Things wrong on Leclercs Thread

Not necessarily Responding to issues regarding dev server reports & an update on spall lining armor from the developers

I mean, in that report, the employee refused the russian document as evidence.

My bad I missed that

Yeah, we tried, but this one wasn’t really up to standard. We are just missing one secondary source for this, but strangely enough, no one talks about the Leclerc UPF angle lol. And GIAT never gave us any diagrams with specific dimensions of the Leclerc. We tried using a picture, but it’s very understandable that they refused it, as it’s very easy to cheese numbers this way.

So, if anyone has any kind of source giving us an UPF angle of the Leclerc of 80 degrees, feel free to MP me, that would helps a lot

Edit : there’s also still a bug report on the hull armor, separate from the one of the angle, which is acknowledged, so not all hope is lost yet
This one. I think boss man forgot to share it in this thread

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Bruh, I can’t even imagine how we French mains gonna fight against this Beast of Russian bias next patch.

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Knowing Gaijin, I feel like this is what’s gonna happen again this time.
This one about the angle of the UFP got rejected.

Yah, we are not surprised. We need a second secondary source. We wanted to see if the first source could be considered as primary, but had not to much hope


Leclerc (All Variants) Missing Spall Liner



yes pls.
The leclercs need it the most aside from the Arietes that would need it 200% more but still thx.
I do not play italy anyways and the topic is not about them.

They still don’t give the 3 Leclerc a roof machine gun, the AAT-52

As a general question, do you think it would be worth it to open another bug report on the leclerc azur as the last one got denied with a source that can’t tell apart composite from era screens?

Bug report in question: // Issues

Source they used to deny this report: Logbook Part II: UAE’s Army Leclerc MBT in Yemen | by Leone Hadavi | Medium

tanks in the blogpost don’t line up with ingame model either. Least we can get is another source they have that says its era?



Leclerc (All Variants) Incorrect Side Armour


In the first photo you have posted, those are not composite screens. Gaijin has incorrectly modelled them as composite screens when they are actually just hollow steel boxes (see my bug report below). It seems that the UAE extended the amount of steel boxes along the sides as a short-term addition before receiving the AZUR package. The UAE received their Leclercs a few years before AZUR was a thing.


This is from your brochure which you attached in your original bug report. This is the correct AZUR kit which should be made up of NERA. This may be addressed in a bug report in the future as it is currently modelled as ERA.


thank you i didnt know these were just steel boxes.

I do think the point still holds up if the author doesnt know that and identifies them as era its not in any sense a reliable source.

The orginial report is not mine, just something i noticed when reading it

The devs have it as ERA, TrickZZter’s link has it as ERA. Obviously there is some misinformation going around. But TrickZZter was just trying to prove the point that those boxes are not AZUR and he was right.

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Ok i think we are talking past each other. I never wanted to frame this as the composite blocks are era, or anything else. Glad that you made a bug report about them.

What i think happened was that the bug report tried to get AZUR fixed to feature nera instead of era.

Trickzzter then denied that report based on the medium article that proclaims these are ERA blocks, as according to the article are the nexter modules


Now what i wanted to portray with my initial statement was that the article is not sourced rather well and makes some mistakes on the protection. We only get a source for CLARA and one graphic for the azur kit. Nowhere in the articles sources linked is AZUR ever listed as ERA, only as a passive armor solution

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You’re right. I assumed you wrote the bug report, hence the misunderstanding. I thought you were saying the steel boxes were the AZUR.

There’s a bug report ongoing on for the AZUR: // Issues. We should be able to get it going again.

It’s already been dealt with: // Issues