finder nor apfsds, also it’s reload is 5.0 not 4.0 seconds.
If it had those it would easily be 8.7
Sure the 400mm will likely pen but it won’t be killing one shot most of the time while the VIDAR will one shot ALL THE TIME, unless you have bad aim or some sort of skill to not being able to kill with it.


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Due to the lack of stabilizer it shouldn’t be 8.7

8.3 is fine