They really increased m18 br

No way they really increased m18 hellcat b.r. Dunno, did not suffer a lot using only 5.7 vehicles, but from now the only light tank u can use with first and last 2 inch (76 mm) sherman is 6.0 m18. And again there is a reeeeaaaaalllyyy big gap in br between chaffee and hellcat (6.0-3.7=2.3) ± same as between M60A3 TTS and M1A1 HC. What do you think guys, was it really worth it?

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What would easily fix this is the addition of the jeep + recoilless rifle at ~4.7



Something like the T37 could likely fill that gap. It’s a prototype of the M41 light tank with a weaker 76 mm cannon, likely firing the same rounds as the normal US 76 mm.

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Eh, 6.0 doesn’t change much

1: Please no more HEATFS at low BR.
2: It’s a slightly less armored Fiat 6614, so more like 6.0 material itself.


1: Please no more HEATFS at low BR.

Cope, seethe, and enjoy my IKV 103 👍

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Real. I got the Pbv 501 and within the first few hours I got a great nuke and recorded the entire match. made for a great review vid.


It’s a WW2 vehicle IDK what to tell you.

Open topped, less speed, equally bad turret rotation, larger. It’s 4.7 at most.

  1. It has a 106 mm M40 recoiless rifle, which is very much post war.
  2. Even the jeep itself isn’t WW2. Reverse image search reveals it to be an M38 jeep, so even the car is post war.

Not that any of this matters really.


The specific variant I believe could be added to bridge the gap between the vehicles discussed in the title post is the “M20 Recoilless Rifle” and putting it on the back of a Willys MB

The cool part is there are further uses of recoilless rifles especially during the cold war so we could potentially see a variant with higher penetration and placing it ~6.0 like the FIAT

Searching quickly the 75 mm M20 recoiless rifle penetrated 100 mm of armor with HEAT.

I don’t think that could bridge this gap.

M18 is good at 6.0.
Chaffee is also a 4.3 light tank LARPing as a 3.7 due to players misusing it.

Slap it down to 3.0 then I just want one jeep


M151 M40 Recoilless rifle same gun as the Ontos mayhaps

If its WW2 then it’ll be the M20 which would suck cuz actual WW2 HEAT sucked

Can we just get a jeep with a 1st SGT sitting in the back with a bazooka? Oh and then a PFC in the passenger seat with a tommy as the mg?

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it now has more HP, which is worth the higher br

2.0 BR take it or leave it

The Fiat 6614 already has no armor, I wouldn’t be surprised if every since caliber in the game can pen it