The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

Just checked the Russian dev stream, no new top tier ground for France, just a 5.0 AA and mirage 4000 and a ship. Btw the mirage 4000 is considered a fighter, not a strike aircraft, so we won’t get the treatment of spawn both 5f and 4000. :(

Looks as if its not getting a thermal targeting pod as well.

Very sadly news, test server leclerc is nothing change

Dude Gaijin is really a joke… Mirage 4000 with only 6 missiles and Atlis II pod and no new Leclerc/ Leclerc improvement…

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Report on the poor low speed manoeuvrability of all Leclercs : // Issues


There’s a recap for the dev server of all of our reports for the Leclerc, you can have a look here! Things wrong on Leclercs Thread


What did they end up changing the weight to on ofl 120 f1

yep but no change for penetration, and I have no idea for spall. We did not expect much tbh

The armor bug report being accepted is nice, but if they also accepted the Brenus ERA missing KE protection only to refuse to implement it , so I’m not only my breath.

Almost every nation getting a better tank this patch while the Leclerc still have terrible armor, average round and unnoticeable reload is depressing. I seriously can’t believe that Sweden is getting another up armored Leo 2, while already having the best or second best top tier tank in the game.
The double standard between France and Sweden is frankly insulting.


It should have a bit better after pen effect, no? At least in my opinion… we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves

Oh and just to add icing on the cake all tiger optic zoom was nerfed

Gazelles too

As if the Gazelles weren’t bad enough 🙄

Maybe I’m completely biased but on the test drive, I felt the OFL a bit better and more reliable, even if it’s, you know, just the test drive (with the Abrams HEATFS I needed two shots most of the time for each tank lol).
Also, they changed the camera positioning on the Tiger helis. Now it’s apparently where it should be.

-Gaijin when they need to nerf french stuff “do it the second they acknowledge the problem”
-Also Gaijin when there are tons of proof about french vehicles performing badly “yeah it will take 2 to 3 years tp fix it”


they changed the position of the viewing camera but not of the tracking camera, meaning you still can’t fire hellfires with the body undercover

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Just curious, since spall liners are now on T90m, does any version of Leclerc has access to it IRL?

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All nato tanks have it at some degree

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gAMe BAlANce


It’s not limited to the OFLF1, even DM53 can’t do shit:

But the russian mains assured us that the T-90M wasn’t really going to be any better than the T-72B3, surely they wouldn’t lie to us would they? /S

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