Tornado needs a lower BR

Hello, I recently unlocked the Tornado IDS ASSTA1,before that I played Tornado IDS from the event on 11.0,and already IDS on 11.0 it was hard to even fly to the base because everyone is ahead of you,and it comes before you,and when I played Tornado on 11.3 there was nothing I could do,everyone was running away from me, whether it was a Phantom or a Mirage 2000D-R1,armament of the Tornado IDS ASSTA1 and IDS is insufficient,AIM-9L on 11.0 or 11.3 is pointless,even the large amount of bombs that the Tornado can take doesn’t make sense either,when we load the maximum amount of bombs to this rocket and flares,the aircraft does not fly, it cannot be used at maximum load,Tornado IDS ASSTA1 and IDS is only sensible to fly when it has,4 bombs and flares but even then it’s hard and often nothing can be done,as CAS is also not good compared to other aircraft (f16 ect),Its equipment with the 4 GBU-16 is very average, often these bombs do nothing but hit,there is still a tornado in the UK gr.1 but looking at its stats it looks tragic,and ending Tornado is slower than Phantom,who often has a full tank of gasoline and rockets and bombs ahead of you anyway,poor armament on the AIR rb and mediocre on the CSA,It is not possible to use the full load because the plane does not fly,why is it 11.3-11.0 gaijn give it 10.7 both versions,and what is your opinion on this?. PS:I used the translator sorry for the spelling mistakes.


Sorry mate but premium Tornado has no business being at the same BR as squadron Su-22M3.

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No, it needs RB EC.

Expecting strike aircraft to be decent fighters is exactly how we got the A-10 and Su-25 ruining the 10.0 BR bracket for flareless subsonic planes. To make them viable, you have to put them at a tier where their missiles can carry their abysmal flight performance, which more often than not requires putting them at a tier where their missiles are almost free kills. The alternative is the Su-25BM, where putting it somewhere where it’s missile won’t carry it means it’s appalling to fly.

What they actually need is a gamemode where they can work in their intended role, as strike aircraft. And that’s what RB EC gives you.


There are 2 choices for the Tornado IDS

  1. Lower their BR. They are not strong enough in their current state for 11.3 in either defending against enemy aircraft (especially the constant 12/12.3s they see) or really even in dealing with ground targets in GRB. They are simply missing too much kit and just dont have the performance for it. Would love to see them all go down to 11.0.

The Premium I think needs 9Ls replaced with 9Gs and dropped down to 10.3/10.7 ish. Would be a meaningful buff for it and I think would make it an actually worthwhile purchase

But there is a second option for the Tornado IDS. They could finish them.

  1. Tornado IDS is missing
  • 1200 Chaff (600 per BOZ pod)
  • Completed Flight model (slat code) for meaningful flight performance buff
  • Sky Shadow ECM (replaces a BOZ pod)
  • Radar (both limited Air to air and a very advance air to ground)
  • IR AAMs could be upgraded (Aim-9L/i for German and Italian Tornados, Dechriped Aim-9Ls for Britain)
  • Huge number of missing A2G weapons, most notably CBUs, the Tornados Principle anti-tank weapon system, but also HARM, ASMs and even GBU options we have in game (German and Italian Tornados could potentially also get PGMs)
  • Britain specifically is also missing BOL rails and a few other A2G loadout options, though more minor additions.
  • (Combat Thrust, Tornados do have more thrust IRL, but combat thrust is not model in game on any jet, but maybe its time to consider it and add it, would be quite a buff for the Tornado)
  • Potential acceleration issues at higher speeds

If they actually put some effort into the Tornados, actually outfitted them properly, I could actually see the BRs for the Tornados increasing to 11.7 and actually being quite strong at that BR. But alas we have a bit of a wet fish of an aircraft, that more often than not, feels… half finished.

(also it really doesnt help ARB is specifically designed to be anti-strike aircraft, in SB the Tornado IDS is at least semi-playable)


It would need it’s bomb loadout nerfed as well. Right now, it can carry enough bombs for more than two bases and still go supersonic easily. Meanwhile, my Su-17/22s will barely reach 1M carrying bombs for only a single base.

Premium Tornado is more than fine at 11.0, it’s just people expect to be first to base(s) and also being competent at fighting other jets, which is just ridiculous at that BR.

Looks at the F-111A at 10.3

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How fast can that thing go with loadout big enough for two bases ?
Also, 9Bs on 111A are far inferior to both 9Gs and 9Ls.

Looks at the Su-17M2 at 10.3.
That thing shouldn’t be a single BR step below premium Tornado in any world mate.

Best we can do is a copy paste premium with a user made skin for $70


Are you saying Su-17M2 should not be more than 0.3br below Tornado IDS?

The only problem is that Tornado,with a full load of bombs it does not fly, you must add to this that you often need to have a full tank of gas,and pylons with pillars and rockets, this plane in this configuration can barely fly 900-1000 km/h,more than once, after 4 bombs and flares, I crashed into a mountain while dodging,and if you have a full load, often even 1.5 km of height is not enough to lift the plane and you crash to the ground.

No ?
I replied to a guy that said premium Tornado should lose 9Ls and come down to 10.3 or 10.7, which is obviously problematic when 17M2 exists.

We already have Jaguar Gr1 at 9.7, with enough bombs for 1 base kill and is armed with 2x Aim-9G. (though has no CMs) The Jaguar Gr1A is at 10.3 with the same loadout + flares + GBUs. (without the GBUs would probably be 10.0) 10.3/10.7 for an aircraft with slightly better performance and a few more unguided bombs is a perfectly reasonably BR placement for a Tornado IDS with no guided weapons and only 2x 9Gs

The Tornado is untouchable in Ground RB if played correctly.
Even you can outplay multiple Pantsir, by dopping guided bombs from 12km distance.

But in Air Realistic that thing is unplayable. In the past i grinded with the market Tornado IDS nearly all high german planes in Air RB, but the BR was in the past 10.3 or 10.7 now 11.0 and i never touch it again

The problem is that there are simply better planes for CAS than TORNADO, but the problem that the planes in GRB are untouchable lies more in the fact that there are no good AAs,and everyone flies near the ground and such an F16 can kill half the team,Tornado can do the same, but why would he be weak in this rolę,I used IDS with drogue bombs on GRBs and never again.

How much slower is the Jaguar ?
Speed is really important for something that plays as a base bombing machine, considering we have only 4 bases with very limited HP.

Both with a full bomb load, about 0.05 mach slower I think of the top of my head

But german tech tree doesnt have F-16 or similar plane and on this point is Tornado a good plane. But only for Ground

That’s a considerable difference since one can carry 5k pounds more bombs.

If you look at it this way, then a tornado may seem good, but looking at what kind of planes it encounters is very weak

Yeah and one easily out dogfights the other
Guess which one turn better