Thoughts on E-100?

i wish they would bring this vehicle back, and all vehicles back (in events they should just make it so you can choose to get 2 or 3 vehicles that they had in the past, so if you dont want that vehicle in the event, then you can choose to get 2 or 3 other vehicles that you missed in the past)

WarThunder being played and people participating in events would Sky rocket if they did that, or something similar.

For the E-100 i have seen it One time in my many games of playing. I actually killed it with a FV4005, which was pretty fun… it took like… 3 shots, 1 cuz i was still relatively new and i was also like…wtf is this thing (also was new to the FV4005 and hesh or HE type rounds)

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Nope, rare vechicles should remain rare otherwise there is no point in getting them.

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i mean… even if they brought them back, few people would still have them. Or more accurately… use them (quitting , not playing much, etc)

But yes, more people would have them… I see your point, but i still dont care about them being that rare, that much (like 20% care, and then 80% dont care and think they should bring most vehicles back)

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Sorry, but this toxic player Apartheid due to Vehicle Gatekeeping is intolerable and inexcusable. Just as players are forbidden from hacking to ensure fairness, they should be encouraged to be equals regardless of their Account Creation Date.

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Sorry that I want gaijin to keep their promise about vechicle being limited.

I took part in tournament back when E-100 was introduced and fought to get it, that is why I think that allowing it to come back is unfair. All games have some limited content so I don’t see the problem.

Fine, the rest of the Community will just get the Krupp variant then, nigh indistinguishable from your toy.

dude… stop throwing words around like toxic… he has a very good and valid reason for not wanting them to come back.

i Mostly disagree with him, but he is certainly entitled to his opinion on it, and it is not toxic, at all.


Imagine being so jealous over the vechicle


Well, I have my strong opinions also. Anyone who is against the cause is an enemy that will either bend or break. Event Vehicle Reruns will come. Resistance is futile.

Yep, my lack of sleep is getting to me. Thanks for correction

okay well that is toxic mentality.

Shocker you use a word to try and flame someone else, and its You who is the problem and You who is the hypocrite.

You can already get rare vechicles via gaijin market, go there and get one ;).

I cannot, Ka-Chi, T55E1 among others are untradeable and thus not on the market.

So the best You can hope for is to get them via chests.

or get skill and join TSS.

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They are only good for reducing the GJN price of market vehicles temporarily, got the IS-7 that way. We need other methods, especially for currently untradeable vehicles.

We don’t.

I’m even against the option that allows to get them via chests. Rare should stay rare, just get other one in next event.

I shall refrain from voicing my opinons on your attitude, because they are not suitable for this forum.

If You can’t get over that You won’t get everything in this game, then You should just not use forum at all.