Thoughts on E-100?

Then I would douse myself in Gasoline instead and set myself ablaze in a last elaborate protest against Gaijin kft and their practices of Vehicle Gatekeeping.

Oh sorry that there is something like ‘rare’ in the game. You probably hate all multiplayer games as they all have some collectables that could only be obtained in certain period of time.

Rare is just a fancy word for oppression.

BTW, In light of the fact that very rare titles like Normandy Ace, which was only available for 30 players in total but, are now available to up to 6th place players, probably the E-100 may also become easy to get.

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As it should, like all vehicles.

You know still need decent skill in the game…

Hope it won’t.

I hope my title ’ Bzzzzzzz’ and Lag-3-4 will stay rare as they should.

Don’t care about cosmetics, but surrender the plane. It belongs to the masses, the collective.

I hope so as well.
It is pretty sad that you can get “1v1 duelist” title even if you are on 8th.

IIRC, it was rewards of top 3 players back then.

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The plane won’t be accessible as eaisly, I’m sure of it ;).

Luckily, you do not have a say in this. Fairness demands that little Timmy who started playing yesterday gets the same content as you or Vladimjr who started in 2012.

collectables are a normal thing in multiplayer games, get over it.

Ok boomer.

Both players need to grind anyway.

Since at least the E-100 is still available, I suggest you stop complaining and learn to play duels. That is the only way to get the E-100 in the game.


But yeah, look. I will definitely try to partake in one of the tournaments that have the E-100 as a prize. What I’m against is the “rules for thee and not for me” mentality. I am perfectly fine with the idea that some vehicles need to be earned and feel special when you finally get that very difficult achievement. But we should all be offered the opportunity to try and participate in that contest. For many vehicles, you simply don’t have the chance to even try and earn it, because we weren’t around at the time.

“Earning” implies competition. No chance to earn it = inherently uncompetitive. Can you honestly tell me you’re fine with that?


As far as I know, anniversary tournament that can get E-100 doesn’t have rating cap so, every players can join if you applied unless you got banned from TSS.

At least everyone has a chance to get it, and just because you were late to join this game doesn’t mean you can’t get the E-100 anymore.

The only vehicle that has not been a TSS reward for a long time is the He 162 A-1 and I am still waiting for a tournament to get it.

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There are buy orders for 2k euros, it would sell for a lot more than 100 euros, lol

AMX-50 Surblinde 我也在期待它的回归。游戏中的装备真不应该成为部分人的专属,这对于加入游戏较晚的玩家是不公平的,不合理的。所有的车辆都应该限定时间内回归,不然5-10年后加入的人将失去很多很多车辆。

I appreciate their intent to “reward” players with exclusive content but the problem is that 99% of these types of vehicles are never used. Either players dont like to play them or the player doesnt even play the game anymore.

If I had the E100 would I play it? No, not my cup of tea but would be cool to see it on teams and fight against it.

All tanks should be released on a periodic basis, similar to the Maus.

The IS7 is one of my all time favorite tanks, I had the priviledge of seeing it at Kubinka, yet I will never have an opportunity to play it in game. It’s a shame for the game and a loss for the community.

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Stop gate keeping content.

There is literally no point to having rare vehicles in this game. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

More than HALF of WarThunder players weren’t even playing when the IS-7 and E100 were rewards. Old event vehicles aren’t expensive because they’re “special”, it’s because there were fewer people given them because the game wasn’t nearly as big. During the KV-1B event, you could grind the event and still not receive the vehicle because it was a CHANCE to get it. People who paid money didn’t even get the IS-7.

Nothing in a game that’s added should be exclusive. Content should be equally available to all in either a Premium or Tech Tree format. Old event vehicles should be brought back to give millions of players the chance to finally obtain something they weren’t capable of.

You should not be punished in content for playing a game later than someone else.