They really increased m18 br

You should take a read on his other responses from other threads their just as questionable.

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Some people just hate the game passed a certain BR and 6BR seems to be a big hurdle or cut off point for many.Debatable as to why.Era issues maybe?

no one said anything about a angled KV-1 though, and if it was i’d just shoot smoke at it and drive away or MGG its tracks and flank it. I’ve done this too many times fighting kv-1s in arcade.

ehh At range yeah, close up i jut fire at the drivers port or in that area. Hard to do if im driving.

yeah its obvious he only plays like 5 vehicles and has never actually fought with the M18 or M24 . Hell his M16 has 0 plane kills. aint no way…

He’s argued other tech trees. Before that, he has little to back up. How the seperation of Tank RB and Mixed RB would benefit SPAA - #124 by AverageWehraboo, if you’re curious. Would just recommend ignoring his cause in the end Smin locked it down since mods have been trying to focus this stuff into 1 thread since duplicates are redundant. 👍 for anyone em lurking and reading this.

Even angled you can punch through the corner of the hull lol

Oh look.

Well done, you killed the lesser armored KV-1S, not the 4.7 KV-1 ZiS 5 that was the topic of conversation. You do understand there’s a massive protection difference between the two, yes? And that the KV-1S actually has the least protection of all KV-1 hulled vehicles due to the weight reductions (Notably in the turret and side armor).

You also killed him unangled and at point blank range, something that can’t be assumed for every engagement with a heavy tank. My only point of contention was with you claiming that you can frontally kill heavy tanks a full BR higher than you in the M24 and Puma. Relying on highly specific engagement situations to pull that off is not the same as being able to frontally engage them consistently. Nor is providing proof against entirely different and significantly less armored tanks.

doesnt matter all the kv1s have the same weak spot doont believe me check the protection analysis

once again they have all the same weak spots

Yeah i disabled him. drove up to him, and blasted him.


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I partially mispoke. What I meant is that I have issue with you claiming you can consistently engage heavy tanks a full BR higher than you. If the heavy tank has some distance between you and him, that breach weakspot becomes much harder to hit. Beyond 500m, and it’s nigh impossible. If he’s smart enough to angle his turret between shots, that weakspot becomes particularly tiny. If he’s angled his hull and is driving backwards and forwards (As he should be doing), the difficulty increases. If he’s doing all of these, good luck.

Basing your assumption around what you can kill entirely on assuming the enemy is caught out in a bad situation and misplays is not synonomous with them being able to frontally kill whatever they want reliably.

A reminder, this all came up when you were complaining that M18s will be facing 7.0s that they can’t penetrate frontally, meanwhile it has shots of similar or even easier difficult than the M24 against the couple of armored 7.0s. You cannot on one hand argue that the M24 can easily deal with uptiers and then argue against the M18 moving up because it wouldn’t be able to handle uptiers.

the distance doesn’t matter when the crew literally tells you the range when you spot it. i have been using the M24 for years and i already know the weak spots of nearly every tank if i knock out their barrle i can just drive up closer to them and kill them.

Not at all reliable with a 50mm.

Someone argued the M18 can’t do so that’s why I compared them.

Comparing light tanks to prove the M18 doesn’t suffer isn’t off topic.

For the word “Wehraboo”? There are people with literal pedo names and I should get banned hat the fuck?

A fraction of the US vehicles are premiums.

Look at the amount of games I have in fhe T-14 and M4A2 I know very well how to fight them.

In protection analysis you have no shell drop and infinite time to aim.


A huge sample size you got there. I have 2 games in the M16 with a 1/1 KD.

Have you seen the M18 in action? It’s a fucking rocket. I could be barely arriving at a cap point with my Cent MK3 and be f-ed from close to my own spawn point by an M18 (a bit of an exaggeration to get the point across). It’s well deserved of the uptier.

Whatever you say man…


I mean, when we went into just talking about them, then I’d say that’s off topic, but I understand what you were doing :)

Well yes, the word “wheraboo” is general frowned upon, and I 'm not saying you or those others should get banned, I am just surprised a mod hasn’t seen that and banded it. That’s all.

Well, your also in a Cent mk.3, so it’s not the fastest thing on earth…

Whatever do you mean? It’s a fine example of Bri’ish engineering. It’s so good I can drink 3 cups of tea before reaching the action zone. It’s that good. /s

Lol. I shouldn’t dis the cent, it’s faster than me XD

I thought the Chieftains would be an upgrade (mainly because of the increased top speed) … and then I saw the PtW ratio. Even worse than the Centurions. Come on brits, make a speedy MBT already.