Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

It is INCREDIBLY easy to find spots you nonpen

SepV2 is a lot of nothing.

Chally 3 is actually just a chally 2 with a new gun.

T90M should be a full br or two more than anything else (and gets a functioning spall liner).

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that we got at least acknowledged for the 2a7V …

Before you guys get to depressed with the f15 flight model , Everything is Work In Progress, we have a dam blue leopard for petes sake. Submit bugs if you have to , but just wait , if its that bad its obviously placeholder and will be improved down the road.

I mean it’s basically made of fuel so it makes sense

forum thread about all the bug reported issues on Leclercs if someone want to take a look
Things wrong on Leclercs Thread - Dev Server “Air Superiority” / General Discussion - War Thunder — official forum


irrelevant, thats not about the new additions, will literaly not be looked at by the devs

It should and it should also have spall liners in the entire (!) fighting compartment

has been accepted

rwr for gripen must be broken right?

Next level jokes.


any juicy datamines?

Burh. If we don’t say anything, they won’t care about these issues at all, especially since PSO has already mentioned so much.

It’s really bad, doesn’t say what is locking it and bad coverage.

I personally don’t keep my hopes high for this update, it just looks so messed up.

Yeah sorry we don’t deserve the C model. No can do

But currently, there is no additional evidence proving the internal armor data of the A7V,DTECH is already good enough.



we have multiple sources lmao

Besides that. compare it to T90M