Things wrong on Leclercs Thread

This thread will be used to discuss and talk about things wrong with the Leclercs, and what has been reported. Here are a few things that has been gathered and reported so far:


Fixed Issues:

Would love to see if its possible to get some visibility and get some of this issues fixed!


As I always say, thank you so much for all the effort and love you guys put on these reports which are always accompanied by a lot of very interesting information.
On another note, I didn’t realize they implemented the change about the OFL penetrator’s weight. Was it datamined?


On DEV in this moment its 4KG instead of the 3.8KG it was on live, so even if in the report is not confirmed i assume its definitive


Thank you to all of you for all the efforts you put in to improve things, it’s very appreciated ❤️


Now that the T90M is here. These fixes are desperately needed now more than ever


I agree with Thug Shaker


I doubt we will see fixes to the Leclerc this patch, just look at what they did to rank VII XD. Best outcome would be getting 5s reload and SHARD if America/Germany get DM73/M829A3.

Agree, these issues must be fixed.

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does the leclerc have spall liner? (irl)

Mine is still not fixed too… Despite being very easy to do


As a French main, I would like to thank you and all the others for the work put in trying to make the Leclerc “great”.
Not that they are shit but right now, nobody can say with a straight face that they are competitive.

I’m still quite surprised how most of these report (80%) got acknowledged but still none of the major one were applied (Armor, moblity and turret traverse buff) but only the minor one such as the shell weight because other main nation are impacted.
So unless Russia get a EAU Leclerc or anything, we might never see these buff…


Leclerc is need buff

Good work.

OFL 120 F1 is so SO BAD


As far as ive seen every shell is ineffective on the new t-90. It is the dev server though and things may change regarding the spall armour on the t-90. Just wait and see what happens.


I would also add the ridiculous gun mantlet’s 100 mm protection which makes frontal ammo rack detonation happens quite often.

Added another issue to the list: Leclerc ( All Variants ) wrong UFP angle // // Issues


Lets hope they actually fix Leclerc this time, not bunch of “submitted as suggestion” that will never get implemented

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Most of the buff that matters such as armor, rotation and hyperbar have been submitted and acknowledged for months …

Oh no, it’s refused.