Thoughts on E-100?

Hate multiplayer games because in all of there games there is exclusive content.

If something is supposed to be rare it should stay rare. E-100 shouldn’t be even on market in first place

I got mine by playing tournaments, You are able to do that too

The E100 is not the only tank to consider, and while it is a common practice, that does not justify it being a good thing.

It’s good for corporate money grabbing, not the player base.

Most vehicles, including the IS-7, are available from the SL crates on events that doesn’t need to pay your real money. In the case of the E-100, as far as I know, most of the players who have it are TSS players.

Sounds like a skill issue to me, since you complain on a forum because you can’t get the E-100, which is literally only available once a year

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Honestly, while there is a small argument to be had on the “but I earned this” complaint, frankly, I think it’s better for LONG TERM GAME HEALTH for events to be “early access for a given machine when its new (and before any BR updates change it)” instead of “permanent exclusivity.”

If old event/formerly researchable/removed premium machines were little more than fancy reskins of tech tree machines, permanent exclusivity would not matter. But sadly, many formerly researchable, removed premium, former event, and closed alpha/beta machines give the holder capabilities found nowhere in their tech trees at that BR.

A few examples:

  • Pakwagen: Germany has nothing as fast & deadly until the Leopard. I’ve frontally one-tapped XM-1s in mine.
  • Tu-2 (M-82): A Tu-2 with dive brakes that not even the higher BR Russian bombers get. It has the best CAS capability for Russia bar none. The Ar-2 has similar bombs but no frontal guns and less effective turrets.
  • EBR (1954): speed & firepower combo unparalleled in French tree even today.
  • T55E1 & T18E2: similar story to Pakwagen for America with how overkill nerfed the M18 has become. Odd how the latter is for US when Britain actually used the 30 or so built, too.
  • Freccia: no other Italian coastal boat comes close to the melting that three rapid-firing 40s can do.
  • Baltimore: no other heavy cruiser can lag the whole battle as bad when all its AA opens up on one poor plane. Only AI-controlled carrier CIWS comes close.
  • J6K1: probably the only “superprop” Japan’s air tree has even after many, many years. The J7W1 is a brick, the N1K2 is far too slow, and the J2M3/A7M2 control-stiffen too easily to come close.
  • Ki-87 & Ki-94-II: Japan generally lacks good high-alt planes for the occasional case of chasing down astronauts. J7W1 is a brick and J2M5 is too frail. Few bother researching the Ki-83.
  • F7F-3: better version of the tech tree plane. More ordinance, better flight performance, what else needs to be said.

I can name more examples, but these and many others are not healthy for the game to be permanently exclusive.

I’d rather suggest say a year after the original event adding a machine concludes, it would become conditionally unlockable under a new system, sorta like how the OS2Us & Pyramid Head were reintroduced. Essentially, it would require researching and spading similar tech tree machines, after which the rare machine unlocks for either research or purchase for GE depending on if it is premium or not.

Exceptionally rare machines would have equally hefty unlock conditions. Want that E-100? Be prepared to research & spade every tech tree German WW2 tank, and own every WW2 rare/event/premium in their tree fully spaded. Every other rare machine like the Panther II, KT105, & Coelian would be also available in such a system with their own unlock conditions, so yes getting those would also be required.

A paywall for some of the rare stuff isn’t a disqualifier so long as its in a form all platforms can use, such as GE.


I actually love this. Rushed down most Tech Trees with premiums and never touched the TT vehicles much, because Gaijin engrained that FOMO into me after the 2019 German TT mutilation. Such a condition would give a good reason to actually get in the Tech Tree to learn and spade things, instead of abusing Premiums or your Spaded favorites.

Exactly. I put up this argument in my Vehicle Exclusivity Thread back then as well.

Yes, it feels very wrong to me that such a needed vehicle is gatekept. Can be hard to use, but when you have a moment then its awesome.

I regularily run out of Ammo because I am having such a good time with it.

Name a GE price and people will find a way if they really want the content.

Atleast one annual Rerun Event that is based on 30k score max, maybe 40k for really rare stuff but with the option to buy tasks (this really saved the TOG II event for me, no kidding) as well as optional tasks to gain a score bonus and maybe a GE reduction for buying the task. Just my idea.


While rerunning events is a good idea in principle to satisfy the “because I suffered this much…” crowd, the whole point of the conditional unlock system is that there is no artificial time limit. You get stuff completely at your own pace, by your own choice.


TEC was suggesting a similar system in recent videos.

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If I were a CC and got all the things by just asking Gaijin I would have the same opinion.

Isn’t that counter-intuitive? If you’re a CC you can, as you say, get all the things by asking Gaijin, no need for a special system that would give people access to rare vehicles, right? You already got them. What benefit would it bring you?

He tends to be very critical of other CCs for exactly that reason, among others.

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If I could get all the stuff without putting any effort in it, I wouldn’t care about it being rare or that I had to put a lot of effort in order to get it and that now it is much easier to get despite gaijin promising players that it wouldn’t be available again.

In other words, as someone who got stuff for just asking, he won’t understand people who had to put an effort in order to obtain it.

That’s not what’s being proposed though.

For example, the E-100: I will try the tournament next year. I doubt I’ll go anywhere if I don’t put any effort into that, wouldn’t you say? (Quite honestly I will 9/10 just get my ass kicked, but there’s no winning without trying…)

Next, Tiger II 105 and Panther II: no amount of effort on Earth could allow me to unlock those.

I share your competitive spirit. You think stuff should be earned by putting in an effort. Very well. Give me a chance to put in the effort! 😉


Sorry but some stuff should stay a ‘collectable’ especially if Gaijin has promised it to be.

Happens a lot. I have seen topics popping up demanding now rare vehicles to be removed from accounts that had them unlocked, because the OP wasn’t able to obtain them anymore…

People really haven’t heard about collectables, can’t wait to see them hear about products that are no longer being produced.

Funny watching the boomers foam out of their mouths here. I bet most of those entitled Exclusivists hardly even use their shiny toys at all, but GOD FORBID if Someone other than Me would get access!

Like a toddler that plays with Toy A and then throws a tantrum when you give Toy B that the Toddler did not care about to someone else.

You do not own your E100. Gaijin does. And Gaijin has every right to give it to everyone if they see benefits, which are indeed there and plentyful. (For all Exclusive Vehicles in fact)


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Dr. Gelman, a well-known developmental psychologist at the University of Louisville, carried out an experiment on 2 to 3 years old kids where he offered identical toys to kids and told them which one belonged to them and which didn’t. After being allowed to play with the toys for a while, the toys were shuffled around and offered to kids again. The results were amazing, the kids only chose those toys that belonged to them before they were shuffled around ¹.

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I hope this helps!

Quelle: Unterhaltung mit Bing, 26.11.2023
(1) Why Is My Toddler So Possessive Over Toys? (Reason & Solution).
(2) How to cope with toddler possessiveness - Today’s Parent. How to cope with toddler possessiveness - Today's Parent - Today's Parent

It is quite amusing being called boomer at 23, but ok.

I am 22, so what. If you are against Vehicle Ubiquity, then you are a Boomer and Exclusivist.

I’m so sorry that You are unable to get this vechicles, as for E-100 play tournaments and show us that You deserve it ;)

So everything should just be in the tech tree, or available as premium, huh?