Thoughts on E-100?

Ah, Classic Pointy Puffin.

Of course not, unless some exclusives like the Heavy Tank No. 6 that had been normal GE premiums before.

Everything should be in an Annual Rerun Event (ARE) atleast, or have some dedicated challenge without time Limit, like for example spade all TT vehicles of Nation X to unlock Exclusive Vehicle Y. But every Exclusive in the Rerun can be purchased, If a player cannot actively participate in the Event. Another Option is similar to the long and passive Squadron Vehicle system.

My ARE proposal: Any Exclusive goes, 30k Score max except very rare ones that require 40k and more stars for completion and this also more money, optional Challenges to speed up Progression and reduce the GE Price for Buying the Star If necessary. Stars can be bought just like Sturmtiger and TOG II Events for example.

Too easy to get, nothing special about it.

Play E-100 tournament and You will have it, no need for special changes.

I had better idea
During summer or winter events, you can get the vehicles which are offered in event
OR, get all the marketplace exchange coupons (so you have to do all 10 tasks for all 3 branches: army, air force and navy).
Then, and only then can you exchange these 3 coupons for “Universal Vehicle Coupon” which you may be able to exchange for a vehicle of your choice (Activated immediately on account and limited selection of special vehicles)

TOG II cost me like what, 60 bucks, Sturmtiger cost me nothing at all. So…

Right? No. It is about the Vehicle, not the rigged and rocky Gaijin Path to get it.

And both of them are nothing special.

Play the torunament ;)

Then why are the Events called “Dreams come true” ? Dreams about grinding Scores? Events are about VEHICLES.

Which are nothing special if so many people have them.

If we were talking about Lag-3-4 that I have and that can’t be obtained, then we can say that it is something interesting ;).

Agree to disagree, mate :)

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Especially the Sturmtiger is very special to me, and it makes me sad that not everyone gets to goof around with it. It is a pity that it is rarely seen in matches.

Atleast to me, Events are about Vehicles and said vehicles should be there for all to enjoy.

The Sturmtiger was a special for the 10th anniversary.
Why should people who weren’t there for the 10th anniversary get it?

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So all vechicles should be there for everyone for free? What is the point of grind or gathering any points?

Well, the E100 Tournament is unpaid Grind, just like IS-7 or any other Exclusive Vehicle. During their Events, they had indeed been there for everone for free.

Unpaid grind, lmao.

Wasn’t the IS-7 Event equivalent to an unpaid 12 hour work shift atleast?

It is because the vechicle is supposed to be something special. If everyone can get something eaisly then there is no point in getting it.

Being born is easy since your mother and the nurses do all the Work for you, so would you therefore say that there is no point in being born? In Life?

Woah, proved the point that there is no discussion with You as You don’t understand the concept of collectible items.

Why should I bother to understand a concept of Capitalist abuse and oppression?

Then don’t play multiplayer games ;).

Same to you, in Singleplayer you don’t have to share your Toys ;)