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Throttle Setup Guide for 0-100% with a WEP button hold toggle:
In war thunder the setting up a dedicated throttle can be a challenge its been broken for years and has yet to be fixed. The main issue is the throttle axis when bound will go past 100% and trigger WEP no matter what. Adjusting the sliders to lower the throttle will alleviate the issue can be tricky and instead trigger the brakes at all times which is also not ideal.

Step 1:
To get a 0-100% throttle with a seperate WEP button follow the following steps Select “Hold throttle for WEP” and switch to “Yes” like in the box below, then click on throttle axis for the next step.

Figure 1:

Step 2:
After enabling “Hold throttle for WEP” and clicking on “Throttle axis” you should see this picture below. If you havent already, click on “Autodetect axis” at the top center of the screen, and simply move your throttle axis to bind it.

Figure 2:

Step 3:
“Maximum Value” at the top will be your WEP button. Select and bind what you want this to be. Enter the values you see in the picture above and when you are done you should have a working 0-100% throttle with separate WEP button. If your throttle function is upside down switch “Invert Axis” to Yes.

one issue to be aware of is if you invert the axis to yes, it will also invert the maximum value and minimum value. So if you set maximum value to a button for WEP but then invert the axis your WEP button will now drop your throttle to 0%. The solution is thankfully simple for this issue, just remap the Button for WEP to Minimum value and you will have your WEP working with an inverted axis.

With the above two issues resolved we can now focus on quality of life improvements such as a WEP toggle button. A WEP toggle button will make it so you can push the WEP button once and it will WEP until you push it again and it will release WEP. It’s especially nice for planes that have Infi-WEP capability so you dont have to physically hold it down the whole time.

Step 4:
Setting up a WEP button hold toggle:
Depending on what hardware you have there are a few options for setting up a WEP toggle button. I will be covering VKB, Virpil and Thrustmaster devices.

VKB Devices:
*Run VKBDevCfg as Admin and navigate to Profile/Buttons/Physical Layer.

*Check the poll box on the right side of the chart, actuate the button on your joystick, then click on the red flashing cell on the chart.

*Set it up a ButAlt, send the DefState to Off (if you want to be off by default),

*close the window, press the Set button, done.

Figure 3:

Virpil Devices:
*In the Virpil Software find the button you have mapped for WEP by pressing it, it should light up.

*Go to the right hand side and change the value highlighted in the picture below to Soft Toggle.

*Save the changes and you now have a WEP toggle button.

Figure 4:

The thrust master software is pretty straight forward but there are a few things to remember while setting up a toggle in the T.A.R.G.E.T software. Open the user manual and follow the directions but pay special attention to the following since they can be areas that get tricky.

*Follow the directions in (Figure 5) make sure you check the sequence box so you can add a release.

*The term you want to use is under type is " Press ". This is now your WEP toggle activate button shown below in (Figure 6)

*The term you want to use is under type is " Release ". This is now your WEP toggle Release button shown below in (Figure 7)

*This should get you a WEP toggle button working in game.

Figure 5:

Figure 6:

Figure 7:

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First off, I want to above all thank those of you in the community for constructive criticism, suggestions and ideas that made this guide what it eventually became. with that out of the way, I wanted to give an update to what the future looks like for this guide. Unfortunately, I will not be updating it moving forward, for several reason which I will go into in more detail here.

The changing of flight models by the developers with no notice or announcement to the players is incredibly disruptive and irresponsible. It will silently get players killed in game never knowing that their plane has been changed. in addition, instead of updating the chart as needed, I would literally have to recheck every single plane periodically just to make sure Gaijin didnt change something without telling anyone. This is exactly what they did with almost every single Japanese fighter at the beginning of the year,

In addition to helping players understand their aircraft better, the guide was also meant to highlight some issues found with aircraft performance so they might be adjusted by Gaijin. Examples of this are planes marked with an (H) in the aircraft notes overheat and have auto radiator settings that need to be adjusted. The yak fighter line is good example of this, where the radiators are incorrectly set to 111 Celsius when they should be set to 109 Celsius where the plane actually overheats. This issue is still present in game even after I tried to contact gaijin with this information with a technical moderator and they never responded.

After months of the previous version of this guide being in the Realistic battles section of the forums, a forum moderator decided to move all the charts into machinery of war. This was the same area where historical flight data was and created alot of confusion. It also scattered the guide in several different areas making it less organized. I tried to contact the moderators to put it back under RB at which point they refused. I wont get into more details about it, but in the end had to redo the whole guide in a very specific way because of this delaying the completion of the guide

I’ve tried to help make Air RB a better experience by providing knowledge and tools to better help players get into flying which the learning curve is pretty steep. I’ve also shown where there are things that could be easily fixed and made suggestions in that regard. Unfortunately, the lack of transparency of the developers making flight model changes, the lack of addressing the issues I found in testing, and the negative experience with the forum moderators I don’t see the purpose in providing a guide for a game that wants to willfully stay broken or less than what it could be.